Jesuit Pope Francis bringing back the excessive Roman Empire taxes through the global warming fraud

The overlord of the worldwide Satanic secret societies, Jesuit Pope Francis, is now using the global warming fraud to implement a global tax over vaticanpic2the nations of the world.  Pope Francis is now taking the lead in convincing the world to act on the climate change/global warming hoax, and is calling more action to be taken, which will include a global tax.This global tax will bring millions of people into poverty and disable people from making a living, as the tax will cripple the common man business owner with excessive taxes. The tax will cause many businesses to either shut down or decrease in size (including decreasing employee’s), and will result in fewer jobs being available in the market. However it will create a massive wealth transfer, that will bring more wealth into the Vatican’s control. The current Jesuit Pope Francis, is also calling Catholics around the world to demand further action on climate change.

This global warming tax will also increase the financial power of the invisible Roman Empire, that controls all secret societies worldwide. The Vatican and Jesuit’s have given their Knights of Malta permanent observer status on the UN council, who will be responsible for implementing a worldwide global warming tax on the nations of the world. These taxes will be hoarded and utilized by the Knights of Malta (controlled by the Vatican and Jesuit’s), and other secret societies controlled by the Jesuit’s who control the UN.

Rome has not changed and continues to use the same tactics to steal the wealth of the world. Centuries ago their Priests told the people that if they didn’t give them money, they and their relatives would burn in hell forever, this is known as the Roman Catholic indulgence doctrine. The indulgence doctrine of the Vatican involves extorting money from people based on philosophical lies. The Vatican also told the people that they had to give the church money so their relatives could get out of purgatory (Purgatory is another non-biblical and indulgence doctrine, invented by the Vatican to extort money from people). Rome using their network of secret societies placed in: universities, academia and the media, is now preaching the global warming lie, and demanding money (or indulgences) off the population based on the global warming lie. They are literally telling the population if they don’t give money to the UN (controlled by the Vatican’s Knights of Malta), then they will get burnt alive and devastated by global warming. As educated and cultured as the world population think they are, they are still as dumb and naive as they were centuries ago, when they were tricked into giving the Vatican money to stay out of hell and purgatory. It’s the same con with a slight twist.

Global warming has been proven a lie by multiple scientists. Corrupt scientists were even caught red handed through email exchanges, talking about manufacturing false data, to prove the lie of global warming (known as the Climategate email scandal). These corrupt scientists are funded by corrupt groups who will benefit from the global warming tax, and they sell themselves like prostitutes to the highest bidders. The love of money truly is the root of all evil, and these corrupt scientists have no problem lying when it benefits their wallets. There are however many genuine and honest scientists, who are exposing that global warming is a manufactured myth, that is being peddled to implement a global tax to steal the wealth of the world.

The Jesuit Pope, Jesuit Order, Vatican and their subordinated secret societies, are marching forward to take back what the Protestant reformation took from them. They want the entire wealth of the world, and they particularly want to plunder the wealth from traditionally Protestant nations. The climate change tax will also stop people in poorer nations from making something of themselves, as the tax will prevent the common man from starting up his own business. This world tax will also be another step toward a one world government controlled by the Jesuit Order and their Pope.

Well known preacher, Grant Jeffrey, also wrote a book called, ‘The Global Warming Deception,’ which documents much of the global warming myth, lies and propaganda. He can be seen in the below video discussing the myth of global warming.


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