Breaking news: Turkey shoots down a Russian fighter jet near or over the Syrian border

We may be on the brink of world war three. A Russian fighter jet has been shot down near the border between Turkey and Syria. Is this going to escalate into a war between Russia, Syria and Turkey or will this be resolved diplomatically? I cannot see this being resolved diplomatically, I think this is going to escalate into a larger war. This is the biggest provocation we have seen Russia face in decades.

According to reports a Russian Su-24 fighter jet was shot down after being warned by Turkey that it had entered its airspace, the Russians however claim the plane was in Syrian airspace.


RT news still shot of the Russian Su-24 jet being shot down near or over Syria

According to photographs and reports the Russian fighter jet crashed in a mountainous region in Northern Syria, which indicates the jet may have been flying in Syria and not Turkey. Is this a deliberate provocation aimed at destroying Russia’s operations in Syria? Or is the New World Order orchestrating world war three from behind the scenes?

The Daily Mail newspaper recently quoted Putin who responded to the incident by saying, “There will be ‘serious consequences’ for ‘stabbing Russia in the back’ by shooting down one of its jets…” To be continued…



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