Turkey shoots down Russian jet near Syrian Border: are we on the brink of World War 3?

UPDATE: According to Turkish authorities it was a Russian drone that was shot down and not a jet.

Yahoo news and other reputable news outlets have just reported that a Russian jet has been shot down byrussianjet1 Turkey near the border of Syria. If this is true this could be an indication of a major escalation of war in the Middle East region; it is incidents like this that can lead to World War 3. Alex Jones from infowars.com recently stated on his show that he believes the conflict in Syria and the irresponsible comments made in Washington could lead to World War 3.

Turkey is a member of NATO and according to the agreements they have with other NATO nations; if they are attacked then the other NATO nations must protect them. If Russia retaliates against Turkey then other NATO members may become involved in the conflict. Officials in Washington have already been talking tough against Russia and have even warned Putin of Russian casualties, so it’s quite possible that Turkey had NATO support when shooting down the Russian jet if these reports are true.

Another interesting development is that China is sending its forces into Syria to fight alongside the Russians and support Assad. Are we going to see a showdown between NATO and a Russian and Chinese alliance? This will be a very competitive war if it does happen because Russia’s Su fighter jets have been proven to be much better than the US F-35’s. Many experts have stated that the US F-35’s cannot compete with the Russian Su fighter jets. Regarding the F-35 “It’s a turkey,” declares aerospace engineer Pierre Sprey in an interview to Dutch television. Sprey is the co-designer of the F-16 Falcon jet and the A-10 Warthog which are both used in the US air force (USAF).

Some years ago the US purchased two Su-27 Russian aircrafts from the Ukraine and tested them against their F-15’s and the Su-27 Russian aircrafts beat the F-15’s every time. Russia’s air force is no joke and they can definitely compete against the US and NATO. Russia’s fighter jets have been proven to be more competitive than the US fighter jets on a number of occasions.

If you watch the video below it illustrates how the US air force conceded that the Russian Su fighters were better than the US F-15’s, after testing each other during war game drill exercises.


In a recent news article in the Guardian it stated that, “Ashton Carter (US defence secretary) predicts reprisal attacks on Russian soil over Vladimir Putin’s military campaign to prop up Bashar al-Assad’s regime.”

Carter is quoted as saying, ““This will have consequences for Russia itself, which is rightly fearful of attacks. In coming days, the Russians will begin to suffer from casualties.” (The Guardian)

Billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump has stated that the current US administration is completely incompetent. Ashton Carters comments about Russia are completely insane and irresponsible, as his comments could lead to World War 3. Russia is in Syria fighting ISIS and are wanting to co-operate with the US in destroying violent extremism, and Ashton Carter is talking about inflicting casualties on Russia. Carter is intentionally building tensions between Russia and the US and is creating a pathway to World War 3.

I have heard people talking about the situation in Syria leading to World War 3, but it’s not until I saw Carter’s recent quotes that I thought World War 3 could be possible. World War 3 is definitely possible in the near future.

The only person in US politics who makes sense at the moment is Donald Trump. Trump has stated that he would co-operate with Putin to destroy ISIS and terrorist organizations in Syria. Trump even admitted that Assad is probably the best option for a leader in Syria at the moment. Trump has also stated that after the Saddam Hussein regime was toppled in Iraq it became a breeding ground for terrorism, and the same thing happened with Libya. If Assad’s regime in Syria is toppled it will most likely become a breeding ground for terrorists as well, and you will have a State in constant civil war that’s run by various terrorists and ultra-violent factions.

The current US defence secretary threatening Russia with casualties is definitely stirring up a hornet’s nest that could lead to world war 3. The current US defence secretaries utterings almost seem on par with Kim Jong-un from North Korea. Remember that the defence secretary said that Russia will suffer casualties in the next few days which means the: US, NATO and the Middle Eastern countries backing the Syrian rebels are planning a counter attack against Russia and Assad. We could very well see a war between Turkey, Syria and the Russians erupt at any moment. Whether this war spreads around other countries will remain to be seen.


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