Who is James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince) and is he credible?

James Casbolt1

James Casbolt posing with other US military recruits

James Casbolt who is also known as Michael Prince, has been an intriguing voice in the alternative media for a number of years. Casbolt has made regular appearances at the, ‘super soldier summit,’ where current and former mind controlled soldier assassins who work for various government agencies and private groups, share their testimonies about how they are programmed, to assassinate people and perform other exploits for their superiors. These soldiers are known as, ‘super soldiers,’ and they are often under sophisticated mind control which can include: implantable microchips, drugs, subliminal programming, MPD (multiple personality disorder, which is intentionally created in the subject to build a number of personalities into one person). The super soldiers also undergo extreme military and combat training, and according to James Casbolt he was forced to fight to the death as a child with other children in the super soldier program. After being groomed by secret organizations to become professional killers from childhood, the super soldiers are then absorbed into various international intelligence and military groups, where they begin work as: professional spies, assassins and militant operatives. These are just some of the claims of James Casbolt and other super soldiers.

Many of the claims of James Casbolt are some of the most stunning and controversial I have ever heard.

Casbolt has claimed:

He was involved in dealing drugs with MI6 (British military intelligence)

He worked for MI6 with his father who was both an MI6 agent and a drug dealer.

He was raised by a Nazi faction within the New World Order, who trained him as a professional assassin since he was a child.

He assassinated a former senior MI6 official who stole a nuclear weapon.Casbolt1

He has interacted with interdimensional alien beings who appeared on an island near Malaysia during a scientific military operation. According to Casbolt these inter-dimensional beings looked similar to Egyptian god’s drawn on Egyptian artifacts. I personally believe these were inter-dimensional fallen angels.

As a child he received subliminal messages through television screens, where various royal family members and politicians, instructed him about various principles and goals of the New World Order.

He claims as a child, he was involved in hardcore fight to the death matches with other children, which were organized by a secret Nazi faction within the New World Order. According to Casbolt, this was a part of his grooming to become a professional assassin.

He claims a friend of his in the British military secretly videotaped reptilian creatures (part human and part reptile), during a anti-gravity craft, crash retrieval operation. This video has appeared on youtube and was also posted on Branton’s (Bruce Alan deWalton) personal website.

He claims he worked as an assassin for MI6.

He claims he worked as an NSA operative in the United States.

He claims that MI6 and the CIA have cornered the global illegal drug trade which is worth 500 billion pounds a year, which is more than the global oil trade. There is much evidence to support these claims, as Eric Jon Phelps (author of Vatican Assassins) and former Mafia boss, Tony Gambino, appeared on the radio in the past, where they discussed how the CIA and Mafia work together to profit from dealing drugs. Casbolt and Phelp’s both agree that the Jesuit Order and Vatican control the super soldiers who make up the CIA and MI6. Therefore it’s ultimately the Jesuit’s and Vatican who control the global drug trade, using their super soldiers in the CIA and NSA. The Jesuit’s and Vatican also control the Mafia who assist the intelligence agencies (This was confirmed by former Mafia boss, Tony Gambino).

He claims he was a solider in the US military (this was a recent event that happened after he allegedly left MI6 and migrated to the USA from England).

He claims that during his employment with the NSA there was an attempted assassination against him, where a bullet ricocheted off his skull. The attempted assassination also shattered the window of his NSA appointed vehicle.

He claims that he suffers from MPD (multiple personality disorder) and that his handlers use various personalities within him, to carry out assassinations that he eventually forgets about and cannot recall, because it was performed by one of his many alternative personalities.

He claims that all professional super soldier assassins work for the Jesuit’s and Vatican. Casbolt has also claimed that he receives secret instructions from Opus Dei (a Vatican secret society) to assassinate various people. I do agree with this claim of Casbolt, and most alternative media personalities refuse to address these facts. The book, ‘Vatican Assassins,’ by Eric Jon Phelps, clearly prove that the Jesuit’s control the: governments and military’s of the world. The fact that Casbolt names the Jesuit’s as rulers of the New World Order, makes me believe that he is not a disinfo agent.

He claims that he has been married into one of the richest and most powerful families in the world. According to Casbolt this particular family has a lot of influence in the emerging New World Order. Casbolt also claims to be associated with members of the Royal family and other high society personalities. These claims have actually been proven to be true, as Casbolt has been photographed with the Duke of Marlborough at tuxedo events. Casbolt was also married to Hailey Meijer of the Meijer family, and her father is one of the richest billionaires in the world. If Casbolt was just some lying mentally ill person trying to get attention, it’s unlikely he would be married into such a high society family who rub shoulders with British Royal’s. The fact that Casbolt was married into such a high society family, and that he has been photographed at events with Royal’s does add much credibility to him. These facts certainly make me believe that there may be some substance to the claims of Casbolt, and clearly display this is not just some random lunatic making up stories.

James Casbolt

James Casbolt (left) with his wife Haley Meijer (daughter of one of the richest billionaires in the world), the Duke of Marlborough, and his mother in law

Casbolt has stated that he has seen shape-shifters, shape-shift from human form into reptilian form at various dinner parties.

He also claims that part of his physical body is made out of advanced robotics, and that the Delta force replaced various parts of his physical body with robotics to make him a more advanced being. According to Casbolt these robotics cannot be observed with x-ray machines or any known medical devices, as the robotics are extremely advanced and unheard of in mainstream society. From my perspective, this is credible, as I have known Jesuit’s who have access to this type of technology. I do not have an education in science or robotics and cannot explain the particulars, but I know this technology exists. I personally know a person who had this technology in their body, and it was given to them by a Jesuit. This individual had a variety of: blood tests, x-ray’s and MRI’s, and none of these tests could see the technology in the persons body. I do not claim to understand this technology, but it could be some kind of organic robotics used to build the bodies of, ‘the greys’ (a known alien species). If Casbolt’s skull is linked to this technology, this could explain why a bullet rebounded off his head during his employment with the NSA. It’s quiet possible low caliber bullets have problems penetrating this rare technology which integrates itself into the human body.


