United States Department of Homeland Security is controlled by the Jesuit Volunteer Corps

John C. Gannon is a: Jesuit Volunteer Corps member, Jesuit University professor and Knight of Malta (A Vatican and Jesuit military order). Gannon is also one of the founders of The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the United States. The DHSgannon1 controls and directs at least 22 Federal Agencies including: FEMA and the Secret Service. Gannon has also held a directors position within DHS as well as being a co-founder of DHS. Gannon has also previously held a senior position within the CIA.

Right: John C Gannon, who is a; Jesuit Volunteer Corps member, Vatican Knight of Malta, former CIA deputy director for intelligence (CIA directors have predominantly been Vatican Knights controlled by the Jesuit Order), founder of the DHS, DHS staff director and Jesuit adjunct professor at Jesuit Georgetown University. This man will be the Jesuit head of the coming fascist inquisition, that will violently force US citizens to submit to the Vatican Jesuit New World Order. The DHS will also enforce mandatory implantable microchips on the populace, this implantable microchip is referred to as the “mark of the beast” in the Bible. The Vatican, Jesuit Order and Pope are the Beast system in control of the: CIA, NSA, UN, DHS etc. Anyone refusing to take the mark of beast microchip in their forehead or hand will be labeled a terrorist by the DHS, UN and associated agencies.

It has been confirmed by numerous sources (infowars.com etc) that FEMA is setting up concentration camps all over the United States where: patriots, constitutionalists and protestant Christians will be imprisoned. The dissidents who will not submit to the coming UN global government will be forced into slave labor and imprisoned in these FEMA camps. Americans who believe in the lawful US constitution and the right to bear arms, are being targeted for arrest and imprisonment in these FEMA camps.

The DHS is already harassing and targeting constitutional groups such as the tea party political group, which believes in the US constitution and the right to bear arms.

The DHS has been proven to be a tool of the New World Order and to be anti-gun and anti-constitution organization. Most researchers agree that the DHS is going to play a principal role in the coming Marshall law society, global government and disarmament of law abiding US citizens.

Is the DHS ruled by some mysterious group called the Illuminati? Nope. It’s a bit more old fashioned than that. The DHS is run and operated by the Jesuit Volunteer corps submitted to the Jesuit Order who control the Vatican.

John C Gannon who co-founded the DHS and also directed the DHS, is a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps where he was a teacher in Jamaica up untill 1967. Mr Gannon was staff director of the Select Committee on Homeland Security and also served in the most senior analytical positions at CIA and in the Intelligence Community: Deputy Director for Intelligence (DDI).

Gannon is currently an adjunct professor at Jesuit Georgetown University, where he is working with the Jesuits to: destroy the US constitution, disarm Americans, and imprison anyone who will not submit to the Vatican UN one world government. The Jesuits official position is that US citizens should be disarmed completely (you cannot have an inquisition with guns).

The CIA, DHS and other oppressive organizations within the US, are being setup to round up Protestant Christians and imprison them in FEMA camps and even put some to death. The CIA and DHS is also there to enforce the coming Vatican UN global government (The Vatican Knights of Malta who control the CIA have observer status on the UN council). The UN gun treaties which seek to disarm Americans so the Pope can lock up and kill protestants, will also be enforced by the DHS and CIA unless Americans wake up.

The Vatican and the Jesuits have not changed. The Jesuits set up fascist governments and concentration camps, and they kill and imprison Rome1 protestants and those who won’t submit to them in the name of the common good at these camps. These FEMA and DHS camps are being setup to: torture, imprison and kill heretics just like in the old days. The Pope whose symbol consists of two keys (representing spiritual and physical power) demands to have control over all spiritual entities (churches and religious groups) and physical power (governments of the world). Those who won’t submit to the Jesuit Pope and his world government will be imprisoned or killed by the DHS, FEMA and the CIA.

The Jesuits who use their education institutions as a front, are using Jesuit Georgetown University as a covert military fortress to setup a world government in the United States and destroy the US constitution and its sovereignty.

The Jesuits and Vatican will then use their subordinate societies to round up Protestant Christians and other heretics, and imprison them in FEMA and DHS prisons where they will be: tortured, humiliated and possibly killed.

If you are a libertarian or member of the Tea Party, start protesting your true enemy who is the: Jesuit Order, Pope, Vatican and Jesuit controlled Universities.

Below: A screenshot of Jesuit Volunteer corps member and Jesuit professor John C Gannon’s official Jesuit Georgetown University web profile:

GannonGeorgetownBelow: Pictures of the Vatican inquisition, which the Jesuits and Vatican want to bring to the United States through the DHS, FEMA, CIA and UN global government.




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