Will the Jesuit New World Order steal the Presidential election from Donald Trump?

DOnaldpic2Donald Trump seems to be the only politician to make sense in the United States at the moment. Trump has called for the US to close its borders and to even build a wall on the border with Mexico. He has also stated that allowing refugees into the US from Syria is a Trojan horse for ISIS (an extremist Islamic terror group) to enter the US. The recent terrorist attack in France was committed in part by a Syrian refugee, who entered France via Greece with a Syrian refugee passport, so it seems that Trump’s assertion regarding ISIS and Syrian refugees is valid. Trump also seems very anti-UN as he has publicly opposed the global warming fraud which is a pretext to implement a world tax. The Knights of Malta (a Vatican Knighthood controlled by the Jesuit Order) have permanent observer status on the UN council, so it’s understandable why the Jesuit Order want a global UN climate tax. Trump is pro US sovereignty and making the US wealthy and great again. Many of Trump’s policies mirror the ideas of the founding US fathers as Trump seeks to place Tariff’s on imported goods to protect domestic manufacturers, as oppose to unfair trade agreements that benefit communist China and harm the US. Trump also intends to lower taxes considerably and this will prosper the middle class and create more businesses.Trump’s policies would certainly make the US wealthy again and stop the plundering of the US by communist China. Trump’s stated policies would pull the US away from the New World Order and global government, and towards a new prosperous and independent nation. The Jesuits and their subordinated secret societies do not want this, and if Trump is indeed a genuine candidate and sincere in his remarks, then I believe the Jesuits and New World Order will steal the election from Trump. Many of Trump’s: pro-US, anti-Islamic (Islam is a geo-political ideology that has a history of destroying cultures and prosperous nations) and anti-UN policies are consistent with former Florida congressman Allen West. Allen West also sought to protect the US from Islam and the UN global government, and just like Donald Trump; Allen West was a genuine conservative (pro-US constitution, pro-US bill of rights). Most of the Republicans are just pretending to be conservatives, as most of them seek the destruction of the US so it can be swallowed by a global government. This global government will be a Jesuit Order ruled government ruled by the Jesuits, and managed by the Vatican’s Knights of Malta who have permanent observer status on the UN council. The Jesuits have ruled the Vatican for centuries and their black Pope (Jesuit General) was always in charge of the white Pope. Today the Jesuits openly control the white Pope’s office (the current white Pope is a Jesuit). It is these Jesuits and Vatican secret societies that seek to dominate and rule the US for the benefit of the Jesuits and UN.


Jeb Bush with Jesuit controlled Vatican Knights (Knights of Columbus)

Current US presidential candidate Jeb Bush is strongly linked to the Knights of Columbus who are a secret society controlled by the Jesuits, who seek the destruction of the US so it can be swallowed by the UN global government. Jeb is a strong supporter of a climate change world tax to benefit the: UN, Knights of Malta and Jesuits; and he is also weak on immigration and borders. Jeb is in agreement with the Knights of Columbus and Jesuits for collapsed US borders to flood the US with Latin Roman Catholics, and the erosion of US borders with Mexico to further the agenda of a one world government with no borders. I suspect most US presidential candidates are secretly working for the Jesuit Order. Jeb Bush has links to the Knights of Columbus and I’m sure many of the candidates are linked to Scottish Rite Freemasonry (the Scottish Rite degrees were written by the Jesuits and the Jesuits control this Masonic sect) and other Vatican controlled secret societies. Donald Trump’s policies however seem to be the opposite of the Jesuit New World Order. Much of the mainstream media (controlled by the Jesuits) has been against Trump and Trump was even sacked from his role on the TV show, The Apprentice; so it seems Donald Trump may be a thorn in the side of the Jesuit New World Order that controls the media. Trump certainly has a colourful history and has done a lot with his life, so it seems the lies and propaganda against him is not working. Any political candidate who is against the Jesuit New World Orders goals is usually attacked with non-stop propaganda and lies through the media. Because of Trump’s previous exposure on TV and because people know he is a great businessman who creates thousands of jobs; it seems many people are ignoring the propaganda and seeing Trump as the true pioneer for America that he is. Trump is far ahead in the polls in the GOP presidential nominee race; however I believe if Trump gets nominated the Jesuit New World Order will not allow him to be elected. I believe you will see fake polls peddled by the corrupt Jesuit controlled mainstream media, and I believe you will see voter fraud committed against Trump in the Presidential elections.