Branton (Bruce Alan deWalton)

Casbolt also testifies that much of the writings and work of, Branton (Bruce Alan deWalton), are accurate. Casbolt has been in contact with Branton on a number of occasions, and has shared much information with him. Branton is a leading figure in conspiracy research, and has written extensively on the deep underground military bases and the alien’s (test tube created being’s and nephilim) and Jesuit’s who control them. Branton is almost seen by many as a prophet who adheres to Christian philosophy, and who is on a mission to get truth out into the world. Branton does not charge money for his books, as his books are widely circulated on the internet for free. Branton’s best known book is, ‘the Dulce book,’ which is widely available on the internet for free. I do not agree with everything Casbolt says, but I do believe much of what he says is correct. According to former secret society members, Satanic and occult group members, believe that aliens from other planets are their ancestors. I do not believe these are aliens from other planets, I believe these are inter-dimensional fallen angels from another dimension and other aliens are test tube created beings. The angels who rebelled against God exist in another dimension outside the Heavenly Kingdom, and these angels often step into our dimension to interact with their followers. I do believe the: Jesuit’s, some nephilim (fallen angel/human hyrbids), secret society members and test tube created beings, do have off planet bases throughout space, but these were built from people who originated on earth. It is only some aspects of the alien and off planet ideology of James Casbolt that I do not agree with. Those wishing to read my beliefs regarding aliens can read my article, ‘Alien Origins.’

Casbolt has also made some very interesting comments about the, grey aliens, in which I do agree with him to some extent. According to Casbolt, the grey aliens are computer generated lifeforms that are robots, and the blacks ops military uses these robots for various black ops projects, which include super soldier programs like, project mannequin. This would mean that the alien abductions are military led operations, where grey alien robots are used to perform exploits on mind control victims. The grey alien robots may also be used to build off planet bases on other planets. According to Vatican and Jesuit expert, Eric Jon Phelps, the grey aliens are controlled by the Jesuit Order. Casbolt has also stated that all super soldiers are controlled by the Jesuit’s and Vatican; these comments by Casbolt seem to compliment and agree with the assertions of Eric Jon Phelps about the grey aliens. Please read my article, Are the grey aliens really from Zeta Reticuli… for further information on the greys.

In conclusion I personally think James Casbolt does have credibility as many of his outrageous claims have been proven to be true. He also addresses the Jesuit issue, which most alternative media sources are unwilling to confront and address. He also must have had special treatment to get into the US military, as he was on record through video, making claims about being a drug dealer and murdering various people in Europe, before he migrated to the USA and joined the army. Any normal security check upon joining the army would have put Casbolt in prison, and definitely not allowed him to join the US military. Despite his claims of drug dealing and European assassination campaigns, he was still welcomed into the US military without any problems, this clearly indicates that he was given special treatment and had friends in high places to enter the military. Any other person with Casbolt’s history and widely available video recorded testimonies, would never be allowed to join the US army.

I would like to say that I do not actually know James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince) as I have never met him and don’t have enough comprehensive information to state that I know him. I have found him to be an intriguing character though and have written an article about him based on public information.

7 thoughts on “Who is James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince) and is he credible?

  1. I agree, he has so many wild claims but that are worthy of consideration given the truths of his employment and marriage. More interestingly, everything online about him has gone silent, apart from and MOST interestingly in December 2014 he was charged in court (in Cornwall, UK where he is from) of blackmailing his former elite wife and stalking two other women, charges he apparently admitted to. The last thing mentioned online was 20th Feb 2015 where his case has been adjourned for the 2nd time as there still isn’t a bed available for him in the nearest psychiatric hospital, where the court recommends he be placed. http://www.cornishman.co.uk/St-Ives-stalker-case-adjourned/story-26057749-detail/story.html

    Now this can either add weight to the skeptics’ line that he’s just a total nut, or rather this is just another thing that makes you go hmmm…. if it were all true, how else do they dispose of faulty or rebellious soldiers? If not by assassination then by mental breakdown, disenfranchising and incarceration. I’m still on the fence and open-minded about everything. I’m just wondering why none of the conspiracy theorists have picked up these recent events on James Casbolt aka Michael Prince and commented on them, for he seemed like a common name in all NWO theorists’ rolodex.

    • Thanks for your comments, and I am aware of the James Casbolt arrest. I also saw part of the interview Casbolt gave during the time of his court appearances. If you research mind controlled operatives, many of them are programmed to have mental breakdowns if they go rogue. Others are programmed to commit suicide. I think Casbolt’s main mistake was divorcing his billionaire wife (and her elite family) and trying to extort money from her. His in-laws would have turned the power they had against him, and he also would have been in trouble for exposing the Mi6 drug operation. According to his own testimony, his own father was a former Mi6 agent who ended up dying in jail, possibly because he was taking portions of the drugs and selling them for his own gain. If you betray the secret societies who control these intelligence agencies, they have ways of punishing you. Casbolt seems to be following a trend similar to that of his Mi6 father. I do not necessarily believe everything Casbolt says, as I believe some of it is disinformation programmed into him by his superiors. But I do think much of his testimony is accurate.

  2. Wow actually, just noticed the last thing I found online regarding Casbolt was…. THIS ARTICLE! Posted 3 days AFTER The Cornishman article of 20th Feb… did you not know where he was at, or consciously left out the most recent part of his story? I know you’ve mostly highlight his most far-out claims to date, but c’mon! Can you find out any more on this?

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