Peter Jennings was the best journalist ever. His coverage on the 911 attacks and ecstasy were two of the best news stories of the century

I have much respect for mainstream journalist Peter Jennings. Peter was one of the best journalists of the last century and one of the few mainstream journalists I ever respected. Peter has produced some brilliant news stories over the years, and was even respected by the alternative media; for mentioning the military drills being conducted during the terrorist attacks on September 11th in New York. Peter discussed on mainstream news how the government was carrying out drills relating to mock terror attacks on the twin towers in New York, these drills involved high jacked air liners being crashed into the towers. This planned and prepared drill exercise occurred on the same day of the actual twin towers attack… coincidence? Highly unlikely; it seems elements within the US government knew of the attack on the twin towers before it happened.

Many have stated these drills were organized by the Jesuit’s and their subordinated secret societies (Knights of Columbus etc) that control the military and government in the USA. The reason these drills were organized on the day of the twin towers attack, was to make honest law enforcement and military personnel think that the attacks were just a drill, and this would stop them from preventing the attack. The Jesuit’s and their subordinated secret societies wanted this terrorist attack to take place, so they could implement legislation which would destroy the US constitution. The Jesuit’s do not want a constitutional Protestant republic of the USA, they want a dictatorship that mirrors the Roman Empire. After the 911 attack the Patriot Act was implemented (which was penned at a Jesuit University) in the USA, and this caused constitutional rights in the USA to gradually become nullified.

The Jesuit’s and Vatican who control Islam in the Middle East (Saudi Royals are Knights of the Golden Fleece and this Knighthood is a Vatican Knighthood subordinated to the Jesuit’s), will use Islam to attack Protestant nations so they can create fascist right wing dictatorships where the people have no rights. When the Jesuit’s use Islam to attack the West, the citizens will demand a dictatorship government that gives the people no rights. It is the traditional Protestant nations that have the most freedom and prosperity, and it’s these nations the Jesuit’s and Rome seek to destroy and subdue. The Jesuit’s and Rome are the New World Order.

In the below video Peter Jennings discusses the eerie drills the government was involved in on September 11th 2001. If you watch the below video it is one of the best pieces of journalism I have ever seen.

Another one of Peter’s best journalism stories was his story on the drug ecstasy. This was a truly eye opening story and one of the best pieces of journalism ever seen. Ecstasy (MDMA) was brought into mainstream society by a Bible student and Priest (Michael Klegg), who believed the drug could be used for beneficial mental and spiritual development. Ecstasy was totally legal in the USA for a while and Klegg was a legitimate businessman who produced and sold the drug. Psychotherapists also used ecstasy to treat various forms of mental illness with great success. One case in particular involved a woman who had been brutally raped and could not be healed of her panic attacks, however when she was given ecstasy by her therapist she received healing and was able to live a normal life. Countless testimonies of people being healed of mental health issues with ecstasy abounded, and regular ecstasy users such as former Priest and Bible student Michael Klegg, displayed no negative side effects and claimed they lived a better life because of the drug. While the drug was legal many people used the drug at dance clubs, and most described an overall positive experience with no adverse side effects. On a personal note I have used ecstasy a few times and I definitely found it to be a safe and enjoyable drug. The problem with making ecstasy illegal is that you now have tablets being sold that people claim to be ecstasy, however most of the time these tablets contain: heroin, ice, meth, animal tranquilizer and a host of other nasty drugs. Making ecstasy illegal has just made things more dangerous for youth, who are now taking a cocktail of dangerous drugs produced by criminal gangs in backyard laboratories. It has also become evident that ecstasy was made illegal based on falsified data produced by a corrupt scientist. Peter Jennings discovered that most of the data the government used to ban ecstasy was false and based on deliberate lies. Most of the experts which include: psychiatrists, scientists and a Priest conclude that ecstasy was in fact a positive and beneficial drug. It seems the Jesuit’s and Vatican saw ecstasy as a threat to their underground illegal drug empire, so they had ecstasy made illegal to stop people from having a safe drug alternative. If drug users had a legal and safe alternative (like ecstasy) then they would no longer pay inflated prices for illegal street drugs (sold by the Mafia and criminal syndicates controlled by the Jesuit Order as testified by Mafia boss Tony Gambino).

In the below video you can watch Peter Jennings amazing news story on ecstasy, and also observe the lies and falsified data the government manufactured to have this drug banned.


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