The Jesuit and Vatican fossil fuel empire

The Jesuit Order and Vatican rule the Middle East and Islamic nations through the Knights of the Golden Fleece. The royal family of Saudi Arabia are Vatican Knights, and are members of the Knights of the Golden Fleece. The Saudi Royal’s serve the Jesuit Order and merely oversee the wealth in the Middle East for the Jesuit Order, because Vatican Knight’s serve the Jesuit Order and Pope first.

Saudi King receiving membership in the Knights of the Golden Fleece

Saudi King receiving membership in the Knights of the Golden Fleece

In the above photograph the Saudi King is having his Knight of the Golden Fleece membership confirmed by the King of Spain. The King of Spain is the ruler of the Knights of the Golden Fleece, and rules the Middle East for the Jesuits. The Saudi King is submitted to the Vatican nobility of the King of Spain. The King of Spain holds various high level Vatican Knighthood titles and is very high up in the Jesuit inner circles.

The King of Spain meets with the ruler of the world and Jesuit General (Hans Kolvenbach)

Wikipedia confirms Saudi King is a Vatican Knight

Wikipedia confirms Saudi King is a Vatican Knight

Islam is a creation of the Vatican and former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, explained that in the underground libraries beneath the Vatican, there are books which explain how the Vatican created Islam, to wipe out Protestant Christians and control the Arabs. Most Arabs now live under shariah law which was invented by the Vatican, so the Vatican’s appointed Arab rulers can cut off the heads and imprison any political dissidents without a trial. Shariah law is simply a communist/Vatican canon law legal system, which annihilates any political resistance. The Jesuit’s simply choose an Arab bloodline, give them access to high tech weapons and European/Western political support, make them Vatican Knights, and then appoint them as overseers of a geographical location in the Middle East. These Arab Vatican Knights then control a section of land in the Middle East for the Jesuit’s, as the shariah law (Vatican created laws placed in the Vatican created Koran) geopolitical system is implemented in that land. Once the geopolitical shariah law is implemented in the land, the rulers become absolute dictators, and can kill or imprison anyone who resists them. All the wealth of these Middle Eastern nations (including the oil) then becomes owned by the Jesuit’s.

The Jesuit’s control most of (or possible all) the oil being exported from the Middle East to various countries around the world. The companies who refine the oil into fuel, are also controlled by the Jesuit’s through: Scottish Rite Freemasonry (the Jesuit’s wrote the Scottish Rite degrees), the Knights of Malta (a Vatican Knighthood) and various other secret Jesuit societies. The Jesuit’s are making trillions of dollars from the fossil fuel industry, and do not want this monopoly challenged at all. The Jesuit’s are master monopolists and create monopolies in a variety of lucrative industries. The Jesuit’s control the worldwide drug trade using: the Mafia (according to former Mafia boss, Tony Gambino, the Jesuits control the Mafia) and other secret societies. The Jesuit’s also control the reserve banks of all the world, and if you research the Jewish bankers often accused of ruling the New World Order (NWO), these Jewish bankers are merely guardians of the Vatican treasury. One well known Jewish family often accused of ruling the NWO, are listed in the historical encyclopedia as being the official guardians of the Vatican treasury. This is not a conspiracy theory, but an actual historical fact. The wealthy and prominent Jews are merely accountants for the Jesuit’s and Vatican (historically known as Papal court Jews). These Papal court Jews were the Popes book balancing servants. The Jesuit’s also use the Mafia, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and Papal Knighthoods to control the food supply in most nations of the world. Food wholesale markets which steer farmers food into the economy are controlled by the Mafia and Jesuit’s. In Australia, it’s quiet a common event for people to turn up dead at these wholesale markets which control the food supply of the nation. It is well known and documented that these food markets are controlled by the Mafia and Jesuit’s. The Jesuit’s have a ruthless and violent monopoly over every major industry in the world economy. It is the Jesuit’s who control the wealth of the world. The Jesuit’s are not allowed to marry or have a family, and their only focus and goals in life, are controlling the various secret societies which govern the world and it’s various economies. The Jesuit’s also have access to the best education, and are often recruited based on being the brightest academics. The Jesuit’s have the intelligence and education to manage the: Mafia, world Freemasonry, Vatican Knighthoods, secret societies, and governments and economies of the world, like they are all corporations at their disposal.

The economic industries the Jesuit’s control include the fossil fuel industry which provides fuel for the nations of the world. Whenever a person comes up with an alternative to fossil fuels, the person is either: assassinated by the Jesuit’s, they are persecuted or put in a mental institution, or they are merely suppressed and forced into hiding. As early as the 1970’s; lab technicians, scientists, inventors and engineers have created engines which are powered by water. This is not a new design and has been done a number of times, however these inventors are suppressed and in some cases murdered. The Jesuit’s use Mafia stand over tactics and assassinations to govern all their economic monopolies.

Some years ago, the mainstream news in the United States, reported on an inventor named Stanley Meyer who had constructed a car which ran on water. Meyer used the well known technique of electrolysis (using electricity to create hydrogen from water), to fuel his vehicle. This water powered car was investigated by a variety of people and news outlets, and was confirmed to be exactly what it claimed to be. Meyer had a multimillion dollar deal organized with some businessmen to begin mass producing these vehicles, but before this business deal manifested, Meyer was poisoned to death at a restaurant (Most likely poisoned by the Jesuit’s. The Jesuit’s favorite method of killing people is through poison). It is my personal opinion that the Jesuit’s murdered Meyer to protect their lucrative fossil fuels industry.

Below is a video of Stanley Meyer demonstrating his water powered vehicle on mainstream news in the US.

Below is another video which involves FOX news covering the story of another inventor named, Denny Klein, who also built a car engine that ran purely on water. Water powered engines are nothing new, a large number of people have built them, however they are fiercely suppressed and many times killed.

I would advise you to save the above videos to your computer as there is an information war regarding these matters.


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