Man dressed as Pope leading cremation of care/Bohemian Grove ritual

Recently I watched the cremation of care ritual which was filmed by Alex Jones secretly, when he secretly invaded the occult Bohemian Grove club in San Francisco. If one evaluates the footage, it’s clear that there is a man dressed up as the Pope of Rome leading the Cremation of Care ritual.

Below is a still shot taken from the Bohemian Grove video footage taken by Alex Jones. You can clearly see the man leading the occult ritual is dressed as the Pope. Notice the ritual leader in the middle, dressed up as the Pope.PopeBohemianGrovePic

According to Peter Alexander Chernoff who was involved in Satanic rituals at the Grove, the cremation of care is a ritual related to world leaders making a commitment to commit genocide against a group of people on earth. This is related to population control, and in my personal opinion, it is also related to killing populations which the Vatican considers heretics. When the Albanians invaded Serbia (Serbians are Serbian Orthodox, which are Christians separated from the Vatican), the NATO air-force (controlled by the Vatican’s Knights of Malta and Order of the Golden Fleece) backed the Muslim Albanians and gave them air support. This resulted in the Serbians losing Kosovo and many of them being killed, the Serbian Orthodox churches were also destroyed by the Albanians as well. This is the Vatican and Jesuits playing chess with the armies of the world to achieve their purpose. The Jesuits wanted the disobedient Serbian Orthodox Christians destroyed.

The Vatican has been using Islam to destroy its enemies for centuries. During the Spanish civil war, there was a huge revolt against the Vatican by Spanish protestants, and the Vatican called in its legion of Islamic soldiers from Morocco to crush the Protestant uprising in Spain. These Muslims fought under the Vatican flag (and were probably paid by the Vatican too), and they exterminated protestants and raped their wives. It was simply a repeat of what happened in Serbia with the Muslim Albanians.

When NATO and the US air-force backed the Albanians, the Albanians over-ran the Serbians and raped their women and murdered their men. There were tons of stories of families who had their homes invaded by ruthless Albanian Muslims; who raped women and murdered their husbands in front of them. There was also video footage and testimonies of Albanians, who cut the heads off Serbians and laughed about it. There is literally scores of video footage and pictures on the internet exposing this.

The Vatican and Jesuits are currently involved in submitting all Protestant churches to the Vatican, through Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the ecumenical movement. The Jesuits also control most of Sunni Islam as the Saudi Royals are members of the Order of the Golden Fleece (A Vatican Knighthood). Those Protestant populations who do not submit to the Vatican are marked for termination. The current Jesuit Pope can organize the killing of heretics, by simply ordering his subordinated secret society members to engineer wars through governments, as most governments are now controlled by secret societies (some of which attend Bohemian Grove), and they can easily engineer a war that will result in the extermination of those the Vatican wants dead.

Do not submit to the Vatican and do not consider the Roman Catholic church as a Christian church. The Pope is an Antichrist and false prophet who wants you to worship him as God and Jesus. The Pope is not God and he is not Jesus, he is the devil in disguise who wants to be worshiped as a God. The Pope is the monarch who all secret societies worldwide want to exalt as the universal King of the world. Every Pope is a Satanic cult overlord, fully possessed by Satan, who wants to be worshiped by the world. The Pope seeks universal political and religious power over the world.

All these Satanic secret societies are working for the current Jesuit pope. The Jesuits founded all leading secret satanic societies including: Scottish Rite Freemasonry, The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult, the Illuminati and Skull and Bones. It should also be noted that an investigative journalist also saw somebody dressed up as the Pope, at a Skull and Bones satanic ritual. Skull and Bones members also have to kiss the slipper of the Pope when being initiated into the Skull and Bones cult. This is because all these secret societies are working for the Pope.


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