Attempted assassination of Branton (a.k.a: Bruce Alan deWalton) confirmed



Some time ago a post was observed on the, Above Top Secret forum, allegedly posted by an associate of Branton (Bruce Alan deWalton), and in the post it was claimed that the Jesuit NWO, had attempted to murder Branton by running him down with a heavy vehicle. I was recently contacted by a reader confirming this claim to be true, as a newspaper article covered this story. It was reported in mainstream news that Branton was in fact targeted and run over by a vehicle.

The news article regarding this event is below.

“BICYCLE ACCIDENT– A 40-year-old Orem man remains in critical condition after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle on Sunday.

Bruce Walton was riding his bicycle eastbound on 500 North, Provo, near the crosswalk on the south side of the intersection at Freedom Boulevard, when northbound 21-year-old Jayton Wakefield, of Provo, hit him with his 1992 Nissan 4×4 pickup.

Walton was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and was later flown by a LifeFlight helicopter to the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City.

He sustained injuries to his head and has several broken bones in his face and is in the intensive-care unit in critical conditions.

Wakefield was not injured.

No citations have been issued and the accident is still under investigation to determine fault.”

This story appeared in The Daily Herald on page A2.

Those wishing to read the official news archive can do so by clicking the below link.

I could almost call Branton a prophet. His prolific writings which took the internet by storm have spread throughout the networks of conspiracy researchers everywhere. He was one of the first few who identified the Jesuit’s; as the head of the emerging Satanic New World Order. His knowledge and information about the secret underground military bases were beyond astounding and on the cutting edge. Branton as a Christian believer also offered explanations to Bible end time events that few understood, and he connected the dots of Bible prophecy to the alien agenda. You could almost say that Branton was the evangelist and prophet, to the conspiracy researchers who stayed up nights seeking truth, in a world full of UFO sightings and unexplained alien encounters. Someone needed to reach these curious conspiracy researchers who knew there was something going on behind the curtain of everyday life. I really believe God sent Branton to these people. To this day, no researcher or investigator has been able to match the information Branton provided to the public about underground bases and aliens, his explanations were logical and fit into Bible prophecy perfectly. Whenever I read a book written by Branton (Branton published all of his books for free over the internet), I am literally on the edge of my seat as I read this brilliant man’s revelations and experiences. As we read the historical records of true Prophets in the Bible, their lives always end in: persecution, pain and often death. John the Baptist had his head chopped off, Jesus was nailed to a cross and died, Jeremiah was thrown into a pit, Samson had his eyes cut out and was made blind and John who wrote the book of Revelation, was condemned to live on an island alone. Branton also as a Prophet was run down by a car and left to die on a road.

Branton was on the cutting edge of conspiracy research, he had an amazing testimony of deliverance through the power of Jesus Christ, and he had an outstanding testimony about the reality we live in and what is really happening behind the scenes. Thank you Branton for all the great work you have done in the past, thank you for writing some of the best books ever written and making them available for free on the internet. Thank you Branton for the sacrifice you made in getting so much powerful and needed information to the public and thank you for being a true Christian who remained faithful to his calling.

To read more about Branton please read my, Who is Branton? article.


2 thoughts on “Attempted assassination of Branton (a.k.a: Bruce Alan deWalton) confirmed

  1. wow, jus stumbled onto this, incident about branton,is he or has anyone interviewed him??? someone should< at least get his story about things before he is gone! "Will the real Branton please stand up!!!!"

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