Yul Brown and the secret history of the water powered car engine

A number of inventors (mainly lab technicians) have produced devices over the last 30 years which are able to convert water into hydrogen, and power internal combustion engines. These devices could literally revolutionize modern technology and destroy the pollution problem forever. The UN and governments of the world have no interest in saving the planet from pollution, and the UN climate change campaign to stop pollution is a scam. The UN and corporate sponsored governments of the world have no interest in stopping pollution, and we should cease supporting their bogus anti-pollution and climate change scams. The UN and corporate sponsored governments of the world have been suppressing technology that would literally stop all pollution on earth from occurring. The UN and corporate sponsored governments also assassinate and imprison the inventors of this technology also. The reason they do not want this technology to enter mainstream society, is because the corporations who control the UN and governments would lose billions of dollars.

I do believe we need to stop pollution as God has given us a beautiful world to live in, and it pains me to see the pollution that destroys much of the beautiful land we live in. However we must realize that the United Nations and corrupt governments are the problem and not the solution. Technology that can convert water into a useable fuel for cars and other devices is available now! This technology produces zero pollution. Many people have built water powered vehicles in their garages, however it has been banned from mainstream usage, as this technology is suppressed. People using this technology are often threatened and intimidated. A relative of mine who works as a sound technician works with an engineer who actually built a water powered car, and his invention was purchased by an overseas company who locked it up so it would never see the light of day. These big corporations controlling the fuel industry identify these inventors quick and they either: buy them out, intimidate them or kill them.

Water engine power devices work using a method known as hydrolysis. Hydrolysis involves permeating electricity through water which causes the water molecule to split into hydrogen and oxygen. Usually the water is put into some kind of container which has electrodes connected to it which electrifies the water. The water molecule is then split into hydrogen and oxygen, and the device feeds the hydrogen into the internal combustion engine. The engine can now run entirely on water. These devices have been built multiple times by backyard inventors who successfully ran engines on water.

In the 1970’s in Sydney/Australia, Bulgarian immigrant and lab technician Yul Brown developed a method that successfully separated hydrogen from the water molecule. Brown invented devices which enabled internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen taken directly from water. This method could be successfully adapted onto a normal car engine and the car would be able to run on water. Yul Brown successfully ran two vehicles on water (a Holden and Mazda). An American oil company attempted to buy out Yul Brown’s water fuel converting technology, but Brown refused to sell them the rights. After Brown started to publicize his water engine invention, he became the target of attempted assassinations which included bullets being fired into his house. Brown also began to carry around a hand gun full time to protect him and his family.

“”Some businesses stand to lose millions when my inventions are accepted”, he said, “so it would be a simple matter for them to pay some gangster $10,000 and get me put out of the way. “I used to carry a pistol in a holster on my belt until a few weeks ago. The police saw me wearing it on a television interview and they came around the next day and took it away from me. All I’ve got to protect me now is my German Shepherd called Ali Baba”.” (Yul Brown, Sunday Telegraph – January 16, 1977)

Below is the full article taken from an Australian newspaper which documents Brown’s invention.

Australian Post – February 16, 1978

“The most talked-about inventor in Australia today is Yull Brown of Sydney — the man who uses ordinary water as the fuel for all his inventions.

To non-scientific minds it must be a bit hard to swallow, but it’s all perfectly true. Mr Brown, 55, has succeeded, among other things, in running a Mazda car, and Holden car engine on water fuel.

He worked as a laboratory technician for a while and later branched into business son his own.

A few years ago, a group of seven businessmen put up $700,000 in a company called Water Fuel Holdings to finance Mr Brown’s experiments.

But what was Mr Brown’s original inspiration to use water as a fuel source? When we stop for a moment and consider the possibilities of water-fuelled ships, cars, and even jumbo jets, it all sounds like something for a Jules Verne novel — and that, in fact, is where Mr Brown got his idea.

In 1875, Jules Verne in his book The Mysterious Island, wrote the following passage:

“Water decomposed into its primitive elements, and decomposed doubtless by electricity, which will then have become a powerful and manageable force. Yes, my friends, I believe that water will one day be employed as a fuel”.

And that’s a fair assessment of how Mr Brown does it. He produces his hydrogen-oxygen mixture by electrolytic dissociation of water by electrolytic dissociation of water under the action of DC electrical current.

He has also successfully demonstrated a new type of welder, powered from energy derived from water that could very soon make him a multi-millionaire.

Small wonder that a steady stream of scientists and electronics experts from all over Australia have been beating a path to Mr Brown’s modest laboratories in the outer Sydney suburb of Auburn.

It seems that just about everyone with a scientific mind in this country wants to know how Yull Brown’s inventions work…

A short, solidly-built man with powerful forearms, Mr Brown is aware that his inventions are bound to create a lot of enemies in big business if and when they are ever launched into commercial use.

