Mykayla Comstock: the marijuana miracle child

As the Jesuit medical wars heat up in the United States, some states have been forced to pass medical marijuana laws, as patients discover the benefits of marijuana. However the Jesuit propaganda machine through it’s universities and governments, continue to fight the truth about marijuana curing cancer.

With a few states having passed laws for some patients to use medical marijuana, most of the cannabis oil producers are backyard/garage cannabis growers, who produce quantities of the drug after discovering its benefits and it’s effect of curing cancer. However most of this information is suppressed and covered up by the medical community. Not many people know that cannabis has the ability to cure cancer and a host of other diseases. If the fact that cannabis cures cancer was made mainstream, many of the pharmaceutical companies would lose billions of dollars in revenue. This is why the benefits of cannabis are suppressed.

Below is a news story which covers the story of Mykayla Comstock, a seven year old girl diagnosed with cancer. After the medical communities procedures were unable to cure Mykayla’s cancer, her parents tried cannabis oil. After just six days of using cannabis oil, Mykayla’s cancer went into remission. God has provided a way for his people to be healed. He is a good God! No wonder cannabis is so demonized in the media, the pharmaceutical companies and medical industry would lose billions if this truth got out!


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