Jesuit and Vatican suppression of the cure for cancer and cannabis

Christians who have been praying for a cure for cancer do not need to pray anymore, the prayer was answered many years ago by God. As cannabispic5shocking as it may seem, most governments knew there was a cure for cancer since the 1970’s. As shocking as it may seem, the cure for cancer can be grown in your own backyard and produced for free. It has been well known for many years that cannabis oil containing THC does in fact cure cancer and many other diseases. The Jesuit’s, Vatican and their subordinated secret societies who control the wealth of the world, which includes ownership of the pharmaceutical companies, do not want the cure for cancer to be made public for two reasons. The first reason is that if the cure for cancer was made known, the medical industry which generates 350 billion dollars per year would no longer exist (the cure for cancer also cures most other diseases). The second reason is that the Jesuit’s and Vatican use the medical industry to kill off as many people as they can, as they want a lower world population. The Jesuit’s and Vatican also use the medical industry as a modern day inquisition, where they can use it to kill as many people as they can in protestant nations. Nations such as the USA (traditionally protestant) have the most accelerated and supercharged medical industry, and it also has the toughest laws against the cure for cancer.

“For over a century, big business and pharmaceutical companies worldwide have withheld the cure for cancer and countless other medical conditions, all in the interest of profit.” (Run from the cure. Documentary)

The annual cost of treating cancer ranges from 5,000 dollars per year to over 100,000 dollars per year, depending on the type of cancer you have. In the United States, cancer strikes 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women. That is big business for the medical industry.

If you are reading this article, do not be deceived by the mind control and brainwashing you have received since school. Evaluate the facts and information I am presenting, and research this for yourself and make up your own mind, especially if you or someone you know has cancer.

Some years ago in Canada, Rick Simpson was diagnosed with cancer, and the conventional treatment was not working. Confronted with death and a lifetime of pain, Rick remembered many years ago he had heard on the radio that lab tests on mice, indicated that cannabis oil cured the cancer in mice. After recalling this, Rick set out on a personal journey to try this for himself as he had nothing to lose. Rick managed to get a hold of ricksimpsonpic2cannabis oil and placed it on his skin cancer and was healed within a matter of days. He was completely cured from cancer after using cannabis oil to combat it. After using cannabis oil to heal his cancer, Rick Simpson grew his own marijuana and created his own oil, and he gave out the oil for free. Unlike the pharmaceutical companies and medical system, Rick Simpson had a genuine desire to see people healed and he did if for free. Rick had no interest in profiting off it, as he wanted to see as many people as possible cured. Rick helped a number of people get cured from all types of cancer, and many testified as to how they prayed to God, and God sent Rick there way to help them. God often answers prayer in mysterious ways, and often the miracle can come in an unorthodox fashion. Rick Simpson is in many respects a prophet, who has been sent to preach the truth and point people to God’s healing power that was sent in the form of a plant. The word of God says, “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) The reason God’s people and people in general are perishing from cancer and all kinds of diseases, is because they have a lack of knowledge about God’s healing power, and because they are under Jesuit and Luciferian mind control. This occult mind control is psychological and spiritual warfare being waged against the populace through the: medical (dispensers of poison and suppressors of health), education (medical schools, colleges & schools), government (legislation forbidding cannabis), law enforcement (police putting cannabis users in jail) and religious systems (preaching against cannabis and to blindly obey government and police).rick-simpsonpic1

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main ingredient within cannabis oil which actually cures cancer. According to bio-chemist, Dennis Hill, “Very simply, when THC connects to the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptor site on the cancer cell, it causes an increase in ceramide synthesis which drives cell death. A normal healthy cell does not produce ceramide in the presence of THC, thus is not affected by the cannabinoid.” (Bio-chemist, Dennis Hill)

The current medical industry is a Jesuit and Vatican medical inquisition of: cutting (surgery), burning (chemotherapy & radiation) and poisoning (medicating) the population. One in five recipients of chemotherapy die as it burns not only the cancer, but the persons internal organs. Vatican Knighthoods and other secret societies subordinated to the Jesuit’s, control and own the pharmaceutical companies through corporate and individual ownership. It has also been reported that the Vatican has shares in pharmaceuticals… (Yallop, p. 146; 191; Pontiff, p. 202.)

The Vatican and Jesuit controlled education system, is also used as a tool to suppress and deny the fact that cannabis cures cancer. Jesuit Medical schools include: Creighton University school of medicine. The Jesuits operate 28 colleges and universities in the U.S, 4 of which have medical schools. The four Jesuit universities with medical schools are: Georgetown, Loyola, Creighton, and St. Louis. NYMC is affiliated with the Catholic Diocese of New York. The Jesuit’s also control a majority of the leading Universities and Colleges around the world through Scottish Rite Freemasonry and other secret societies (The Jesuit authored the high degrees of the Scottish Rite). Skull and Bones is another Vatican secret society (The members of this death cult, must kiss the slipper of the Pope) that dominates the prestigious universities of the USA. Many of these cults and societies with links to Bohemian grove, are working toward population control, therefore they hide the cure for cancer and promote the medical industry which: kills, poisons and burns it’s patients.

