Alternative power sources to escape the carbon tax and ludicrous electricity prices

I recently received my electricity bill in the mail and was absolutely furious. My electricity bill has gone from around $50 per month to $170 per month in 5 years. I am a single young man who lives in a small one bedroom apartment, and to say I was shocked at current electricity costs would be an understatement. These criminal power companies controlled by Jesuit ruled secret societies are supressing free energy sources, so they can continue to have a monopoly on the worlds power supply.

Over the years; engineers, inventors, lab technicians and electronics experts have invented various devices that can produce free and safe energy. A number of inventors such as Stanley Meyer and Yul Brown have invented engines that can run on water; by splitting the water molecule with electricity and pumping the hydrogen into the engine intake valve. Other inventors have also produced devices which use magnets to produce electricity. These inventions are supressed so the greedy power companies can continue to plunder the decent working people. The Jesuit’s are leaving us in the dark ages by only allowing us to use fossil fuelled internal combustion engines and traditional electricity sources.

Below are some videos of magnet electricity generators and HHO electrolysis devices that power engines. People wishing to make an exodus from the dark ages can work with others to produce similar devices for private use. By using these devices you are no longer a financial slave to the power monopolists. Attempting to patent these devices is futile as the patent offices are there to stop you from challenging the big corporations. Many people who have tried to patent these devices have been: assassinated, imprisoned or severely intimidated.

Below is a video of a small magnet power generator. By making a larger version of this, you could certainly power a family home with this type of device.

Below is a video of a very competent individual building a water to power converter. This device could be used to power any type of internal combustion engine or an electricity generator.


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