Shocking. FBI accidentally raids Illuminati Satanic ritual with video cameras. Video evidence included.

In 1998 FBI field agents were doing surveillance on a house which they thought was involved in drug dealing. A member of the public probably reported there were strange comings and goings at the house, and it was assumed there was drug dealing going on at the house. According to former FBI chief, Ted Gunderson, any type of occult or Satanic activity is usually covered up by the FBI, as Gunderson claims the FBI at the top is controlled by Satanic cults. However because the FBI field agents thought they were dealing with drug dealers, it seems the higher up Satanic agents did not know that the lower level FBI agents were going to raid an Illuminati Satanic house. Most of these Satanic Illuminati houses are protected by the FBI leadership. However it seems they were unable to stop this raid by FBI field agents. What’s even more shocking is that the FBI raided this house with video cameras, and this was all caught on video tape.

In the past when FBI Chief Ted Gunderson discovered Satanic rituals occurring under the McMartin pre-school building, the authorities covered this up and did not allow this investigation to go to trial. However because these FBI field agents had the entire Satanic ritual caught on tape, the New World Order had to let this case go through the court system. According to Ted Gunderson over 50,000 people are sacrificed to Satan every year in the USA alone.

Below is one of the most shocking videos you will ever see. If you are under 18 I would advise you not to watch the below video. If you have heart trouble or any type of mental illness, I would advise you not to watch the below video.

The below video was recorded by FBI field agents who raided an Illuminati Satanic cult house. They raided the house in the middle of a satanic ritual where a victim was sacrificed to Satan. FBI agents discovered the remains of 28 people on the property who had been killed by the cult. They also discovered an altar dedicated to Satan in the house and cups full of blood which the Satanists drank. Various body parts were also found chopped up in the sink. They also found a video tape which showed actual cult members sacrificing people on it, and it was alleged that this tape was used to train new members on how to murder people in cult rituals. This particular house also sold human body parts such as heads to other occultists, indicating that this cult was a part of a nation-wide Satanic network. This video evidence supports the investigations of former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, who claimed there was a large network of Satanic cults in the USA who murdered over 50,000 people a year in Satanic rituals.


One thought on “Shocking. FBI accidentally raids Illuminati Satanic ritual with video cameras. Video evidence included.

  1. Thanks to this article, I ended up doing more research into the Ted Gunderson guy, and watched a lengthy video of his on YouTube. It’s downright astonishing how no one wanted to hear about or use evidence he collected regarding the obvious occult stuff happening all around us. It’s pretty scary. As for the video you posted…I’m actually reluctant to watch it, only because I don’t really want to see that stuff…knowing that it exists is enough for me. Keep up the good work on the site – I don’t post here often, but I do subscribe via RSS, as I suspect many others do. Please continue the good work.

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