The Jesuit and Vatican international drug trafficking Empire

I recently went to the movies and saw the movie, “Kill the Messenger”, which is a movie based on investigative journalist; Gary Webb’s life. Gary killmessengerpic1Webb was an investigative journalist that clearly proved that the CIA was bringing cocaine into the United States and selling it, and that the money made through these drug sales was being used to fund the CIA controlled Contra army in Nicaragua. I was shocked this movie got made and was being screened at movie theaters, but I guess Gary Webb proved if your persistent and don’t give up, people will eventually receive your message. After Gary Webb exposed the CIA drug operation, he was threatened by government officials, and he was eventually assassinated (The assassination was made to look like a suicide).

Former Los Angeles narcotics investigator and police officer, Mike Ruppert, also exposed much of the CIA drug operation in the US, and was shot at and lost his job as a police officer for exposing it. Ruppert appeared on the American TV channel C-SPAN, where he confronted political officials and the CIA director about the CIA cocaine drug operation. It should also be noted that the CIA director quit his position after this confrontation.

Former Los Angeles drug dealer, Rick Ross, also wrote a book about the CIA drug operation, and appeared on the Alex Jones infowars radio program, and explained how he eventually discovered that he was selling drugs for the CIA. Much of this information is portrayed in the movie, “Kill the Messenger”. The facts discussed in the “Kill the Messenger” movie, are also documented as accurate by former: police officers, drug dealers and investigators.

Below is a still shot which shows former narcotics investigator and police officer, Mike Ruppert, confronting the CIA director and US politicians about the CIA black ops drug operation. Mike Ruppert explained how the CIA tried to recruit him while he was a police officer, to help protect and participate in CIA drug dealing operations. CIA drug importation and drug distribution has been documented as fact.


“On April 17, 1986, the Reagan Administration released a three-page report admitting Contra-cocaine connections in 1984 and 1985.”

“Former DEA agent Celerino Castillo alleged that during the 1980s, Ilopango Airport in El Salvador was used by Contras for drug smuggling flights with the knowledge and complicity of the CIA.”

“I can tell you director Deutch (CIA director) as a former Narcotics Detective, that the agency (CIA) has dealt drugs throughout this country for a long time. I will refer to you three specific operations known as: Armadeus, Pegasus and Watchtower… I was personally exposed to CIA operations and recruited by the CIA to protect agency drug operations in this country, I have been trying to get this out for eighteen years and I have the evidence.” (Former Narcotics Investigator and Police Officer, Mike Ruppert)

Investigative Journalist David Yallop also wrote a book called, “In God’s name”, in the book he clearly documents how most of the illegal drug yallop1money made in the US and abroad ends up in the Vatican bank. Yallop showed how there seemed to be a connection between the: Vatican, the P2 Masonic Lodge (The Jesuits wrote the 33 Scottish Rite Masonic degree’s, as well as the Memphis/Misraim Masonic degree’s) and the Mafia in relation to international drug trafficking.

The below quote from an online encyclopedia supports David Yallop’s claims.

“On 26 April 1973 he (Bishop Markinkus of the Vatican) was questioned by William Lynch, head of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section (OCRs) of the Department of Justice of the United States , and William Aronwald, deputy head of the Strike Force of the South District of New York , about a case of money laundering money and bonds false that departed from the New York Mafia and landed in the Vatican , for a total of 950 million dollars . Investigations were followed by some arrests, but Marcinkus was acquitted for lack of evidence.”MontanaJesuits

This information makes sense because the CIA has been controlled by the Vatican and Jesuits through the Knights of Malta since its inception. It should be noted that the Knights of Malta are a Vatican military Order who serve the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

William Joseph (“Wild Bill”) Donovan (January 1, 1883 – February 8, 1959) was a United States soldier, lawyer, intelligence officer and diplomat. Donovan is best remembered as the wartime head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency, during World War II. He is also known as the “Father of American Intelligence” and the “Father of Central Intelligence”. He was a Knight of Malta (a Vatican Papal Knighthood submitted to the Jesuit Order).

If one evaluates how the CIA have been documented as the real drug dealers, and how the CIA is controlled by the Jesuits and Vatican, then its logical to observe how the Jesuits are in control of the worldwide illegal drug dealing market. You can come to no other conclusion, if you observe all the facts in an objective and logical manner.

Below is a list of other Vatican officials who directed the CIA drug operations for the Jesuits.

William Joseph Casey (March 13, 1913 – May 6, 1987) was the Director of Central Intelligence from 1981 to 1987. In this capacity he oversaw the entire United States Intelligence Community and personally directed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He was a Knight of Malta submitted to the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

John Alexander McCone (January 4, 1902 – February 14, 1991) was an American businessman and politician who served as Director of Central Intelligence during the height of the Cold War. He was a Knight of Malta submitted to the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

Allen Welsh Dulles (/ˈdʌləs/; April 7, 1893 – January 29, 1969) was an American diplomat and lawyer who became the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence and its longest-serving director to date. Dulles was also the Uncle to a Jesuit Priest named, Avery Dulles.

The Jesuits who control the military’s and intelligence agencies of the world through their Knights of Malta and other Orders, are responsible for all the nasty street drugs being distributed into our communities. This is also part of the Jesuit secret oath to put to death all heretics and curse them. The Jesuits are masters and students of poison (The Jesuit secret oath encourages Jesuits to poison those who won’t submit to the Pope and Jesuit General). The Vatican Council of Trent also pronounces a number of curses upon Protestants who believe in Salvation through faith in Jesus alone. By distributing nasty drugs into the community, the Jesuits and Vatican control a worldwide economy that generates more revenue than oil, and they also get to poison and destroy heretics by selling poisonous drugs to the youth.

Former Mafia boss, Tony Gambino, also confirmed in a radio interview with Greg Szymanski and Eric Jon Phelps, that the Mafia was working for the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

The Vatican and Jesuits who control the CIA through the Knights of Malta (who are submitted to the Jesuit controlled Pope), are placing clean cut looking Roman Catholics who work for the Jesuits in positions of power in the CIA. These clean cut looking alter boys in the CIA, are secretly working with the Mafia to make money for the Vatican and Jesuits (David Yallop in his book, “In God’s name” clearly proves Mafia and organized crime drug money ends up in the Vatican Bank). The Jesuit drug trade profits allow the Jesuits to maintain control over the world. David Yallop also proved that much of the Mafia drug money that ended up in the Vatican bank, was used to purchase weapons for political parties in South America. It seems the Vatican uses their Knights of Malta in the CIA to control governments by funding the Contra army, and they also use their actual Vatican bank, to send funds to sympathetic governments who will obey the Jesuit Order. The Vatican and the CIA are one entity, they always have been. The CIA is a Jesuit and Vatican engine used to increase Jesuit control over the world, this control will also lead to another Vatican inquisition of Protestants, unless Protestants wake up to the the dangers posed by the Vatican and Jesuits.


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