Ian Paisley: a voice crying in the wilderness

Ian Paisley who founded the fundamentalist Free Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland, and who was also an Irish politician, was truly a modern day Prophet and John the Baptist. Ian Paisley was a voice crying to in the wilderness who was calling people to repentance, and also calling them out of the harlot church, known as the Roman Catholic church. If there was ever a modern candidate who could have been one of the two witnesses from the book of Revelation 11:3 (In the book of Revelation in the Bible, there is a prophecy about two prophetic witnesses, who will stand against the Antichrist in the final years of world history), Ian Paisley was certainly someone who could have been selected by God to fulfill this role.

As I look upon the life of Ian Paisley, I see a bold and courageous man who stood up against the Satanic Roman Empire, that rules Scottish Rite Freemasonry and world Satanism. In a world full of pacifists too afraid to make a stand against deceivers and stand up for the truth, Ian Paisley was truly a man who went down in history, as someone who made a stand against the: lies, deception and evil of the Vatican.

Below: Ian Paisley protesting that Britain must make an exodus from the Roman New World Order. In the other picture, Ian Paisley is holding up a sign that declares the Pope of Rome is the Antichrist.

IanPaisleyProtest PaisleyAntiChristSignIan Paisley was also one of the most powerful preachers of the modern age, recently I watched Ian Paisley preaching on salvation through Jesus Christ and how he saved us from the darkness and judgement of hell. As I heard Ian Paisley’s, sermon I was brought to my knees in humility and thankfulness for what Jesus had done for me. The fire, conviction, truth and power contained in Ian Paisley’s voice, can only be attributed to a supernatural divine power outside our human understanding. Ian Paisley preached and protested against the Jesuits and Rome, whilst preaching that salvation and entry into the Kingdom of Heaven, only came through faith in Jesus Christ alone. He preached that the Popery and Priestcraft of Rome was a lie, and called people to come out of the Vatican’s false religious system. This is true revival and reformation preaching. To fully receive everything God has for you, an exodus from Rome needs to be preached. You cannot come into the promised land without making an exodus from the modern day Egypt known as Rome (with all its: pagan/demonic rituals, false teachings and witchcraft/priestcraft).

In previous posts I have shown how the Jesuit Pope of Rome is not only the Antichrist, but also the: overlord of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Illuminati and the Ninth Circle Satanic cults. The Pope of Rome is also the leader of the diabolical Roman Catholic empire, that has been putting to death innocent Bible believers for centuries.

“When Pope John XXIII died in June 1963, Paisley announced to a crowd of followers that “this Romish man of sin is now in Hell!”. When Britain’s Princess Margaret and Queen Mother had met the Pope in 1958, Paisley had condemned them for “committing spiritual fornication and adultery with the Antichrist”. In 1988, Ian Paisley confronted the Pope of Rome at European Parliament, and publicly renounced the Pope as the Antichrist. Paisley interrupted a speech being delivered by Pope John Paul II in the European Parliament. Paisley shouted “I denounce you as the Antichrist!” and held up a poster reading “Pope John Paul II ANTICHRIST”. Paisley also held up a poster which declared the Pope the Antichrist. Other politicians who were in European Parliament snatched the poster out of Paisleys hands and ejected him from Parliament. When Paisley protested the Pope and called him Antichrist, he spoke the words of Protestant Archbishop and leader of the Reformation, Thomas Cranmer.

Below is some information about Thomas Cranmer:

“And as for the pope, I refuse him, as Christ’s enemy, and Antichrist with all his false doctrine.” He was pulled from the pulpit and taken to where Latimer and Ridley had been burnt six months before. As the flames drew around him, he fulfilled his promise by placing his right hand into the heart of the fire while saying “that unworthy hand” and his dying words were, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit… I see the heavens open and Jesus standing at the right hand of God.” (Source: Wikipedia)

The bold declarations the reformers made, have been almost non existent in this ecumenical (unifcation with Rome) Church era. As Rome uses Scottish Rite Freemasonry and the Illuminati, to unite the worlds churches under its grip, many churches are now blindly following the leader of the New World Order (Pope) into the abyss. It’s refreshing to observe a man of God like Paisley, making a stand against evil doers, and preaching for people to leave Rome and believe the word of God.

