The Jesuit and Vatican council of Trent


The Council of Trent

The Vatican’s council of Trent from 1545 to 1563 was dominated and led by the Jesuit General, and the council condemned the doctrines of the Protestant and Bible believers, who believed in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. The council of Trent also condemned freedom of the individual.

The council of Trent proclaimed 125 curses over those who believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone. No Pope or Vatican official has ever withdrawn the 125 curses, and they continue to be the basis of the Vatican’s covert doctrines today. While the Pope and Vatican proclaim peace and love in the open, they are covertly cursing Bible believers and attacking the population in a variety of ways. The Jesuit’s and Jesuit Pope are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The council of Trent was a response to the reformation. The reformation was when the common people obtained access to the scriptures, which were written in the common language for them to understand. When the common people read the scriptures for themselves they realized that they didn’t need the Pope or Priests to forgive their sins, because Jesus Christ had died for them and rose from the dead. The common people realized by reading John 3:16 (“For God so loved the world he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him would not perish but has eternal life.”), that if they simply believed in Jesus Christ they could be saved. Having this knowledge was a threat to the Papacy, as it would rob them of their spiritual and economic power over the people.

William Tyndale, who helped translate the scriptures into common language, and was a leader in the reformation made the below quote.

“I defy the Pope and all his laws. If God spare my life, ere many years I will cause a boy that driveth the plough to know more of the Scripture, than he doust.” (William Wyndale)

The Vatican believes that only it’s priests can forgive sins by prescribing works to the sinner, and it’s those works completed by the sinner that excuses their sins (this is known as the doctrine of penance). Anyone who believes in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is cursed by the Vatican. According to the Vatican, only Rome and it’s priests can bring people into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The council of Trent also condemned: freedom of conscience, freedom of the press and freedom of speech. You can understand why Adam Weishaupt (the founder of the Illuminati) was a Jesuit and professor of Canon law. The Illuminati is one of many of the Vatican’s secret societies, which is being used to implement the policies of the council of Trent in nations such as the United States. The US constitution and bill of rights were written by Protestant and Baptist ministers, as these are Protestant documents. The US was initially a sanctuary, where protestants fled to escape the persecution in Europe, which was putting to death Bible believers by the millions. Protestants and Bible believers were being: tortured, poisoned, burnt and hanged by the Vatican in Europe, and the US was considered a safe zone for King James Bible and Geneva Bible believers (Both of these Bibles were based on the unmolested Textus Receptus manuscript) . At this time, the only Bible allowed was the Latin Vulgate (Based on the tainted and occult Alexandrian manuscripts) and only the Priests of Rome were allowed to read it. All the new Bible versions today are based on the Vatican’s Latin Vulgate, as opposed to the textus receptus manuscript which the King James Bible and Geneva Bible are based on. The modern Bible versions are backed by Rome and the Jesuit’s, and will be used to create a compromised Christianity, that will fit into the coming one world religion under the Pope.

The Council of Trent condemns: Protestants, liberals, those non-submissive to the Vatican, and those who believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ with anathema’s. An Anathema refers to a person who is considered eternally condemned or cursed.The Council concluded with the cry, “Accursed be all heretics! Accursed!! Accursed!! These pronouncements of curses and anathema’s are witchcraft, and it’s this Jesuit Council of Trent witchcraft, that forms the basis of the spiritual warfare waged by the secret societies, subordinated to the Jesuit Order and Vatican. All these secret societies work together to destroy freedom of the individual, in order to submit people to tyrannical governments working for the Jesuit General. Sunni Islam is considered submitted to the Vatican as the Saudi Royals are Knights of the Golden Fleece (a Vatican Knighthood).

The Vatican is a continuation of the Roman Empire and Bible believers can clearly note from the book of Daniel (chapter 2), that Nebuchadnezzar’s prophetic dream clearly indicated that Rome would be ruling the world (Rome is represented by the legs of iron, and iron mixed in with clay in the feet of the statue. See Daniel 2 for more information), until the second coming of Jesus Christ. Rome is the New World Order and Rome is the final world government before the second coming of Jesus Christ. I personally believe that the final antichrist beast man will be a future Pope (most likely a Jesuit), who will rule a one world government and one world religion. This Pope will also demand people put an implantable microchip in their forehead or hand, fulfilling the council of Trent and destroying freedom of conscience, by controlling the individual through this implantable microchip. In the Bible this is called, ‘the mark of the beast.’ (Further information about the mark of the beast can be read in Revelation 13 in the King James Bible).

3 thoughts on “The Jesuit and Vatican council of Trent

  1. I appreciate articles like this one. Most Protestant today may have not heard of the Council of Trent, and if not, they certainly don’t know about the Counter Reformation and the Jesuit misinterpretation of Daniel 9:27 that is now taught in Protestant seminaries. And of course they don’t know who the Antichrist is. And sad to say, many dedicated Bible scholars are wasting their time discussing Scriptures and prophecies they think are yet to fulfilled but are actually false interpretations that have been planted in their minds by the Jesuits! It makes me sad. Only a study of history from the right sources can fix them, but many are unwilling to pay that price.

    • Thanks for your thoughts and response James. I watched the documentary, ‘lamp in the dark’ a while back, and in the documentary one researcher said, “You cannot understand history if you do not understand the Jesuits.” And yes, those who believe in Jesus for salvation should realize people died and were burnt on the stake to get this truth to us (During the dark ages when Rome ruled, people only thought the Priests could forgive your sins. Salvation through faith in Jesus was unknown). People like William Tyndale were burnt at the stake for getting the scriptures to us. The reformation led by William Tyndale gave us the scriptures, and now the Vatican is working covertly by changing the words in the Bible and secretly taking over protestant churches to unite them with Rome. Rome is also killing its enemies and those it considers heretics with poisons and mind control, it goes on more than people think. The Jesuit’s engineer wars through governments to kill protestants and those not submitted to the Vatican, the Jesuit’s also kill a lot of people in secret through poisonings. Thanks again for your thoughts and response and I also appreciate the work your doing on your website.

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