Is Donald Trump the real deal?

Donald Trump seems to be the only US presidential candidate I have heard in a long time who actually makes sense. Trump’s views on the: constitution, borders, immigration, foreign policy and political correctness seem to be consistent with many people in the alternative media. Alex Jones recently stated that he agrees with 95% of what Trump says. Although I don’t agree with everything in the alternative media, I think people like Alex Jones are the last real journalists left. Most of the mainstream media are teleprompting reading prostitutes who sell themselves out very easily. Trump seems to be striking a chord within the alternative truth and media movement and his policies seem to be at odds with the goals of the New World Order.

DONALD-TRUMPTrump is against the global warming hoax and tax which has been proven to be a fabricated lie and an excuse to implement a world tax. Trump has also discussed implementing tariffs against foreign countries selling goods in the US to protect domestic manufacturers, and this is something that Eric Jon Phelps (author of Vatican Assassins) has been advocating also. Having no protective tariffs is destroying the United States economy and sending jobs overseas (mainly to China). If Trump is elected as President you will certainly see a massive growth of jobs in the US, as the protective tariffs will cause more businesses to manufacture products within the US.

Trump is also outspoken regarding immigration. The current political climate is allowing a relaxed border between the US and Mexico and illegal aliens are pouring in by the millions. These illegal aliens are taking jobs away from Americans and also destroying the culture of the US as many of them don’t speak English. Many prominent researchers and law enforcement personalities have also been stating that a large majority of illegal aliens are involved in criminal gangs. Because people are coming over the border illegally nobody knows who these people are and many of them are dangerous criminals. The New World Order eventually wants to erase the border between Mexico and US as they create their world government, and that’s why they lobby their owned politicians to be weak on immigration. Many have already seen the planned new currency which will be used in a merged United States and Mexico called the Amero. According to many the merged United States and Latin America will be known as the American Union, and will move the American region of the world closer to a world government led by the Anti-Christ. However Donald Trump seems to be very opposed to this New World Order plan as he wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and he also plans to evict every last illegal alien from the US. Trump is very strong on immigration and wants a strong border that locks out illegal aliens, and this is a stance that few politicians have taken. Overall Trumps policies seem to be anti-NWO and opposed to the Anti-Christ agenda. Trump also claims to be a Protestant who reads the Bible.

Trump also funds himself and refuses to take money from lobby groups and special interest groups. According to Trump these lobby and special interest groups control the politicians they finance 99% of the time, as the politician becomes indebted to the lobby group. Trump is controlled by nobody except his own conscience as he has enough money to finance his own campaign. Trump is definitely an intelligent businessman who can turn the US around economically for sure.

It also seems as though the media is against Trump (which is another good sign that Trump is a good guy). The media have been used to lead the US toward a one world government for years, and the fact that they seem to dislike Trump is a good thing. Never trust the mainstream media in the US, they are puppets and liars who have been lying to the American public for decades.

Trump has also appeared on the Michael Savage talk radio program and Michael Savage is considered someone who is in the alternative media. Savage has regularly appeared on the Alex Jones infowars program and endorses many of Jones’s views. Michael Savage is definitely an objective and decent journalist and I do listen to his show on occasion and believe he is a very intelligent and capable journalist. Savage is also pro: borders, language, culture and national sovereignty as opposed to the emerging one world government. Michael Savage believes Donald Trump is the last chance to save America, as the Democrats are destroying America with communist policies and global government. Michael also believes that most of the Republicans are as bad as the Democrats and are just bringing Americans into the same communist one world government, but they are doing under the disguise of pretending to be conservatives (pro constitution etc). I believe most politicians who claim to be conservatives are only pretending, and that most of them are controlled by lobby groups who want a one world government and global UN tax. The only thing between the United States and the New World Order ruled by the UN and Jesuit Order is the US constitution. The US constitution was written by Protestants and Baptists and it was anti-canon law (Vatican dictatorship law). Communism and dictatorship rule is based on Vatican canon law. The founder of the Bavarian Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt) was himself a Professor of Vatican canon law and a Jesuit.

Donald Trump seems to be a top proponent of the US constitution and in particular the second amendment. Trump recently stated that he supports the rights of Americans to bear arms and even own assault weapons. Trump said in an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.” “What happens when the bad guys have the assault weapons and you don’t in a confrontation?” It’s clear Trump is extremely pro second amendment and pro constitution and it’s this type of leadership that will save the US. Obama and the shadows within the CIA are bringing in many militants from the Middle East into the US to cause trouble, so they can create more executive orders that contradict the US constitution. Law abiding Americans will need weapons to defend themselves and their family. Many in the alternative media have also reported the building of FEMA camps in the USA that seem similar to the ones in Nazi Germany. Many prominent alternative media journalists (Alex Jones and Michael Savage) have stated the Obama government may round up their enemies (journalists, tea party members, constitutionalists, libertarians and others) and have them held prisoner at these camps. Author Eric Jon Phelps believes these camps will be controlled by the Jesuit Order who control most US politicians, and the camps will be used as an inquisition where Protestants and libertarians will be exterminated. You cannot have an inquisition when the citizens own guns and have a right to defend themselves, so disarming citizens is a goal of the New World Order. When Adolf Hitler came to power his first objective was to disarm Germany’s citizens, and after he disarmed them he was able to abuse and kill many of them. Disarmament has been a proven road to genocide and inquisitions. Trump is definitely on the front line of protecting US citizen’s second amendment rights.

The major doctrine of Donald Trump which goes against the grain and plans of the New World Order is his opposition to the global warming fraud. This fraudulent science is going to play a major part in forming a one world government under the UN, because they want to use this fraud as an excuse to implement a world tax. Most politicians in the Democratic and Republican parties support the global warming tax as they are controlled by lobby and special interest groups who finance them. These lobby and special interest groups are controlled by the New World Order and ultimately the Jesuit’s who control the Vatican and their subordinated secret societies. The Jesuit’s main goal is the destruction of wealthy protestant nations and the implementation of a world government.

Evaluating the policies of Donald Trump illustrate one of the most promising candidates for the US presidency in a long time. Very few presidential candidates have also reached out to the alternative media, and Donald Trump has done this with his relationship with Michael Savage. If I was an American I would definitely vote for and support Donald Trump as he seems like America’s last hope.

If Donald Trump is legitimately against the New World Order agenda then I believe he won’t be treated fairly and there will be a battle against voter fraud. It should also be stated that Trump is vocally supported by Mark Cuban, who was persecuted by the US government for attempting to screen Alex Jones documentaries which show how the Saudi government played a role in the 911 terror attacks. Bogus insider trading charges were trumped up against Mark Cuban after he attempted to partner with Alex Jones in producing 911 truth documentaries. Mark Cuban is a billionaire who owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, and he donated his basketball stadium to Trump so he could use it in his presidential campaign. Cuban also owns a film production company among other assets.

Some years ago Donald Trump did an excellent interview with CNN about the lies and deception occurring within the US government. The interview is definitely worth watching and illustrates Trump’s excellent perception and character. You can watch the interview below.

Click here to watch the Donald Trump CNN interview


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