Who are Cicada 3301?


The mysterious message posted by Cicada 3301

Cicada 3301 came to the internet world’s attention in 2012 when the mysterious group appeared on 4chan (an online bulletin board for math, computer and science hobbyists; where anyone can share images and comments anonymously), and posted an extremely sophisticated and difficult intellectual puzzle for people to solve. This puzzle could have only been solved by the most intelligent minds in existence and the puzzle consisted of: cryptology, data security and steganography. The infrastructure supporting the puzzle competition was astounding and included: physical clues being posted in various places around the world, and a worldwide telephone answering service to communicate with people as they solved different levels of the puzzle. Many people who have observed the activity of Cicada 3301 have stated that it appears to be well funded and international in its scope. Cicada 3301 has been accused of being: NSA, CIA, MI6, a secret society and an international hacker group. Cicada 3301 releases these extremely difficult puzzles to recruit new members, and only those who solve the puzzle are recruited into the group. Since the puzzles are extremely difficult and can only be solved by bright cryptographers and people with high IQ’s, very few people actually join Cicada 3301 and there is very little known about the group. Cicada 3301 does not have a: website, registered phone number or known location. Cicada 3301 seems to be a highly secretive organization made up of the most intelligent minds on the planet. They have recruited members in 2012, 2013 and 2014 by releasing puzzles; however they have not recruited new members in over a year.

When  Cicada 3301 first released its puzzle to recruit new members Channel 4 news reported on them and made the below quote.

“Is mystery internet challenge a recruiting tool for the CIA? Whoever is behind a global quest for the world’s best code-crackers has got the cyber elite hooked. Is it a recruiting tool for the CIA? Or their hacktivist enemies Anonymous? Or a cult for nerds?” –Channel 4 News

Alan Woodward, a professor at the University of Surrey who specializes in computer security, first suspected that the NSA or the GCHQ was pulling the strings. –Rolling Stone magazine

In January 2012 when Cicada 3301 released their first puzzle on 4chan a number of young intellectuals attempted to solve the puzzle. Marcus Wanner and Tekk (Would not share his full name) are two teens who actually solved the Cicada 3301 puzzle and were admitted into the group. The Cicada 3301 puzzle involved puzzles within puzzles and each puzzle leading to a new puzzle. When Tekk first saw the Cicada 3301 puzzle it consisted of an image, and he opened up the image in a program called notepad instead of an image viewer to search for clues. When he opened up the image in notepad he saw these words and codes, “TIBERIVS CLAVDIVS CAESAR says “lxxt>33m2mqkyv2gsq3q=w]O2ntk”. It should be noted that Tekk heard on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) that terrorist organizations concealed messages in images and this is how he came up with the idea of finding the code by opening up the image in the notepad program. There have been allegations that Cicada 3301 is linked to terrorist organizations.

Identifying that Tibervis was the fourth Emperor of Rome; Tekk, Marcus and some other young intellectuals, moved each character of the letters and numbers down 4 spots, and the string of letters and numbers became a web address. When they visited the web address they saw a picture of a duck and a message that said, “Whoops just decoys this way. Looks like you can’t guess how to get the message out.” Upon evaluating this cryptic message the young intellectuals realized the message contained the words “out” and “guess,” which was the name of a steganography program called outguess. When they ran the duck image through the outguess program they found another cryptic message, “Here is a book code,” it read, and listed 75 combinations of numbers: 1:20, 2:3, 3:5, etc.” Tekk, Marcus and the other bright kids continued on solving puzzle upon puzzle, as they continued on through this maze of mysterious riddles and puzzles. This exercise almost seemed similar to the events portrayed in the recent film, “Maze Runner,” where bright young minds are trained to solve puzzles by a ruthless corporation akin to a private military intelligence agency. The puzzles included: ciphers, Mayan numerals, secret messages in images, various cryptology and one cryptic messages gave them a phone number to call. When they called one of the phone numbers (it had a Dallas area code) they heard an answering message that said, “”Very good. You have done well. There are three prime numbers associated with the original final.jpg image. 3301 is one of them. You will have to find the other two. Multiply all three of these numbers together and add a .com to find the next step. Good luck. Goodbye.”

