MKULTRA hearings and the Joseph Mengele connection

MKULTRA is a CIA program designed to produce assassins and spies for the CIA and US government. Jesuit, Satanic cult and Illuminati mind control programmer, Dr Green, is one of the chief mind control programmers in the MKULTRA CIA program. According to counselor, Doug Rigg’s, Dr Green is actually an alias used by the notorious Nazi doctor, Joseph Mengele. It’s been well known that Joseph Mengele escaped Nazi Germany after the war, and was absorbed into the CIA and other military intelligence sectors of the US government. After Mengele was absorbed into the intelligence community, he became the chief mind controller for the Satanic Cult’s that operate under the authority of the Jesuit Order (All secret Satanic societies, including the Illuminati, are submitted to the Jesuit’s.) By the Jesuit’s using Mengele to control the minds of it’s subordinates that are placed in: government, big business, military, police and intelligence agencies, the Jesuit’s control all these entities and therefore the world.

Below is an official documented committee hearing, where a young woman testifies to being trained as a spy/assassin by Dr Green and the CIA from the age of four. The woman explains the MKULTRA spy assassin CIA program in detail and explains Dr Green’s involvement. Numerous witnesses have stated that Dr Green is actually, Joseph Mengele (Notorious Nazi doctor).


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