The ex-Jesuit, Alberto Rivera Comic book, exposing the Jesuit Order

jesuitspic7Alberto Rivera who came out of the Jesuit Order after being recruited as a spy assassin for the Order, teamed up with Christian author; Jack Chick, sometime ago to produce an illustrated comic book called, “Alberto”. The Alberto Comic book is an easy read as it consists of pictures and commentary in a comic book format. The comic book; “Alberto”, is a definite read for those wanting more information on the Jesuit Order. The book shows how Alberto was recruited into the Jesuit Order through the Roman Catholic Church at a young age, and shows how he was used as a spy to infiltrate and destroy protestant churches who didn’t submit to the Vatican. As Alberto rose through the ranks of the Jesuits he discovered at the top, the Jesuit Order were a group of Satanists and high level dark Freemasons (The Jesuits wrote the high level Masonic degree’s at the Jesuit College of Clermont in France) who engaged in Black Masses and Satanic worship. Alberto also discovered the Jesuit Order was working with the Illuminati who are based in London (The Jesuit Order created the Illuminati through Jesuit professor; Adam Weishaupt). Alberto Rivera also shares in the comic book how the Jesuits are behind the current ecumenical church movement, which is seeking to unite all non-Vatican churches with the Vatican.

Please watch the comic book below:


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