Christian Pastor and writer Rick Joyner admits he is a Knight of Malta (A Jesuit Papal Knighthood)

I had heard some years ago that Rick Joyner (senior Pastor of Morning Star ministries church and best selling Christian author) was a Knight of Malta, however I am very careful when discussing Christian leaders as I don’t want to judge brethren or falsely accuse someone. I do not really know what to make of this, but I can tell you this is not: a conspiracy theory, gossip, slander or a false accusation.

Over the years numerous pictures and videos have surfaced on the internet of Rick Joyner in a Knights of Malta uniform. He has also been photographed at Knights of Malta headquarters with other Knights dressed in their Knights of Malta uniforms. Rick Joyner has also admitted on his official website, that he is a Knight of Malta and believes it is a good thing.

Below is a screen shot from Rick Joyner’s website where he admits he is a Knight of Malta (I took this screen shot in case it is ever taken down). I have also provided a link to the full article on Joyner’s website below.

rickjoynerKnightMaltaClick here to read the full article and admission by Joyner.

I am not going to make any personal comments about Joyner, but I am going to give you the facts about the Knights of Malta. The Knights of Malta membership are reserved only for high level elite Illuminati bloodlines, the former head of the Knights of Malta was the cousin of Queen Elizabeth the second (Grandmaster, Prince Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie). Queen Elizabeth the second is also a Dame of Malta and has been photographed in the same Knight of Malta uniform that Rick Joyner was photographed in.

The Knights of Malta are a sect of the renamed Aragon Templars and they can also be considered an offshoot of the Jesuit Order. Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuits) was an Aragon Spanish Templar and member of the Spanish Illuminati in the 1500’s, he later founded the Jesuit Order and in the 1700’s one of Loyola’s followers (Adam Weishaupt) founded the Bavarian branch of the Illuminati.

The Aragon Templars and other Knights Templar branches have been split up into various groups, and the Knights of Malta Jesuit Templars are one of the most powerful branches out there. As stated above, Knight of Malta membership is usually reserved for elite Illuminati Royal bloodlines.
The Jesuits who are the founders and rulers of the Illuminati and Ninth Circle Satanic cult, have placed their Papal Knighthoods just below them in the NWO hierarchy. The Knights of Malta are definitely very high up in the Illuminati power structure, as being a Knight of Malta means you are second only to the Jesuits, Knights of the Equestrian Order and black nobility Roman bloodlines. In my home country, I follow the happenings of the Masonic Lodges here, and a very high level Mason was admitted into the Knights Templar (branch of the Knights of Malta) over here, and this was a very rare thing indeed, because the Knights of Malta are definitely above the 33rd degree Freemasons.

The main purpose of the Knights of Malta is to rule the Jesuit world empire for the Jesuits, and to work toward submitting the world to a future Jesuit controlled Pope. When the world government takes over through the United Nations, the Knights of Malta will assist in ruling the UN for the Jesuits. This is not a theory, this is a fact, as the Knights of Malta have an official and permanent observer status in the UN.

Please consider the below documentation.

“It (Knights of Malta) retains its claims of sovereignty under international law and has been granted permanent observer status at the United Nations. The order is notable for issuing its own international passports for travel, postal stamps, along with its formal insignia, often portrayed as a white or gold Maltese cross.” (Source:

Below are photographs and video for your observation.













Above Left: Queen Elizabeth reveals her submission to the Jesuit Order and Vatican, through wearing her Dame of Malta cape. Knights and Dames of Malta membership is reserved for elite Illuminati.

Above Right: Rick Joyner in full Knights of Malta uniform. Notice he is wearing the same cape as Queen Elizabeth.

Matthew-Festing-of-Britain-Grand Master of the Knights-of-Malta_NWO

Left: Current Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta (Matthew Festing) who is meeting with a Jesuit controlled Pope.







Far right: Joyner photographed on stage with high level Knights of Malta in full Knight of Malta uniforms.

Below is a picture I am not even going to bother commenting on. This comes from a Knight of Malta official website, and shows that Rick Joyner is in the ecumenical branch (bringing Protestant churches together to submit to the Vatican and Jesuits) of the Knights of Malta.

Joynermalta2I am going to be careful with what I say about Rick Joyner. All I am going to say, is that at minimum, he is at least deceived by the Vatican and Jesuits and is at least unknowingly working for them in bringing the Protestant churches under the control of the Jesuits. That is all I am going to say on the matter, and I will leave you readers to come to your own conclusions based on the information shared.

Below is a video I watched recently about the Knights of Malta and Rick Joyner. Once again, I make no judgement and just found the video interesting. I do not necessarily agree with everything insinuated in the video, and I advise you to watch the video objectively and make up your own mind.



7 thoughts on “Christian Pastor and writer Rick Joyner admits he is a Knight of Malta (A Jesuit Papal Knighthood)

  1. We’ll see. . . I have to admit, I was very touched by some of the Jesuit priests I met in Japan who very faithfully brought the Gospel to the Japanese. In fact, I had a downright miracle happen right in one of their Bible studies once! Of course I also noticed a bunch of other priests who were flaming homosexuals and all kinds of bizarre activity in the Jesuit Priests dorm at night there in Sophia University. So who can say? Maybe Rick just met some of the nicer ones and didn’t really research it enough. He rarely talks about anything ILluminati related, but I still like him better than Bill Johnson! we should pray for him, and I appreciate your attitude towards Christian leaders, I think that is a part of the Spirit of David. . .

    • One thing i will tell is to never trust a Jesuit. I personally know a number of Jesuits and they are more evil than you could ever imagine, and yes they do come across as nice and they do tell people about Jesus, but this is all part of their mind control so you perceive them as benevolent.

  2. Got it. . . maybe some of them were personally led in by that same spirit, I have to say I was enamored at that time, especially by this guy named Peter Milward, who had correspondences with C.S. Lewis and had attended Tolkien’s lectures, he had the G.K. Chesterton award from 2003 when I attended that school. Thank God He introduced me to the Family that exact same time, through a girl who was also a student there, from the Family. I might have been sucked into that NWO tentacle otherwise! I still think GK Chesterton was pretty awesome, though, and fought the NWO of his day.

  3. WOW! This is very creepy indeed! I have come to learn that the church has been infiltrated by the illuminati and high level masons to corrupt it. I know thats true b/c so many of the teachings are not biblical but have their origins in the occult. I lived it for almost 15 years and when God called me out of it, he also opened up my eyes to the betrayal and brainwashing and how the music and voice patters literally hypnotize people so the teachings brainwash the people. Thats why the charismatic movement is exploding! Such teachers like Joel Osteen, Joyce Myer and the such have huge followings and its only growing.
    Anyways, great blog as usual. Its nice to know I am not alone in my search for the truth. That there are others out there who are seeking also!

  4. I have never seen that picture of the Queen or the one of Prince Charles and my wife has over 100 Royal books on the British Royal family. I guess they try and hide that ?

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