Denver airport mural illustrates, how Jesuits will bring the USA under a Nazi/Jesuit New World Order

Denver airport which has been named by the Freemasons as; the new world airport, has some of the most shocking illustrations on it that I have ever seen. Denver airport has a massive underground base beneath it, and many researchers have stated that Denver is going to be the center of the New World Order in the USA. Jesuit researcher; Eric Jon Phelps, has stated that the capital of the US is going to move from Washington to Denver, and if one researchers the happenings at Denver airport, this seems very likely. A number of news crews have also visited the underground bases beneath Denver airport and former Minnesota Governor; Jesse Ventura, has also investigated Denver airport, and discovered massive evidence related to underground bases and concentration camps.

Why the hell would someone put that (the Denver mural pictures) in an airport, what are they trying to tell us.” (Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota)

Below are some of the illustrations and images at Denver airport and I’m going to attempt to explain and interpret them.

DenverMural1I believe the soldier in green holding the AK-47 and what appears to be an Islamic sword represents militant Islam, he is also wearing a gas mask which means he probably uses a chemical weapon of some sort as well. The Jesuits and their subordinated secret societies (who control the US government) are bringing in scores of militant Muslim’s into the United States. Militant Muslim’s in New Jersey were recently caught cutting off the hands and feet of Coptic Christians in New Jersey, and the Islamic population in the US is increasing rapidly through immigration. Even the owner of an alleged moderate Islamic US TV channel, was recently arrested for beheading his wife in the US. The CIA has been caught numerous times funding the militant Islamic group; Isis, and as I have shown, the CIA is completely controlled by the Vatican through the Knights of Malta, and other Jesuit Order linked individuals. This picture in my view represents how the Jesuits and their secret societies are going to increase Islamic immigration into the US, and raise up an Islamic monster group to terrorize Americans. This group will probably be similar to Isis, and they will be secretly funded and supported by the CIA. The AK-47 is the traditionally used weapon by Islamic militants and the sword the soldier is using is clearly an Islamic sword, the dove which the Islamic soldier is attacking with a sword represents peace. The Jesuits and CIA are going to use this Islamic monster group to destroy peace in the USA. Notice the ruins and people in mourning. Your going to see this well armed Islamic group in the US, using all kinds of weapons against the American people. The US is going to go through a time of hardship as this Islamic monster will be allowed to terrorize Americans for a season.

DenverMural8The picture to the right of the little girl in a coffin represents Bible based Protestant Christianity (Notice the red Bible with the cross she is holding) and Judaism (Notice the yellow star on her chest. This is the star the Nazi’s used to identify Jews). This militant Islamic group raised up in the US will be given the power to attack Christians and Jews (we are already seeing glimpses of this in Europe with the targeting of Jews and native Europeans by Militant Islamic groups). You will also see the CIA carrying out sophisticated attacks against Protestant Christians and Jews (which the Muslims don’t have the intelligence and equipment to do), and then blaming it on the militant Muslim’s.




In the above picture we see that a German boy with an iron glove and hammer has destroyed the Islamic sword and Muslim soldier. This German boy in my opinion, represents the secret Jesuit Nazi empire which controls the USA. Peter Alexander Chernoff who was eyewitness to New World Order rituals at Bohemian Grove, stated that the Satanic rituals are: Roman Catholic, Nazi and Satanic in nature. The New World Order is a: Roman Catholic, Nazi and Satanic empire, and they want you to see them as your heroes. Imagine there’s some militant Islamic movement (similar to ISIS) in the USA causing all kinds of trouble; your going to see American voters screaming for a solution. The Jesuits are going to raise up some right wing Hitler type dictator in the USA, to deal with the problems of Islamic immigration in the USA. Americans will love this dictator, he will arrive on the scene as a hero who destroys the Militant Muslims and brings peace to the USA.

Do you see how cunning these bastards are? They control all political parties in the USA, and they will use the liberal political parties to allow scores of militant Muslims into the USA to cause havoc (and they will arm and support these groups), and this will allow them to further destroy the US constitution by implementing more laws contrary to the constitution. Once militant Islam destroys much of Romes enemies (non-ecumenical Protestants and Torah Jews), they will then raise up their Nazi Roman Catholic dictator to destroy militant Islam and be exalted as a hero. This right wing socialist dictator will also have the support of the Pope, and be heralded as a defender of peace. According to the above pictures this dictator will also be involved in the UN gun treaty, which aims to disarm the nations of the world (including the USA). Notice in the picture above, the nations of the world are giving their weapons (swords wrapped in their nations flags) to the Germany boy.



The above picture illustrates the worlds attention drawn to an illuminated plant of some kind. This in my view represents the nations of the world being drawn together in one world religion and spirituality. A plant is something that grows over time, so I think the NWO will allow this plant (religion and spirituality) to grow in preparation for the rise of the final Antichrist (who will rule a one world religion and government).

denverdemonsuitcase1To the right is a statue that greets arrivals and departures at Denver airport. Looks like a demon in a suitcase.

DenverRunway1To the right is a aerial picture of Denver airport. Notice that the runways and airport are built in the shape of a Nazi swastika.






denverMasonicCaptstone1The Masonic stone which resides at Denver airport. It states that the Freemasons played a major role with the mysterious “New World airport commission” in establishing Denver airport. People should note that the Jesuits wrote the high 33 degrees of Freemasonry at the college of Clermont in France, and the Jesuits continue to control Freemasonry worldwide until today.

Below is a picture of the present master of world Freemasonry, the Jesuit white Pope, who is posing with world religious leaders, in one of his many world religion meetings. The future one world religion will be a liberal Roman Catholic system and New Age movement to unite world religions with liberal Roman Catholicism. You will see a liberal Catholic theology merge with New Age occultism, where they may claim the Pope is the re-incarnation of Jesus, and that Jesus also re-incarnated into Mohammad, Buddah etc. The Vatican and Pope Francis have already been documented on film worshiping Lucifer and singing about Christ being the son of Lucifer. This new Jesuit Pope, may be the false Christ and son of Lucifer, who seeks to steal the office of the true Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis poses with religious leaders during a meeting at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the VaticanDenver airport which has been documented as having concentration camps for political dissidents, will most likely be directed by the Department of Homeland security, which was founded by Jesuit volunteer corps member, John C Gannon. Dissidents which will include: genuine Protestants, pro constitutionalists and Torah Jews will be rounded up and imprisoned in these camps. Once the right wing fascist leader rises in the USA, he will be given super dictator powers and the people will probably demand that he have these powers to protect them. He will then use these powers under the control of the Jesuits, to start a new Vatican dark age in the United States. This new dictator will target fundamentalist Christian Bible believers and paint them as the new enemy, he will also claim that the Jews are involved in a conspiracy against Americans, and use this as an excuse to round up Torah Jews and put them in concentration camps like Hitler did. Notice how the Jesuits always put Jews in top management positions, and then order their alternative media pawns to blame the international conspiracy and New World Order on the Jews. Some Jews who manage the Vatican’s accounts and businesses will be spared though, as the Vatican needs these intelligent academic Jews to manage their finances. The Masonic Jews who work for the Jesuits are merely accountants, much like in the Mafia, where you have Italian gentiles running these huge empires with their accountant Jews managing their finances.

For more information on the Jesuit Order, please read my Jesuit Order exposed article.


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