Jesuit Cyber Wars. The Empire strikes back

In a previous article titled, BREAKING NEWS! OFFICIAL ILLUMINATI WEBSITE RUN BY JESUITS! READ EVIDENCE! I showed undeniable evidence that the website (a public relations website to promote positive attitudes toward the Illuminati group), was operating on a Jesuit IP address. Those who have not read the article can click the above link to see the evidence. This in my view was clear proof that the Jesuits were managing this Illuminati website, because the Jesuits control the Illuminati and founded the Bavarian branch of the Illuminati in the late 1700’s through Adam Weishaupt (a Jesuit priest). It should also be noted that the founder of the Jesuits (Ignatius Loyola) was a member of the Spanish Illuminati (known as the Alumbrados or illuminated/illuminati) in the 1500’s.JesuitCyberWarFinalWeb

So if you read my article which can be viewed in the above link, you will clearly see through my screen shots from, that a Jesuit website (which sells Jesuit audio teachings etc) called radiosiedem, was operating on the same IP address as the Illuminatiofficial website. This confirms Jesuit supremacy and lordship within the Iluminati. It seems the Jesuits have reacted to this discovery, and have removed their website from the Illuminati IP address.

Below is an updated screenshot as of: 29/12/14, which shows the Jesuit website has been removed from the Illuminatiofficial IP address. A new website called paradisesports has taken the place of the Jesuit website (which was operating on the Illuminatiofficial website IP address).

JesuitIPilluminatiThe Jesuits are clearly trying to clean up their mess, because they were caught red handed operating the Illuminatiofficial website. I knew this would happen and that’s why I took screen shots. The news website, also covered this issue and verified that a Jesuit website was operating on the Illuminatiofficial website. also took screenshots which confirmed that the Jesuits were operating on the Illuminatiofficial website IP address.

To view the article, which documents with screenshots how the Jesuits were operating on the same IP address as the site, please click: Beforeitsnews Jesuit Illuminati article.

The Jesuits cannot clean up this mess, the screenshots have been taken by two independent witnesses. Myself and, both have the screenshots to prove that the Jesuits were operating a Jesuit website on the Illuminatiofficial IP address, which in my opinion proves the Jesuits operate the Illuminati website and are the overlords of the Illuminati.

The Jesuits are presently in a cyber war, and the woman who posted the Lucifer worship in the Vatican video on youtube, has had her youtube account or videos terminated. The video no longer exists on youtube, but I did find another video and have replaced the terminated link on my web page, however I don’t know how much longer this new video will be on youtube. Jesuit and Satanic cult investigator Rev Kevin Annett, has also had many of his youtube videos deleted from youtube without an explanation. My website was also shut down in a cyber attack recently, and my web host was baffled as to why my website was shut down. Thank God I was able to get my site back up.

On another note, I also had an interesting IP address visit my website some months ago… I noticed an IP had visited my website and read a large number of my pages, so I thought I’d check their IP to see who had taken such an interest in my website. I discovered the IP address belonged to a company based in the United States called, Cyveillance.

Here are some excerpts from Wikipedia that discusses the Cyveillance group:

“Cyveillance is a company involved in the cyber intelligence industry. Cyveillance uses a propriety technology platform and human analysts to identify risks early for prevention and mitigation…The United States Secret Service contracts Cyveillance to search available information related to the Secret Service and its missions. Information obtained through Cyveillance is incorporated into the Protective Research Information Management System, an existing Secret Service system.”

Why is the Secret Service contracting this company to investigate my website?

The Jesuit cyber war is heating up now, and now I can understand why there’s been a push for tougher cyber laws (The Jesuits want the power to take down any web content they please). The Jesuits are in the game of destroying any information that incriminates them. Remember that the Jesuits have been able to engage in their criminal activities for over 200 years (Remember that they were banned from most nations worldwide in the 1700’s for: mafia type activities, assassinations, government infiltration and conspiracy). After this banishment from the world, they came back with a vengeance, and started destroying every book or publication that ever exposed them for what they truly are. For the last 200 years they have been hiding behind religious costumes and charity institutions They are the most cunning and ruthless iron fist within a velvet glove. The Jesuit hides in plain site.

Jesuit researcher, Eric Jon Phelps (author of Vatican Assassins) had his entire website taken down, however it is back up now after a major cyber attack. Craig Oxley ( who is also an excellent Jesuit researcher has been under cyber attack also (he claims the NSA is cyber attacking him, if I recall correctly). Oxley has been advising people to save any information from his site onto their local computer, as he believes that eventually, he will be fully shutdown. When I first heard Oxley say this, I thought he might be over-reacting, but I am starting to see the pattern clearly now. As stated above, Rev Kevin Annett who is on the front line of Jesuit research and exposure, has had videos mysteriously deleted from youtube for no reason. Rev Kevin Annett’s international common law court of justice website (which shares Vatican documents that explains how the Jesuits founded the Illuminati and Ninth Circle Satanic cult) has also been shutdown after being suspended.

The Jesuits are doing their best to keep their image clean, and they realize this is an information war, so they are not making it easy for people to maintain websites that implicate them. I can honestly say now, that I am being monitored by the Cyveillance company who are employed by the Secret Service. The Jesuits have their own members, as well as numerous Papal knights and members of other groups, who man these intelligence agencies and engage in surveillance, as well as cyber warfare, against websites such as this that challenge them.

If you find a video on youtube that exposes the Jesuit Order or Vatican (such as the blatant devil worship and Lucifer worship songs occurring in the Vatican), please save these videos onto your hard drive. If anyone wishes to recommend a program or service that downloads youtube videos, please advise in comments. The new Vatican devil worship videos I found on youtube have been saved to my hard drive now, because it seems the Jesuits are trying to remove a lot of stuff they don’t like off the net.

The Jesuits have been in an information war for hundreds of years.

“My History of the Jesuits is in four volumes in twelves, printed in Amsterdam in 1761. The Work is anonymous; because, as I suppose, the Author was afraid, as all the Monarchs of Europe were at that time, of Jesuitical Assassination.” John Adams to Thomas Jefferson November 4, 1816 An Inquiry Into the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln


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