The Jesuit war on fresh milk and organic food

Many of my close associates have been in the fruit and vegetable industry for years, and some of them have been respected farmers. Unfortunately for many of these farmers they have had to deal with the Italian mafia, as the mafia controls the food supply in Australia and many other countries for the Jesuit’s. These mafia leaders are submitted to the Jesuit Order and Vatican as testified by former mafia boss, Tony Gambino. If you are not a member or associate of the mafia in Australia, it’s extremely difficult to make a living as a: farmer or fruit and vegetable wholesaler. The mafia in Australia work with the big corporate farm businesses, and make sure that smaller farmers are cut out of the market. This ensures the Vatican and Jesuit’s have a monopoly on the food industry.

A friend of mine who used to be a farmer had to sell his farm due to being pushed out of the market. The mafia control the big food wholesale markets, that supply food to all the supermarket chains and grocery stores, and they only allow mafia and Jesuit controlled businesses access into the market. Most of the illegal drugs that come into the country are also brought into these wholesale markets, and are distributed through the gangs which work with the mafia to control the food wholesale markets. So you basically have the mafia being supercharged through massive drug dealing at these markets, and they use this drug money to hire more foot soldiers to enforce their control of the food supply at wholesale markets. A friend of mine who worked at a wholesale food market, told me that it was a regular occurrence for someone to be murdered at the market, as the wholesale food markets in Australia had become mafia turf.

The Jesuit’s are using the mafia to corner the food supply market in Australia and other countries. By using the mafia to corner the food supply market, the Jesuit’s can also make sure that citizens only have access to sterile food (genetically altered foods containing all kinds of pesticides and drugs which kill any nutritional value), void of all: vitamins, nutrients and minerals. If you get cavities in your teeth, you are under Jesuit attack, because if you drank raw milk (which is extremely difficult to access now), you would not get cavities in your teeth, because raw milk cures the vitamin deficiency that causes cavities.

In the book, ‘Cure tooth decay,’ by Ramiel Nagel, it clearly illustrates how tooth decay is caused by a lack of fat soluble vitamins A and D. These vitamins are contained in natural organic raw milk, that has not been pasteurized or homogenized. You can also correct your vitamin deficiency by eating things like, cod (type of fish) liver and butter oil. A healthy diet of: organic food (becoming very difficult to obtain), raw milk, butter oil and other organic food would stop you from getting cavities ever again. In the book, “Cure tooth decay,’ Nagel investigates the research of, Dr Weston Price, who wanted to find out why natives and certain populations seemed to be immune from tooth decay, but others seemed to be constantly fighting a battle with decay. Price had discovered that natives who drank lots of raw organic milk, organic meat (grass fed livestock), liver and fresh organic food, seemed to be immune from tooth decay. Nagel also discusses how the dental industry is built upon lies, so that people will continue to never understand what actually causes tooth cavities. The dental research of, Dr Weston Price, is suppressed so that people will never know that a change of diet to organic food and raw milk, can prevent them from getting tooth decay. The milk currently available to most consumers is dead liquid with no nutritional value. In Australia, raw milk is currently illegal with raw milk producers now being arrested by the police. The Jesuit’s and Vatican, are now using the mafia and police to enforce their monopoly and control of the food supply, and to make sure that the population only has access to sterile food that makes them: weak, docile and sick (they are easier to control and kill off in this state).

“As soon as the milk is heated, the proteins, enzymes, vitamins and minerals all become denatured which means that you body can no longer utilize the contents of the milk.” (Cure tooth decay, Ramiel Nagel)

“Dr Weston A. Price found that the diet of primitive people contained Vitamin D amounts ten times higher than the standard American diet.” (Cure tooth decay, Ramiel Nagel)

Many other diseases and sicknesses can be healed by simply adopting an organic food diet. But the Jesuit’s and Vatican do not want this, they want the population going back to the doctors and dentists who give them medication that causes other illnesses, and so dentists can stick mercury in their teeth (mercury is one of the most poisonous substances in the world). The new white cavity fillings are also filled with various metals and are toxic to the body. By feeding a population with poisonous and lifeless food, and by constantly sending them to the Jesuit dental and medical inquisitors, the Jesuit’s and Vatican can keep the population under control.

The book, ‘Cure tooth decay,’ also documents a number of incidents where people started drinking raw milk and adopted a healthy organic diet, and many of these people’s teeth actually remineralized. Teeth re-mineralization has actually occurred before and has been documented. Why would God create human beings whose teeth rot and the only cure was to destroy part or all of that tooth, and then fill it with metal? Those who believe in God, would believe that God is not stupid and would create a natural remedy for tooth decay, just like the body heals itself after a cut or bruise. The Jesuit war on health continues in the dental realm, and any toothpaste that contains fluoride or glycerine will prevent your tooth from re-mineralizing or healing themselves. People need to find natural toothpaste that doesn’t contain glycerine or fluoride, and adopt an organic diet with lots of raw milk to escape the Jesuit war on their teeth and dental hygiene. By adopting these solutions, people can live a healthier, vibrant and more fulfilling life. However it is becoming so difficult to obtain organic food, that people may have to start buying their own cows and goats in order to drink fresh milk. They may also have to grow their own vegetables as well. Organic farmers and store owners are being persecuted worse than drug dealers in many countries now. The Jesuit’s, Vatican and their subordinated secret societies, do not want you consuming healthy food.

Fresh food and raw milk supplier, James Stewart, was just one of many victims, who was raided and arrested by police and forced to shut down his fresh food operation. What was his crime? He wanted to produce and sell: organic and fresh food to the public. The Jesuit’s and New World Order, are also releasing false stories about raw milk so that people will demand it gets banned. In Australia, raw milk was blamed for the death of a child, even though there was a month gap between the child’s death and consummation of the milk. The attack against raw milk and fresh food is a combination of: false information, gang tactics and arrest/imprisonment.

In the below video, radio host; Alex Jones, interviews James Stewart (raw milk and organic food seller) about how the government raided his business and arrested him for selling fresh food. It is absolutely shocking how this ethical businessman is treated, he is treated worse than a heroin dealer.


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