Teenager dies from paracetamol overdose

In previous articles I have discussed how marijuana can actually cure cancer and other sicknesses. Did you know that marijuana has never killed a human being? But guess what.. paracetamol which is regularly sold at supermarkets has killed many people in the past. In a recent incident a young teenager took some paracetamol to combat a stomach ache and she ended up dying. Why do we ban marijuana which has never killed a single person and is impossible to overdose on, and allow paracetamol (a documented child and adult killing substance) to be sold in supermarkets? I will tell you the answer.. it’s because paracetamol is a patented medication which can be synthetically produced by corporations for profit. Marijuana on the other hand which has been proven to be both a capable pain killer and cure for cancer; cannot be patented and synthetically produced for profit.

Below is an extract from the article relating to the girl who died from a paracetamol overdose.

A teenager in the UK has died after accidentally overdosing on painkillers after complaining of a ‘tummy ache’. Georgia Littlewood, 17, died after ingesting three times the recommended dosage of paracetamol, after calling in sick to work because an ‘upset stomach’. (MSN news, 24/7/2015)

May this lovely young woman rest in peace and may people start investigating the natural alternatives to synthetically patented drugs.

Georgia Littlewood died of a paracetamol overdose

Georgia Littlewood died of a paracetamol overdose


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