Cicada leaves a physical clue in the real world

Cicada leaves a physical clue in the real world

The young intellectuals continued solving these puzzles as each new clue led to another clue. After going through the puzzles, Marcus and Tekk had finally succeeded in solving the series of puzzles, and they were sent PGP (encrypted) messages congratulating them from Cicada 3301. Marcus and Tekk were then giving an onion website address (onion websites are located on the dark net and can only be accessed by the Tor browser), and they were also given usernames and passwords to enter a secretive forum made up of new Cicada recruits and Cicada mentors. On this secretive forum; Tekk, Marcus and the recruits, were instructed to create a software program so that whistle-blowers could communicate anonymously over the internet. Here you have some of the brightest young minds on the planet who are relatively unknown, and they are developing encrypted communication software programs for people they do not know. They literally have no idea who they are working for, and the only communication they have with these people is through the dark internet. The dark internet is extremely sketchy and it operates on an encrypted network originally developed by US naval intelligence. Dark net users connect via a browser called Tor and can operate on parts of the internet your average user has no idea about. Operating on the dark net is anonymous as you are connected to the internet via various IP addresses around the world. If you connect to the dark net via the Tor browser from the US, people may think you’re from Switzerland as you may connect to the dark net by bouncing off a Swiss IP address. It is almost impossible to track users who use the dark net. The dark net is used by people who want to travel the internet anonymously, and visit aspects of the internet not available to the average person.

Many of the philosophies of Cicada 3301 seem directly linked to the occult and Jesuit’s (few people know that the Jesuit’s control the international intelligence community and most secret societies). My observations of Cicada 3301 seem to indicate that it is a Jesuit secret society operating within the international intelligence community.

Some 2012 “winners” (winners of the Cicada competition) confirmed that they have seen references to Nietzsche, Jung and Jesuits in texts provided by their mentors on their secret onion git (which is offline now). (Source: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6812668)

An alleged former member of Cicada 3301 stated, “Cicada believe in the philosophy of the Jesuit “the end justifies the means.””

Below is the full testimony of an alleged Cicada 3301 member. From my research I believe the below testimony is genuine.

I apologize for the sometimes improper language in this text. English is not my first language, and I have also used software to mask authorship so 3301/Cicada does not know who publishes this. Thank you.

I was part of what you call 3301/Cicada for more than a decade, and I’m here to warn you: stay away. This is a dangerous organization. While I agree with many of the goals, their ways are nefarious. In fact, I think it is like a left-hand path religion disguised as a progressive scientific organization. I realize this is a strong statement, but I will provide important evidence to support these claims.

For those of you who have not heard of organized 3301/Cicada, I will share some background information using publicly referenceable. According to leaked documents during the last round of recruitment they are “much like a think tank in that [their] primary focus is on researching and developing techniques to aid the ideas [they] advocate: liberty, privacy, and security.” This is partly true. This is what initially attracted me many years ago.

The first public appearance was the recruitment campaign that began in parts that “can not be mentioned” of the Internet, where targeted hackers and programmers and people with a strong background with series of puzzles of increasing difficulty. This has been well documented over the Internet and will not repeat it here. The tests covered a wide range of topics: cryptography, steganography, and number theory, and classical literature, art, darknet, and computer skills including programming, philosophy, music, etc. even more interesting is the fact puzzle use multiple forms of communication: the Internet, phone , darknet (TOR), and the physical world even in the form of papers of 14 that appear simultaneously in all parts of the world (North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc.).

As was presented each puzzle, it was solved by fewer individuals. What was initially several thousand workers solving puzzles in beginning, very few solved all. Less than 1% in fact. This, of course, the intention was. I was not directly involved in these tests, and in fact I do not agree with the idea of recruiting from the public right from the start. Until that moment, all recruitment was done in person by people who know recruits.

I was recruited in the organization I when I was an officer in the service of my country for many years. I was a career officer and showed great promise, and was quickly promoted. Finally I arrived a high position I was approached by my superior. I will not say titles for anonymity.

He said he was very impressed with my work, and he asked me what my goals are: personal and professional. Professionally I had my eyes on the top. Personally, I would eventually like to settle down and start a family, but this was not in the foreseeable future, because my career is often forced to be away from home for long periods of time.

We began to meet a few times a week for coffee at any time we were in the same place. We would like to discuss a variety of topics: science, philosophy, religion, politics, mathematics, and other that ultimately play games and we discuss these issues. The games of chess, backgammon, and go (also known as BADUK) were the top three. I did not know, but I was being investigated for membership at this time.

As it turned out, my opinions and my goals were very much in line with that organization: at the political level, I lean towards freedom, which is called at the time. I am well-educated in science, mathematics, and foreign policy. I was non-religious at the time in those first days. Philosophically, I agree with the ideas of Sartre and Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and so I believe in random universe – one in humans that were not more than a coincidence. No absolute moral right and wrong. That the value of a man is what he does. I also believe that we can (and should) aspire to reach the next “level” – as individuals and mankind as a whole: Nietzsche “Übermensch”. I didn’t know then, but this is one of the main focuses of the Cicada. They believe they possess wisdoms to transform human to Übermensch. Cicada give knowledge to members slowly as they progress up pyramid.

Finally, after more than a year of being examined without knowing it, I was invited for the organization. I accepted with gratitude. It was here: what I wanted from the beginning. A group of like-minded individuals, all incredibly talented and connected, and to work together for the common good: the good of mankind. It take many years to learn true nature of Cicada though.

