Bohemian Grove is run by the Jesuit Order and Vatican



The above picture is a 1650’s illustration of the high Jesuit’s engaged in Satanic worship and pictures a baby preparing to be sacrificed in the background. Also notice in the top left hand corner an owl, the owl is a symbol for the demon god; Molech (the god of child sacrifices). Molech is a key figure of worship at the Bohemian Grove secret society in San Francisco (USA).

Another thing most people do not know is that the Bohemian Grove has its own Roman Catholic Patron Saint named St John Nepomuk. Saint John Nepomuk is a Roman Catholic Saint who was promoted by the Jesuits throughout history.  “According to some Protestant sources, the figure of St. John Nepomuk is a legend due to the Jesuits.” (Wikipedia)

There is actually a statue of Saint Nepomuk in the actual Bohemian Grove grounds in San Francisco. Please observe the below photograph within the grounds of Bohemian Grove, the photo shows a statue of the Roman Catholic saint; John Nepomuk, who is the Roman Catholic patron saint over Bohemian Grove.

JohnNepomukStatueFor those not aware, the Bohemian Grove is an international elite group of men who visit the Bohemian Grove in San Francisco to engage in a variety of: Satanic rituals, the worship of Molech (The god of child sacrifice) and parties. It’s also suggested that the elite have meetings relating to the international businesses and empires of the world here. Many have stated that international government policies are made at the Bohemian Grove. Journalist Alex Jones spoke with a former Bill Clinton advisor regarding Bohemian Grove, about elite politicians setting policy in Bohemian Grove behind the public’s back. Alex Jones also secretly entered Bohemian Grove, and filmed footage of people worshipping a giant owl known as Molech (the god of child sacrifice). Jones also reported rampant homosexual behaviour (a well known tendancy of the Jesuit’s and Vatican hierarchy) at the Grove. Jones also reported much Satanic and occult activity and evidence (including official Bohemian Grove paperwork with pictures of devils and demons on it), many photographs of prominent politicians were also on these official documents. The most powerful business men and politicians of the world frequented the Bohemian Grove. The most controversial film footage caught by Alex Jones, was the video footage of Bohemian Grovers, enaged in a mock Satanic ritual of someone being burnt alive in the name of the demon Molech.
According to my research, the Bohemian Grove is yet another Jesuit and Vatican secret society.

In a revealing video Peter Alexander Chernoff explains how the Bohemian Grove rituals are supervised by the Jesuit trained puppet; Michael Aquino. Michael Aquino who is a well known Satanist was documented by CIA/NSA assett; Cathy O’brien, as being trained by the Jesuits.

”I’ve been expecting you,” Aquino said with a smile. Events later that night proved that Aquino had been supplied the keys to my previously established Jesuit based programming, which he and Byrd used and altered to suit their own perversions.”(Source: Transformation of America by Cathy O’brien)

In the above quote from Cathy O’briens book we clearly observe how Satanic mind controller; Michael Aquino, operates under the authority of the Jesuits. Aquino cannot operate without Jesuit approval and without Jesuit keys.

Peter Alexander Chernoff was used by the Bohemian Grove (We should really say the Jesuits and Vatican) to kidnap a young boy named Kevin Collins, who was sacrificed in a Satanic ritual at Bohemian Grove. Chernoff explained that the sacrificial ritual was: Roman Catholic, Nazi and Satanic in nature. If one also observes much of the footage from Bohemian Grove filmed by Alex Jones (who secretly invaded Bohemian Grove), you can clearly see that many of the Bohemian Grove leaders are dressed in Roman Catholic regalia.

Chernoff also witnessed Pope Ratzinger at the Bohemian Grove ritual and named him as the person who ritually killed Kevin Collins in a kevincollins1Satanic/Roman Catholic/Nazi ritual. This confirms Kevin Annett’s statement that Pope Ratzinger, was a member of the Nazi Satanic society known as the Knights of Darkness. Chernoff who was remorseful over the crimes he committed relating to Kevin Collins, tried to inform the police about his involvement in the crime, however the police refused to investigate.

In the below video; Peter Alexander Chernoff explains his experience with Pope Ratzinger and Michael Aquino at Bohemian Grove. He also discusses the human sacrifices of children at the grove. Chernoff also explains the Vatican and Nazi elements of the Grove.

The below picture taken at Bohemian Grove clearly shows the ritual leaders wearing Roman Catholic regalia. Notice the traditional Roman Catholic Bishop hats worn by the ritual leaders as they worship the demon Molech.















The Vatican is a Satanic religious system seeking to steal the office of Jesus Christ, so they can place Satan on the throne of the world to rule both the political and religious systems of the world. The Vatican will also be involved in forcing the world to take the mark of the beast (an implantable microchip which will be mandatory for those wanting to participate in commerce).

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (Revelation 13:16-17)

The Pope is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and this current Jesuit Pope is the ruler of all worldwide Satanic secret societies, as he is Satan’s chosen vessel to rule the world on his behalf in this present time. The Jesuit Pope who has been documented worshiping Lucifer on film, wants to steal the office of Jesus, and have the world worship him as Jesus and God. This false prophet seeks to steal the office of God and make himself the exalted pontiff whose word is above the Bible. The Pope will eventually be fully possessed by Satan and Satan will use his body to rule the world through the United Nations and Vatican. Do not take the Popes mark of the beast and reject the Pope of Rome as an Antichrist and false prophet. Get a copy of the King James Bible and read it, and know this word is above the Popes devilish deceptions.

Reject the Pope and Vatican and flee this false religious system. Believe on the true Jesus Christ who walked the shores of Galilee 2000 years ago and who died for you on the cross (taking the punishment for your sins) and then rising from the dead to prove he was the Son of the living God. For whoever calls upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be saved and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. You don’t need to believe in a church or a religious leader, all you need to do is call upon the name of Jesus Christ and you are saved. It’s a personal spiritual relationship with Jesus that saves you and brings you personal fulfillment.

If you want to be sure your going to the Kingdom of Heaven after you pass away, and if you want the spiritual help from God to resist the terrible things happening today, please visit the below link. God bless you and may God use you to make a positive difference in the world. Please click the below link for more information.





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