“Some businesses stand to lose millions when my inventions are accepted”, he said, “so it would be a simple matter for them topay some gangster $10,000 and get me put out of the way.

“I used to carry a pistol in a holster on my belt until a few weeks ago. The police saw me wearing it on a television interview and they came around the next day and took it away from me. All I’ve got to protect me now is my German Shepherd called Ali Baba”.

He separates the two gases by passing an electric current through water, and has devised a way of storing them, as a mixture, with no more danger than in the handling and storing of other fuels.

Australian experts who have examined Mr Brown’s work have agreed that he has made a notable breakthrough in the field of oxy-hydrogen experiments.” (Australian Post – February 16, 1978)

Yul Brown was one of the first documented inventors to have built this type of device that could run engines using water.

In the 1980’s Stanley Meyer built a car which ran on water and after refusing to sell his invention to overseas companies, he was poisoned to death at his favorite restaurant.


Lab technician Denny Klein also built a device that could run an engine on water, and FOX news covered this story. However Denny Klein’s invention was also suppressed and after a couple of news stories on the topic, Klein’s invention was never heard about again. There is a major pattern of suppression and cover-ups when it comes to water fuel technology. The World government does not want this technology coming to surface as they wish to suppress freedom and liberty, they also suppress this technology to protect their economic empires and monopoly on the fuel industry.

Denny Klein with water powered car

Denny Klein with water powered car

Water powered cars; anti-gravity flying saucers and magnet power are some of the secret technologies which are used by the secret underground military bases and cities. These underground bases and cities are controlled by the Jesuit Order, and connected via an underground subway system that consists of advanced shuttle trains that travel at extremely high speeds. It is in this underground empire where all the highly advanced technology is kept. The Jesuit Order and their secret societies use this technology to continue their domination of the world.


3 thoughts on “Yul Brown and the secret history of the water powered car engine

  1. Reblogged this on Michael Basham's Net Base and commented:
    One of the many inventors who paid for discovering simple energy to change the world. The list is almost endless, but once the technology gets out (like MMS) it can be passed around by people on the internets without the govt. clamping down so easily.

  2. In 2002 I made a comment in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, Your say column in reply to readers who were complaining about the price hike on petrol.
    I asked whatever happened to Running your car on Water, it created a lot of comments.
    A couple of weeks later out of the blue my ‘phone rang and a man’s voice asked me how I knew Yul Brown. I replied that I didn’t but remembered being told by my father about someone running their car on water.
    My caller identified himself as Ernie Rose he said he worked with Yul brown at his garage in the Sydney suburb Granville. he also said he was a mate of Harvey Norman and said Yul Brown raised £4 million pounds and spent it defending his patents world wide to protect his invention.
    He offered to modify the government’s Bus fleet and was assailed by accusations of fraud by the scientific community with comments such as Perpetual Motion Machines don’t work and You can’t get something for nothing.
    In the end Yul challenged them to prove him wrong. On an appointed day a bus load of CSIRO scientists arrived at his garage grumbling about being pulled off their pet projects and determined to prove him wrong to shut him up for once and for all.
    Yul pointed them towards a car that was fitted with his invention and stood back and answered their questions while they operated their test equipment.
    At the end of the day they packed up their equipment and tersely said Well it shouldn’t work, but it Does.
    The Government still refused to allow him to modify their fleet of buses so he packed up and went to the USA and set up shop there.
    He was constantly receiving threatening ‘phone calls from oil company thugs to shut up shop or else.
    One afternoon on his way home from work he was run off the road and killed.
    The US Army is now running their Hummer Fleet in Iraq on what they call Aquagen which appears to be the same mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen that is known today as Browns Gas named after Yul Brown.
    Yul was aware a petrol or diesel motor only runs at about 17% efficiency.and by introducing Hydrogen and Oxygen gases into the fuel mixture it runs at about 32% efficiency and the fossil fuel can be leaned back creating a considerable fuel saving.
    Consider this, the water that drips to waste onto the road from a car’s Air conditioning drain pipe could be collected to fuel the motor and a cars on board computer could control the fuel mixture ratio.
    That could save us a Motza.

    • Hi Max. Thank you so much for your comment I really appreciate it. Stanley Meyer also developed the same motor system as Yul Brown and was poisoned to death at his favorite restaurant. Since those two guys developed their engines many people have built these same systems in their backyard but they were never allowed to go commercial. A co-worker of a friend of mine built a water powered car and was bought off. The technology is abundantly available but is suppressed. A quick search of youtube shows all kinds of people building this technology in their backyards. Its amazing this technology exists and is so easy to build.

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