Before going further, I have to explain some things about the organization. With no particular order:


  • Established initially organized by a group of professional military officers, diplomats, and academics who were dissatisfied with the direction of the world
  • The organization is in no way linked to any military, or the government of any country. However, they recruit often among high government officials to gain more power


  • They use multiple structures within one global structure.
  • There is a decentralized cell structure, such as. However, some cells have a higher “rank” than others, which led to a kind of hierarchy, despite decentralization in general.
  • Practice strict “compartmentalizing”, so, many of the cells or organizations: 1) have no knowledge of other cells or organisations, and 2) often do not know they belong to (or controlled) and organized by the Cicada.
  • Within each cell, there is usually a strict military-like structure.
  • Cell-hierarchy is also often in a military-like structure.
  • There are different cell dedicated to different areas: technology and research, foreign policy, etc..
  • It is possible that the cells are founded to disagree with other cells, or even the objectives of the organization itself (“If you can not beat them, control them”).


  • Believe in Heylighen’s ideas on global brain. In fact, the idea of global brain with humans as individual neurons arise on a regular basis.
  • believe in absolute freedom. Individual and the information.
  • believe in the philosophy of the Jesuit “the end justifies the means.” Through this idea to justify their actions do not always follow their own belief systems and philosophies.
  • other philosophy they use is “what you resist persists” by Jung, and the Jesuit corollary “create what you fear most.” For example, if you are afraid of resistance and rebellion, then send operators to create resistance and rebellion. This way, you can direct the energy of the people, embrace it, let it dwindle, and at the same time minimize the damage.
  • they believe that there is no inherent meaning to anything. That all things are “empty and meaningless” and that “all things are always whole, perfect, and complete”
  • They believe that within each person there is a “God.” Not “God” in the sense of most religions, it is more like Übermensch in the writings of Nietzsche. They also see the Global Brain as another kind of “God”
  • Their mantra is “I am always enough.” (Again, Übermensch)
  • Teach followers to “Find a death every day.” It doesn’t mean literal death. Instead there is a double meaning: 1) know you’re going to die, so, nothing matters, and 2) Find the death of the “I” or the ego.
  • They teach five-levels view of human. However, they eventually put five levels down to one thing (ie “There is no soul distinct from the body”). This is a feature of the left hand path belief systems.
  • They teach that absolute morality does not exist
  • They teach there is no “real” reality. That all reality is dependent on the observer.
  • They teach “There is no salvation in life; For there is nothing from which we must be saved.” I believed this for long time.

I thought many these things already when I joined, mostly. I believed more when I learned more and more about Cicada teachings. Generally agreed with the Cicada ideas. And as I risen in the organization, I have learned more about their beliefs.

Now I am a father and husband. And I have come to search for the one true God and his son. This is why I have no choice but to leave this group who do not believe in Him. I encourage everyone to do the same. Worry not for you power here on earth, but only for your rewards in heaven. I am saved now from hell, and I ask you do same. Please read the Romans 10:13 and call on the name of the Lord. (Testimony of an alleged former Cicada 3301 member) –Cicada ex-member testimony

The ex-member mentioning the links between Cicada 3301and the Jesuit Order is significant. Even certain online encyclopaedia’s mention that Cicada follows the doctrines of the Jesuit Order; in addition to Jesuit doctrines, Cicada also uses the teachings of Alistair Crowley (a well- known Satanist and occultist). Cicada seems to be a secret Jesuit society. The Jesuit’s have multiple secret societies which include: the 9th circle Satanic cult, the Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt who founded the Illuminati was a Jesuit), Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Knights of Malta, the Knights of the Equestrian Order, the Knights of Columbus, the Rosicrucian Order, the Martinist Order and we now know the Jesuit’s have a IT secret society known as Cicada 3301. The Jesuit Order are the most powerful secret society and private intelligence agency on the planet; even E Howard Hunt (former CIA station chief) admitted, “the Jesuits are the greatest intelligence agency in the World.”

The Jesuit’s (aka: The Society of Jesus) deceptively name themselves after Jesus but are actually Satanists who control the Vatican and most of the world. The Jesuit’s do not follow Jesus but only pretend to. Behind the Jesuit Order’s religious costumes and publicized charity events, they are a group of highly trained spies and assassins who rule the world for the Jesuit General. The Jesuit’s also control an international network of Satanic cults and Luciferian secret societies in addition to controlling the international intelligence community. A former member of Ireland and EU Parliament said, “The Jesuit is inwardly a devil, outwardly a monk and altogether a serpent.” (Ian Paisley, member of Parliament in Ireland and member of EU Parliament.)

One should also research the connection between the CIA and the Knights of Malta (a Vatican secret society submitted to the Jesuit Order). Most CIA directors throughout history have been Knights of Malta in submission to the Jesuit Order.



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