The James Casbolt (Michael Prince) controversy and TV interview

I recently watched an interesting interview of alleged: MK-ULTRA, Jesuit and Illuminati assassin, James Casbolt, by well known TV host, Richard Hall. Before Richard interviewed Casbolt, he said that there are four possible scenarios for Casbolt’s testimony.

1. Everything Casbolt says is true
2. Casbolt is mind controlled and all information is false
3. Casbolt is mind controlled. Some information is true.
4. All the claims are fabricated.

I personally believe that possibility number three is most likely. I believe Casbolt is mind controlled, as he himself stated that he cannot remember 15 years of his own life, and personally admits being involved in mind control programs since he was a child.

According to Casbolt, he married into a billionaire Illuminati family, because they thought his super soldier skills and abilities would be useful.

James Casbolt, Hailey Meijer, the Duke and  of Marlborough and Mrs Meijer

James Casbolt, Hailey Meijer, the Duke of Marlborough and Mrs Meijer

However Casbolt was unable to adapt into the wealthy Illuminati circles, and eventually left his wife and tried to extort money from her. This resulted in Casbolt losing much of his Illuminati and NWO immunity, and his ex-wife’s family put him in jail. Some of Casbolt’s claims have been proven to be true as he did marry into the Meijer family (one of the wealthiest billionaire families in the world), and he was also in the US military. So it’s clear that some of his claims are true.

I have heard other things Casbolt has said, and in my opinion, some of this stuff was disinformation that I did not agree with. Unlike other ex-Illuminati members who came out and gave their testimony, Casbolt has not been assassinated. I think the reason he has not been assassinated, is because he is still under some form of mind control, and they are using him to spread some disinformation. I also believe Casbolt is used for other exploits the Jesuit NWO wishes to commit.

When watching a Casbolt interview, you need to aware, that this person is under highly sophisticated mind control and has mulitiple personalities. However underneath this mind control, he is a person trying to get the truth out. Casbolt’s interviews contain a mixture of truth and disinformation. There seems to be an inner battle within Casbolt, as part of his true self has been exposing aspects of the Jesuit/Illuminati, and other controlled parts of his mind are still working for the Jesuit/Illuminati NWO.

People claiming that Casbolt is just some random guy trying to get attention and get on TV, should seriously investigate his background and former marriage. He was married into a family who are listed in the top 200 richest billionaires in the world, and his claims of being in the military have also been verified. This is not some random guy walking in off the street trying to get on TV. This is a person who was married into an elite family and who rubbed shoulders with Royals.

Quiet a lot information that Casbolt has shared has been accurate according to my research, and other information has not been accurate in my view. As a researcher, the best way to sift through Casbolt’s information, is to research the information yourself, and prove what is correct and what is disinformation.

According to my research, Casbolt is a mind controlled servant of the: Jesuit’s, Opus Dei and Illuminati, and was placed into a Nazi mind control program developed by Joseph Mengele (former Nazi doctor, who became a Jesuit & Illuminati mind controller). Another thing to be aware of, is that Casbolt has been brainwashed to believe that demons are aliens from another planet. So when Casbolt interacts with demons (a regular incident for secret society members), he believes these entities are aliens from another planet. Those in the Illuminati and associated secret societies are taught from their secret books that demons are aliens from another planet to be revered. Ex-Illuminati member, John Todd, also stated that he was given an Illuminati book, that told him his ancestors arrived on earth as aliens in flying saucers. People involved in these secret society witchcraft cults, believe they are connected to and even related to aliens from another planet. This is a key part of the mind control in these groups. I do believe Casbolt interacted with a variety of strange beings and entities, but these entities were either: inter-dimensional fallen angels (demons), hybrids (part human/part demon), test tube created beings and organic robot beings.

Richard Hall is a very good interviewer and gives a very fair interview. Below is an interview of James Casbolt by Richard Hall (You need to fast forward the video to about 9 minutes for the interview).


2 thoughts on “The James Casbolt (Michael Prince) controversy and TV interview

  1. I thought Casbolt was a fraud until I stumbled upon the testimonies of Anya Briggs who claims to have recovered memories involving him, …alot, infact. Check out her youtube interviews with Miles Johnston .. I have watched all 6 of her interviews with Miles J..and for me she is the most convincing MkU slave I’ve listened to so far.

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