These pharmaceutical companies are simply an extension of the Jesuit and Vatican world drug empire (illegal and legal drug empire). Allowing the Vatican and Jesuit’s to spread in your nation invites all the curses of the council of Trent into your country. We must remember that the Vatican held the council of Trent in 1545, where they cursed Bible believers and liberals (who believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and those who don’t submit to the Jesuit’s and Pope) with over 100 curses (No Pope has ever withdrawn these curses). Tolerating the Vatican and Jesuit’s in your nation, brings you under these curses and witchcraft. The domination of these pharmaceutical companies and the suppression of cannabis is a manifestation of these curses, as the supression of cannabis prevents God’s natural cure for cancer and other diseases. Cancer sufferers are denied a cure for cancer and are forced to be: cut (operated on), burnt (radiation and chemotherapy) and poisoned (fed toxic drugs). Very often the cancer comes back and the medical inquisitors cut out part or whole organs from the sufferers. Cancer sufferers could be completely healed of their cancer in a matter of months (or less), if they were able to obtain cannabis oil. Rick Simpson who suffered from skin cancer was healed in a matter of days, by simply placing cannabis oil on his skin cancer. Cannabis oil also cures most other diseases including: diabetes, obesity, infections and a host of other diseases too numerous to name. Cannabis oil is clearly God’s answer for every disease and sickness confronting not only Christians, but humanity as a whole.

Medical doctors in Spain have tested cannabis oil in laboratories recently, and have concluded that cannabis oil does indeed cure cancer. However this research is suppressed and kept quiet by mainstream media and academia.


“The US Government has even more reason to keep it illegal today. If Cannabis were to become legalized, it would eat away at TRILLIONS of pharmaceutical profits over the years. (Not including other profits like the billions they get for keeping our privately owned prisons full) What most people don’t realize is, the Government(s) have been helping the major pharmaceutical companies stonewall natural cures for decades. (Cannabis is merely one of many they have tried to bury and discredit) In fact, the US Government has known since 1974 that Cannabis cures Cancer. In ’72 Richard Nixon wanted a larger budget for his war on drugs. He thought that if he proved Cannabis caused lung cancer like cigarettes do, he would get the support he needed. He gave the Medical College of Virginia 2 years to do a study on the effects of THC on the body. In ’74 the study was completed. It turns out, THC when ingested in highly concentrated forms (such as eating Cannabis oil) will attack any mutated cells in your body while strengthening and rejuvenating the healthy cells. They found the PERFECT cure for Cancer. It worked fast, it worked well, it worked on many different forms of Cancer in ALL stages and it had ZERO harmful side effects. (Unlike Chemo which deteriorates your entire body and kills 1 in 5 patients. Not only that, but other research shows it dissolves ALL forms of tumors and can even combat super-bugs like MRSA.) When Richard Nixon saw the results of the study he was FURIOUS. He threw the entire report in the trash and deemed the study classified. In 1976 President Gerald Ford put an end to all public cannabis research and granted exclusive research rights to major pharmaceutical companies..” (Cannabis Cures Cancer and the Government Knows It, The Mind Unleashed).

There are literally scores of testimonies from cancer patients who were completely cured by using cannabis oil. Cancer patient, James LeBlanc, isJamesLeBlanc one of many people who used cannabis oil to heal his cancer. James was dying from cancer and was given not long to live by the satanic medical industry, however James prayed to God and eventually met Rick Simpson (who cured his own cancer with cannabis oil), and Rick gave James cannabis oil for free and explained how it healed cancer. James used this cannabis oil and was healed from cancer in a matter of months and continues to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Below is a picture of a sweet girl named Mykala. Mykala was diagnosed with cancer at age seven, and the Jesuit inquisitors in the medical industry wanted to burn her with chemotherapy and do a bone marrow transplant. Her parents decided against it, and instead of exposing her to unnecessary medical torture, they tried cannabis oil. Six days after Mykala started using cannabis she was healed.

“In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” (Revelation 22:2)

I would highly recommend watching the documentary, ‘Run from the cure,’ which highlights how Rick Simpson healed his own cancer and how he helped multitudes of people heal their cancer for free (he never charged anyone for his cannabis oil). Watch the, ‘Run from the cure,’ video documentary below. Rick also shows you how to make your own cannabis oil in the video and you can also visit the bravemykala website where they have written instructions on how to make the oil. God bless you and may the Lord guide you to some cannabis, and help you to make your own oil so you can heal yourself and loved ones!


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