The 1995 Illuminati card game predicts 911 and many other events. This is absolutely insane! It may also predict the assassination of Donald Trump

IluminatiCardGame3When I first heard about the 1995 Illuminati card game I wasn’t sure what to make of it, however upon viewing cards from the Illuminati card game which was produced by Steve Jackson games in 1995, there is no other explanation than this could be a mind control program which shows Jesuit Illuminati agents how to take over the world. The cards are absolutely shocking, and clearly predict a number of major world events such as: the attacks on the world trade centre and pentagon, the Princess Diana assassination, the 2010 BP oil disaster spill and the election of President Obama. If you want to know the future and the Jesuit Illuminati plans, just purchase this card game as it is predicting every major future event.  I have known some Jesuits in the past and these are the rulers of the Illuminati, and a key part of their behaviour is releasing their plans through subliminal and subtle messages. The Jesuit Illuminati most likely released this card game to share their plans with the world in a subliminal fashion. Anyone drawing attention to this card game would be labelled a crazy person, even though it actually predicted a number of events. It’s clear that the creators of this card game were connected to the Jesuits and other high level Illuminati members, and they must have created these cards whilst having access to Illuminati future plans. My personal opinion is that if you don’t believe these cards were created by the Illuminati to announce their plans, then you are crazy because you cannot deny that the plans outlined in the cards have come true. Reading these cards could also be beneficial because if you know the Illuminati’s plans, you will know where to take your family for safety and what places to avoid. I think every Christian and conspiracy researcher concerned with the safety of their family should read these cards. These cards illustrate the exact plans of the Illuminati from 1985 until beyond 2016. Writer Robert Shea was hired by Steve Jackson games to write an introduction to the rule book for the Illuminati card game and he said, “”Maybe the Illuminati are behind this game. They must be-they are, by definition, behind everything.”CardGame2

I agree with just about everything the cards discuss and illustrate, the card game also alludes to the Pope and Templars (the Jesuits are the revived Templars as the founder of the Templars, Ignatius Loyola, was a Templar) being the leaders of the Illuminati and New World Order.

These Illuminati card game cards predicted the 911 terror attacks

These Illuminati card game cards predicted the 911 terror attacks. Many experts have stated micro-nukes were used to bring down the twin towers

The Jesuit Illuminati have a history of releasing their future plans to the public and have also predicted 911 through the Simpsons TV show as seen below. The Illuminati card game however is a release of unprecedented Illuminati information never before seen.


Below are some examples from the card game. Click on the image for an enhanced view.

As you can see from the cards above that were produced in 1995 they seem to have predicted the election of President Obama, and they also predicted a backlash against him and the Illuminati liberal policies in the US. This backlash is being led by Donald Trump at the moment who seems to be opposing the Jesuit Illuminati’s policies more than any political personality I have ever seen. One particular card which is titled “enough is enough” has a picture on it that could be Donald Trump with a bullet flying past his head. Hillary Clinton recently addressed a crowd during a rally and said, “I have one thing to say to Donald Trump… enough!”  Is this card predicting a Jesuit Illuminati operation against Trump? Is Hilary Clinton following the directions of the Illuminati card game by announcing the assassination of Trump?

Journalist Alex Jones recently covered a story about video footage showing George H W Bush threatening Trump with assassination, by making a throat slashing gesture toward him during a televised GOP debate. You can watch Bush senior making the threatening assassination gesture in the below video.

Below is an excellent video produced by a sister about the Illuminati card game and its possible link to a Donald Trump assassination.


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