Australian business owner, Peter Khoury, forced to have sex with two nephilim cloned hybrids. Scientific investigation proves Khoury had sex with a cloned hybrid female.

Researchers such as Branton, have stated on a number of occasions that nephilim hybrids (part human/part fallen angel and part animal), populate secret underground military bases around the world. Branton has also stated that these beings are very involved with the highly advanced anti-gravity technology, that has been repeatedly photographed and filmed over the last few decades.

Vatican and Jesuit expert, Eric Jon Phelp’s, has also stated that the grey aliens are working directly for the Jesuit’s. According to Phelps, the Roswell flying saucer crash involved a grey alien under Jesuit control, and that Cardinal Spellman of New York was the one who covered up the entire Roswell crash, so people would think it was a weather balloon accident. Phelp’s has also stated that the anti-gravity technology, and secret underground bases are completely controlled by the Jesuit’s.

The Dulce book, by Branton, suggests that in the Jesuit influenced underground military base at Dulce, New Mexico, there are various non-human beings working for the Jesuit’s which include: reptilians, the greys, Sasquatch type beings and many others. Branton has also discussed breeding programs between humans and non-humans. Along with Branton’s writings, there are multitudes of reports, relating to human’s being abducted by alleged aliens, and many of the females report sexual intercourse with aliens. These women also discuss how they gave birth to an alien/hybrid being, which was later taken away from her by the aliens.


Peter Khoury

Is there any evidence that this type of thing has occurred? In Australia, a man by the name of Peter Khoury, was forced to have sex with two strange beings, which were later proven to be cloned beings. Khoury, who is a professional business owner, owns a construction company, has no history of mental illness and is a respected member of the community. Khoury who has reported a number of alien abductions, had two strange women enter his home, which had similar faces to the greys, but they appeared much more human. He described these women as looking like attractive good looking women, but with pointy chins and almond eyes, similar to the greys. Khoury was forced to have sex with the women in his bedroom, and he then reported the incident. Two unknown hairs (allegedly belonging to one of the two women) were found on Khoury’s bed and on his penis. These hairs were analyzed by scientists, who discovered the hair had two strands of DNA running through it, which is impossible unless cloning is involved. Khoury also submitted himself to a lie detector test, where it was proven he was telling the truth. Other incidents Khoury has experienced, have related to being surgically operated on by alien entities. In one incident, Khoury had a puncture wound in his head from an alien entity inserting a needle into his skull. Khoury has also had flesh removed from his leg by the aliens.

It seems Khoury may be involved in the underground base breeding programs, and that these two hybrid beings were extracting sperm from him to produce offspring. I believe these two female beings were a mixture of: fallen angel, animal and human DNA. The amount of cloning and inter-breeding going on in Dulce is quiet comprehensive according to reports, so you may have a number of beings with all kinds of DNA in them. Many of the: Jesuit, Ninth circle cult and Illuminati bloodlines, probably trace their bloodlines into these inter-breeding programs that have gone on for centuries. Reports indicate that there are: inter-dimensional fallen angels, reptilians, greys, shape-shifters and all kinds of beings within these secret bases, so you probably have all sorts of beings with various DNA strands in them. The Bible specifically states, that fallen angels can produce sperm which can impregnate a female. I believe the scientific evidence relating to the alien hair, proves that aliens are test tube created beings (the alien hair showed evidence that the hair came from a cloned being) and I also believe they are the result of fallen angel and human sexual unions (as recorded in Genesis 6 of the Bible and the book of Enoch).

The below videos contain interviews and reports relating to Australian business owner, Peter Khoury.

Below: Khoury is interviewed about the sexual incident with the aliens. You also observe Khoury taking an official and supervised lie detector test which he passes.

Below: You need to fast forward to 3 minutes, where Khoury discusses the scientific results relating to the alleged alien hairs.


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