Former US congressman Allen West

Former US congressman Allen West

As stated above I believe that Donald Trump will be a victim of voter fraud as seen in the Congressman Allen West case. Allen West was a genuine conservative (pro-US constitution and bill of rights) just like Donald Trump could be; so if Trump is genuine I think you will see a repeat of the same election fraud Allen West was a victim of.

Below is a video of Allen West discussing the: election fraud, crimes and deception used to steal the election from him. Some of the suspicious vote counting activity associated with Allen West’s race against Patrick Murphy included, a 4000 vote swing favourable to Patrick Murphy occurred within 35 minutes of counting votes which is unconscionable. Allen West also reported that in certain voting precincts the doors were locked where the vote counting was being done. This is a violation of Florida state law. Volunteer observers who were observing the vote counting were kicked out of the building after observing suspicious and illegal behaviour by vote counters. They were definitely trying to hide something. One senior citizen volunteer who was observing the vote counting process (he is legally able to do so) observed vote counters deliberately destroying votes for Allen West. When this man voiced his concern he was kicked out of the building. During key moments of the election, the votes in the West vs Murphy race were being counted behind locked doors (this is illegal).

Sean Hannity from FOX reported unusual voting trends in the Obama vs Romney election also. Hannity quoted the Philadelphia Inquirer which stated that Romney did not get a single vote in 59 of the voting divisions in Philadelphia. Hannity also stated that in Ohio Obama won dozens of Cleveland districts in 100% of the vote. Congressman Allen West explained that these trends are mathematically impossible, and there’s strong evidence to suggest the vote counting in the US may not be above board. In 59 divisions in Philadelphia not one person voted for Romney. 19,605 votes for Obama and none for Romney is simply not possible.

FOX news also reported voting machine inconsistencies as people were reporting that when people would vote for a Republican on a machine, the machine would choose a Democrat instead. I have also seen videos of people choosing a political candidate on a voting machine, and then the machine votes for a different candidate not chosen by the voter. Computers and software are extremely exposed to fraud and misconduct and I wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA (proven to be controlled by the Jesuit Order and Knights of Malta), has created malicious software that can manipulate votes in the voting machine computer systems. Two well-known pieces of software, Back Oriface and Netbus, have the ability to go into Windows software and make changes to data remotely without anyone knowing. I’m certain this sort of software is being used by the Jesuit controlled CIA to commit voter fraud and ensure their people win elections. Narcotics investigator and police officer Mike Ruppert has stated numerous times that the CIA is a corrupt organization who work with the Mafia (the Mafia is controlled by the Jesuits as stated by Mafia boss Tony Gambino). Ruppert has also stated that the CIA brings all the cocaine and other drugs into the US to raise money for its black ops activities. It’s interesting to note that President Kennedy was assassinated after he sought to disband the CIA.I have also written an article about the Jesuit, Vatican and CIA illegal drug empire which can be read here.

Police officer testifies of CIA corruption and drug dealing

Police officer testifies of CIA corruption and drug dealing

The CIA takes a deep interest in political elections and want to control the election process. Former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, testified how he was interrogated by the CIA after he won the election. The CIA were deeply concerned he won the election and they saw him as a threat as he was not under their control, and probably not a member of a secret society controlled by the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order are a gang who control a variety of other gangs, and it’s their desire for all politicians to be sympathetic to the goals of the Jesuit Order; which is a world government ruled by the Jesuits and Vatican. If Donald Trump is sincere then I believe he will be the victim of a Jesuit led CIA black ops election fraud program. You will see Trump become an election fraud victim similar to what Allen West experienced. The reason I am writing this article is to warn people about what is happening so that people will be aware of what’s going on and take a stand against it. Evil can only triumph when good men stand by and do nothing. I’ve done my part by writing this article, now it’s your turn to do something. If you are reading this article, remember you are the resistance.


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