Super soldier James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince) and the Jesuit Order

Super Soldier Assassin James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince) confirms Jesuit rulership in the NWO

James Casbolt who is the son of a former high level MI6 (British Intellgence agency) agent and is an MI6 operative himself, has made a number of statements on the Jesuits that I find highly interesting but not surprising.

Casbolt1Below are some quotes from James Casbolt regarding the Jesuits.

“The scepter artifact I was handed by the ‘Jesuit/Reptilian’ priests after the drowning was a missing piece from the computer on board my ship.” (James Casbolt, interview with Decrypted Matrix radio show)

“Thousands of specifically trained, mind controlled assassins and sleeper agents have been activated, deployed, and released into the population under directives from the Vatican and Jesuit factions. According to Prince/Casbolt once these agents have been deployed, they cannot be recalled by anyone, and are programmed to faithfully execute only the prime directive of their training/programming. Casebolt did not specify the mission of the Vatican/Jesuit agents, only that they have been deployed.” (Reported by Saviors of Earth regarding James Casbolt)

James Casbolt’s comments seem consistant with another credible source, “Cathy O’brien”, who wrote the book Transformation of America. In the book, “Transformation of America”, Cathy O’brien explains that the mind control techniques used by high level Illuminati supervisors, are taught to them by the Jesuits. O’brien suggests that former Vice President of The Church of Satan, Michael Aquino, was in fact Jesuit trained. Aquino was a high ranking NSA officer and was involved in the training of MKULTRA mind control assassins. Noreen Gosche, also claimed that Aquino kidnapped her son (Johnny Gosche), and put him under mind control to work for the CIA and NSA in covert missions related to spying and assassinations. After reading Cathy Obrien’s book (Cathy was recruited by the Illuminati to be a spy and drug courier, and she was also given credibility by former Californian FBI chief, Ted Gunderson) you can come to no other conclusion, except that the Jesuits rule and control the Illuminati. James Casbolt confirms this.

James Casbolt has admitted that he is a member of the Fourth Reich, which is a modern Nazi empire that wishes to take over the world. Casbolt claims that he was raised by the Military and Intelligence community to be a super soldier spy assassin. Casbolt claims that he is under mind control and can be programmed to assassinate people on command.

Casbolt has also claimed that he married into the Illuminati, which seems to be confirmed as he married into the 153rd richest billionaire family in the world (Meijer family).

For years James Casbolt went around the alternative media circuit telling people that he was involved in: illegal drug operations with corrupt intelligence officers and criminals, contract killings, associating with reptilian shapeshifters (Half human and half reptile creatures), and Nazi Fourth Reich activity etc. He also claimed involvement with a number of other alien species such as the greys (Which he claims are an organic robot slave race. I actually agree with Casbolt’s assertion regarding the greys).

Casbolt later immigrated from the UK to the US, where he married the daughter of a US billionaire businessman. Upon arriving to the US, Casbolt joined the US military and has been photographed in US military uniform with US military officers.

_DSC9118-Michael-Casbolt,-Haley-Meijer-Casbolt,-The-Duke-of-Marlborough,-Deborah-MeijerRight: Picture of James Casbolt (far left), Haley Meijer-Casbolt (daughter of the 153rd richest billionaire in the world), The Duke of Marlborough and Deborah-Meijer.

Casbolt basically claims that he is a a professional assassin for the Nazi faction within the Illuminati. I have evaluated Casbolt’s claims and you cannot throw him away as a mentally disturbed person or liar, because he is married into a billionaire elite family, and he was also admitted into the US military, despite his public testimony of being in a covert Nazi group and being involved in drug trafficking. He was definitely protected by the US government when he joined the military. Casbolt has more recently gotten himself in trouble after rebelling against his elite family and separating from his wife, and he is now facing blackmail charges after trying to force his wife to give him two million dollars.

In conclusion, Casbolt’s comments about the Jesuits being in charge of an army of mind controlled super soldier assassins, seems consistent with truth in my view. The Jesuits are the masters of the Illuminati as well as other occult groups they rule. The Jesuits also portray themselves as benevolent Christians who preach the gospel, and this is why they have not been suspected as malevolent rulers of the NWO in two hundred years (Before 1800, the Jesuits were essentially banned from many countries in Europe and other continents).

The Jesuits have gotten smart and make sure when you see them, you observe them telling people about Jesus and talking about Bible scriptures. The Jesuits may have even been used to bring genuine salvation to non-believers of Jesus Christ, this is how sick these Jesuits are. The Jesuits know all the Bible verses, and have even been involved in modern Bible translations. They also produce Bible theology teachings, and interestingly enough a person I know gave me a Jesuit Bible teaching book just recently.

As smart as you think you are, the Jesuits are more cunning, diabolical and intelligent than you could ever imagine. These evil doers know the Bible more than most Christians, yet they still follow the devil and rule both the Illuminati and Ninth Circle Satanic cult. The Jesuit is the manifestation of Satan on earth, as Satan himself was a Bible theologian who talked to Jesus on earth about Bible scriptures when he was in the wilderness.

Consider the Devil himself when studying the Jesuit. “Then the devil taketh him (Jesus) up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinacle of the temple, And saith unto him, If thou be the  Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written, He shall give his angels charge concerning thee: and in their hands they shall bear thee up, lest any time thou dash thy foot against a stone.” (Matt 4:5- 6)

As you can see the Devil knows scripture well and quoted it when trying to manipulate Jesus into doing what he wanted him to do. The Jesuit is equally as cunning, and the Jesuit is an apprentice of Satan.

Maybe you have attended a Jesuit University and have witnessed the Jesuits performing charity deeds or preaching Jesus and the Bible (They make sure the public see’s them when they do these things), and you think the Jesuits are sweet and nice people.. Welcome to stage one of Jesuit mind control. The Jesuits first method of mind control is to control the way in which the public perceive them. Since the Jesuits are the foundation of organized Satanism and the Illuminati, they must be protected at all costs, so they hide in plain site by making sure they are perceived as the most benevolent and decent citizens in the community. The Jesuits invented and mastered the mind control techniques used to control super soldier assassins, and to control everyone underneath them in the Illuminati, is it any wonder that they can deceive others into thinking they are benevolent Christians?

I will also want to briefly comment on some of Casbolt’s comments about the Jesuits. Casbolt states that Jesuit reptilian Priests interacted with him, and this confirms my research that many of the high level Jesuits are reptilian shapeshifters. But the Jesuit Order is made up of both normal human beings (who are sorcerers and black magicians) and nephilim reptilian shapeshifters. I believe there are many good reptilians out there, however the bad or malevolent reptilians are the ones aligned with the Jesuit Order.


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