The Golden Grove UFO police escort incident and the amateur UFO investigator who never gave up

I am not exactly sure what happened at Golden Grove (USA) but there was definitely some kind of an incident involving a: flying UFO, police, trucks carrying unidentified equipment, people (possibly officers) running through the parks/fields, helicopters and the police announcing some kind of emergency situation. In the video the police are escorting some trucks carrying various equipment; this convoy of trucks and police seemed to be chasing a flying UFO. As the convoy of police and trucks chased the UFO they were announcing the words, “danger, danger” through loud speakers. The convoy was also controlling the traffic lights so that people would not follow them. One street smart curious civilian caught all this on film and actually chased the convoy in his car. This amateur UFO investigator caught the UFO on film and filmed the convoy chasing the UFO from a fairly close proximity. He also witnessed a number of first hand events which he describes during the filming of the incident. I have a lot of respect for the guy who caught all this on film; he did a great job in a very stressful situation. If you watch the video it seems as if the guy filming is getting followed by a helicopter also. Something is definitely going on.

I don’t know exactly what happened but I will share some possible scenarios below.

  1. A shadow government anti-gravity aircraft reports a malfunction and is going to crash land, so the NSA/CIA initiates a disc retrieval team on short notice to recover the craft. It should also be noted that there were reports of police officers wearing masks during the incident.
  2. A reptilian or other non-human/hybrid entity(s) is rebelling against the shadow government and the NSA/CIA are trying to shoot it down. Branton has reported that benevolent reptilians using advanced technology have been fighting against the evil shadow government and Jesuit/Luciferian collective.
  3. The shadow government is rehearsing for a mock UFO/alien invasion which they plan to stage as a pretext to implement martial law.
  4. It could be none of the above and merely a bizarre police/government drill that we don’t fully understand.

This was certainly one of the most curious UFO incidents caught on tape. I would definitely encourage people to watch the below video and leave their comments on the incident. Below is a video of the Golden Grove incident.



2 thoughts on “The Golden Grove UFO police escort incident and the amateur UFO investigator who never gave up

  1. We just watched your YT here and the thoughts come to mind of how hard it is to get your finger on the pulse concerning these matters. We are all somewhat amateurs in these matters and there is so much confusion regarding this whole matter. The people on here, judging by the tones in their voices, are coming over as genuinely alarmed by an unusual incident. You can’t help thinking these days, as people have for years, and that is that the PTB, be they the ones in the public eye or the ones out of the public eye, have not been transparent enough concerning all of these matters regarding Unidentified flying objects. An unidentified flying object is just that, something that is unidentified. Judging by the facts here that there is a police convoy going on and a helicopter heard overhead and a strange light in the distance, you’re left with wondering if this is something that has been identified by the authorities, that possibly they know what it is but they don’t want the general public at large to know what it is. There are no doubt, all kinds of modern aircrafts being developed behind the scenes and sometimes we switch on our televisions etc and behold, there they are now in the public eye! There are two ways of looking at these matters: 1) Is this some kind of new advanced technological aircraft creation that they are developing and experimenting with? 2) Is this something that is not of this world? A good verse to go with in all these matters is in the book of Daniel where it simply says that craft shall prosper in his hand. We take the word craft here to mean highly advanced scientifically created technological computerised technology. We take the word “computerised” to mean the mind of Satan in all of these technologies these days. “Super smart” simply and seriously means: the mind of Lucifer in all of the technologies these days. Lucifer hated mankind with a vengeance; he is jealous of our potential through Jesus; he has convinced the leaders at the top and at the very top, to have his mind through the smart technology in all of the technologies created these days, so in this sense, craft is prospering in his hands. All he needs now are the right circumstances to arrive in order to present himself as some kind of technological, craft prospering in his hand, kind of star god with some kind of cosmic and universal mind and also presenting mankind with a great sign from Heaven – something Jesus refused to do! He said: “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh a sign from Heaven.” We these days have the most evil and the most adulterous generation ever; they will one day seek a sign from Heaven which Lucifer will give them, particularly talking about those at the top here. Stay strong – Praise Jesus! Thanks for all your help in promoting our site! Love in Jesus from Terry & Karen

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