Joseph Mengele and Jesuit connection now being reported on mainstream 6 o’clock news


Joseph Mengele

No longer a conspiracy, the fact that Nazi doctor, Joseph Mengele, escaped Nazi Germany with the help of the Jesuit’s, and was absorbed into the Jesuit network to become a Satanic mind control programmer, is now being reported on mainstream news. I sat down in my living room yesterday to take a break from my research, and thought I’d turn on the 6 o’clock news, to watch some light reporting on celebrities and politics. To my shock, the 6 o’clock news was reporting how a site in Paraguay/Argentina, had been discovered where Joseph Mengele and other Nazi’s were hiding after the war. The news story showed how German Nazi coins and other evidence had been found at the site, the news story also reported how the building where the Nazi’s were alleged to be hiding, had been historically used by the Jesuit’s for their Roman Catholic missions. I was shocked that this was being reported on mainstream news on my television. I guess you can only stop the truth for so long.

Below is a quote from the mainstream newspaper; The Guardian, which reported on the Joseph Mengele Nazi hideout.

“For a start, the dilapidated buildings (the buildings where Joseph Mengele and other Nazi’s were hiding) were not recently “discovered” – they have actually been open to the public for decades, along with other ruins which date back to the 17th and 18th century settlements established by Jesuit missionaries – and which give the region its name.” (The Guardian, 24 March, 2015)

Researchers have been saying for years that the Jesuit’s and Vatican officials, were responsible for helping key Nazi leaders escape after the war. The above report about Joseph Mengele and other Nazi’s hiding in Jesuit buildings seems to confirm this. According to many witnesses and researchers, Mengele and other Nazi’s were made leaders in the new world order, and it has been said that many Nazi’s control the CIA and NSA. Former NSA Colonel, Michael Aquino, is a well known follower of Nazi doctrines.

Below is a still shot of a Jesuit sign erected at the Nazi hideout in Argentina/Paraguay.


Signs mentioning the Jesuit’s (underlined in red) erected at the Nazi hideout in Argentina/Paraguay

The Jesuit’s who claim to be benevolent and innocent missionaries for Jesus, are really Satanic overlords and Mafia Kingpins, who use their churches and charity houses, to carry out crimes of the most monstrous kind. Harboring Nazi personnel is just one of the many evil activities of the Jesuit Order.

Christian preacher and charity worker, Doug Rigg’s, has been helping a number of people (particularly women) in the United States, who have been Satanically programmed by Joseph Mengele for years. According to Doug Rigg’s and other witnesses, Joseph Mengele, was absorbed into the CIA, and worked through a number of Satanic cults connected to the NWO and underground base networks. Mengele was involved in directing dangerous and Satanic mind control experiments, on a number of people in the US and abroad, to bring them under mind control to serve the Jesuit agenda. Mengele brainwashed spies and assassins for government intelligence agencies, and has also been linked to Satanic rituals that relate to many women having sex with fallen angels to produce Nephilim (Half fallen angel/half human offspring).

According to preacher and charity worker, Doug Riggs, Mengele was involved in getting women for the fallen angels. As the Jesuit’s are ultimately submitted to Satan and his demons, this seems plausible. Mengele would organize sex between human females and fallen angels, and the hybrid child produced from this union, would be given to the fallen angels and their interconnected secret societies. According to Branton, these hybrids make up much of the population in the secret underground bases spread around the world. I do disagree with Doug Rigg’s on his comments about nephilim’s not being able to get saved. A nephilim can get saved if they repent of their sins and have faith in Jesus Christ, as Jesus Himself said, “preach the gospel to every creature.” Branton has also stated that nephilim can be saved after making a decision for Jesus Christ.

Doug Rigg’s has helped countless men and women who were Satanically programmed by Joseph Mengele, and Doug has also helped many women who were the mothers of nephilim. Genesis 6 in the Bible clearly indicates sexual unions between fallen angels and humans is possible, and this often results in a part human/part fallen angel child.

The Jesuit’s who absorb empires and are often compared to the Borg from the TV show Star Trek (The Borg is an alien empire that kidnap populations from different planets, and brainwash them with technology and mind control to bring them into their Borg collective.), absorbed Dr Joseph Mengele and other Nazi’s into their international empire, to further the Jesuit agenda. Mengele has been reported as being one of the Jesuit’s main programmers over the years.

Mengele who is a Satanic doctor of the most evil kind, perfected his mind control techniques in German Nazi concentration camps such as Auschwitz, where he did experiments on people which almost killed them. Mengele was able to determine the maximum amount of torture a person could endure before dying in these experiments. Many people died in Mengele’s experiments. Mengele, who was assisted by the Jesuit’s, brought his scientific data into the international intelligence agencies (primarily the CIA, according to witnesses), and was able to train agents who would serve the Jesuit Order. Mengele’s main form of mind control was to torture a person until they almost died, which would create a split personality in a person. Each split personality would create a person within a person, and the victim would become a multiple (a person with multiple personalities with different names). Secret societies can trigger each person within a multiple, and the person can operate as an assassin without the other personalities knowing what the assassin personality is doing. After the crime is complete under the assassin personality, the person is then switched back to their normal personality, without realizing or remembering any crime being committed. This is the perfect assassin for the Jesuit Order and linked secret societies, and this is one technique that allows them to never get caught, as their underlings are under mind control, which includes control of their memory.

Please click the below link to watch a video of the mainstream news report, which reported on the Mengele and Nazi hideout in South America.

Joseph Mengele and Nazi hideout news report


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