Who is Doug Rigg’s? Doug Rigg’s and the nephilim connection


Doug Rigg’s with his wife

Doug Rigg’s is the founder and Pastor of, Morning star testimony church. The church mainly comprises of women and men who were involved in sexual unions with fallen angels. Many of the churches attendee’s are women who had sex with a fallen angel, and gave birth to a nephilim (part fallen angel/part human being entity). Many of the people from Doug’s church have also been involved with the secret underground military bases, and have been under some form of mind control in the past. Doug Rigg’s is a Pastor and counselor who deals with people most churches want nothing to do with. Many of the people who Doug helps have been under the mind control of Nazi doctor, Joseph Mengele, who was absorbed into the CIA after Germany lost the war. According to multiple witnesses, Mengele became the chief mind controller for the: Illuminati, Satanic cult’s, Jesuit Order and various intelligence agencies. According to my own research, Mengele was later succeeded by Michael Aquino.

Doug has appeared on numerous alternative radio programs where he discusses the issues of: nephilim, nephilim mothers, fallen angel and human sex, the occult, Satanism, underground military bases, Satanic rituals etc. Doug has helped many people coming out of Satanism, and he also discusses and exposes a main part of Satanism, which relates to getting women pregnant by fallen angels.

I do not agree with all of Doug’s teachings, as I believe a nephilim can be saved by believing in Jesus Christ, however Doug believes contrary to this. Branton who is a top expert on nephilim and underground bases, has also stated that he personally knows nephilim who have been saved by believing in Jesus Christ, and that many of these nephilim have become a force for good. It is the righteous nephilim who have faith in Jesus Christ, who are leading the resistance against the malevolent secret societies in underground bases. Although I do not agree with all of Doug Rigg’s teachings, I do think he is doing a good job in helping people and preaching much truth. Doug Rigg’s and the people who work with him, definitely have a strong knowledge of spiritual warfare and I highly recommend listening to some of his teachings. Doug deals with issues and people that the average Christian minister, will not deal with or even acknowledge.

Rigg’s has also been under tremendous persecution recently, as people have attempted to sabotage his ministry and slander him. The persecution Rigg’s has been receiving is completely unfair. Some persecutors have even set up webpages dedicated to slandering and attacking him. I do not think the persecution against Doug Rigg’s is justified, because the man is mainly concerned with helping people who have bizarre stories and testimonies. Rigg’s has been dealing with MKULTRA mind control subjects, and MKULTRA has been confirmed as legitimate in official committee hearings. I don’t think its right to persecute someone who is simply trying to help people.

In conclusion, Doug Rigg’s is definitely a sincere individual who has a genuine heart to help disturbed people, who have been through much trauma and need help in moving forward with their lives. Rigg’s has been on the front line of spiritual warfare and the spiritual teachings on his website contain much truth and helpful knowledge. Doug’s spiritual warfare and other teachings are available for FREE, as he does not charge people for these on his website, which is another indication of the sincerity of this man.

Those wanting to hear more about Doug Rigg’s should listen to the below radio interview, and you can also visit his website at: http://www.dougriggs.org

You can also listen to an enlightening radio interview with Doug Rigg’s below.


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