Paisley also believed that the European Parliament was a conspiracy of the Vatican, to set up a Vatican controlled superstate in Europe. Paisley also stated in an article that the seat no. 666 in the European Parliament is reserved for the Antichrist. Many researchers who are not even Protestant or Christian are starting to see that this is a reality.

Ian Paisley said of the Roman Catholic Church:

“Rome used to burn the Bibles, she used to burn the people that translated them, she used to burn the people that read them, but that didn’t succeed. So she decided upon another scheme, that she would place her Jesuit Priests in the training of the Protestant Ministers (to infiltrate, subvert and secretly feed Bible students false and misleading information such as maliciously edited manuscripts). At a great cost over 400 years ago; the reformers, the martyrs, and confessors, broke the shackles of Popery superstition and Priestcraft, and recovered the gospel, in what is known in history as the great reformation. We challenge, confront and condemn, the ecumenical apostasy, which in reality is resurgent Romanism.”

When Paisley was asked, what he would do when he meets God in Heaven, he said, “I would tell him that I love him and want to serve him, and I would ask to do the worst job in heaven.”

Ian Paisley also stated that young people need to understand history, and in particular church history. In the past, multitudes died and were burnt by Rome for getting the Bible translated into English and not bowing down to the false Christ (also known as the Pope of Rome, who titles himself as the Vicar or substitute of Christ). Getting the Bible translated into English from the correct manuscripts helped break the shackles of Rome. When the Bible was made available and people had the word of God, which contradicted the lies of Rome and the Pope, the Roman New World Order lost its power over the people. The Protestant nations that separated themselves from Rome, received all kinds of new freedoms that were not available during Romes dark ages. It should also be noted that no nation in history, has ever broken free from the New World Order without the correct word of God (King James Bible and Bibles based on the Textus Receptus and correct Hebrew manuscripts). Both Protestant England and Protestant USA, broke free from the New World Order for a short period of time. However both these nations were secretly infiltrated by the Jesuits and their associated secret societies, and the liberties the Protestant ministers and believers secured for these nations are slowly being eroded. Only preaching against Rome and its Antichrist Pope, whilst declaring the truth of the King James reformation Bible, can bring these nations back to their golden era.

Ian Paisley was an advocate for educating youth on the history of the reformation and Protestant era, so that young people would understand that in order to preserve their freedom, protesting the Pope Antichrist and preaching separation from Rome was essential. Today we see Rome raising up false Protestant entertainment churches all over the world, and with colorful light shows and trained musicians, the youth are being sold the lie of unification with Rome. With modern bands, state of the art sound systems and with false Shepards wearing the latest fashions to impress the youth, we are seeing these apostate churches, funded and fueled by Jesuit controlled Scottish Rite Freemasonry, telling our youth to forget church history and to forget the Protestant reformation. These apostate churches are leading the youth into Romes arms. In this era of ecumenical blindness and ignorance of the Protestant reformation, the average Christian youth, just thinks the Pope is another good Christian out to help the world, when in reality the Pope is the Antichrist beast man, who is chosen by Satan to deceive the world. The final Pope will be the Antichrist beast, spoken of in the book of Revelation in the Bible, and he will demand to be worshiped as God as he seeks to steal the office of Jesus Christ.
Ian Paisley was truly a humble man of God, who made a stand against the Antichrist Pope and its false religious system. Paisley was also one of the most powerful preachers and speakers of the last century, as his sermons and speeches captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

Centuries ago, there were preachers bold enough to say that the Pope was the Vicar of Hell and Antichrist, but today these types of preachers are not so common. Ian Paisley was one of the last men standing, and he certainly left his mark on history by his numerous stands against the evil of Rome. Ian Paisley was one man against an empire, he was certainly a modern day David, who stood against Goliath without flinching and without fear.. where are these men today? May we all look upon Ian Paisleys life and his courage, and may we be inspired to make a stand against evil and to declare the word of God.

Ian Paisley more recently appeared in the Protestant Bible documentary, “A lamp in the dark.” On the documentary, Paisley shares his Protestant beliefs, and exposes the Roman papacy as the Antichrist beast system identified in the book of Revelation.

Ian Paisley passed away on the 12th of September 2014 and may he rest in peace. Although he has left this mortal earth, his spirit lives on as we remember the stand he made and the courage he demonstrated.

Those wishing to study Ian Paisley’s teachings can visit his official website to do so.


Below is an inspirational video I watched that remembers the life of Ian Paisley:


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