Tax protester Ed Brown discovers Jesuit Order rules NWO

edbrown2Edward Lewis Brown (better known as Ed Brown) and his wife Elaine Brown, made news headlines in recent years after they refused to pay income tax as there was no law requiring them to do so (it should be noted that author Eric Jon Phelps is currently not paying tax in the US, after discovering the law does not require him to do so. Phelps currently has a non-tax payer status in the US).

Far Right: Picture of Ed Brown with his wife Elaine.

Ed Brown and his wife were also conspiracy theory researchers, who founded a number of research and think tank organizations which included, the constitutional rangers (a group dedicated to protecting the US constitution). Ed Brown believed there was a conspiracy which involved Freemasons, who wanted to destroy the constitution and bill of rights in the United States.

Ed Brown and his wife were arrested in 2007, after barricading themselves on their large property in New Hampshire. During the time the Browns isolated themselves on their property, they had a number of media days, where they spoke to the media about their grievances with the government. During the Brown’s property isolation they also held concerts, where other conspiracy researchers and followers of the alternative media, came to support them. Military equipped police allegedly harassed some of the Brown’s supporters, and allegedly fired headshots at an unarmed Brown supporter.

While in jail and continuing to research the New World Order, Ed Brown came to the conclusion that the Jesuit Order was at the head of the New World Order.

Below is a video that includes Ed Brown on the telephone from jail, explaining that he has discovered the Jesuit Order controls the New World Order.


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