Eric Garner killed by police who were enforcing NWO policies

In the last twelve months there have been numerous reports of police brutality, and unlawful treatment of individuals by police. I have not commented on most of them, as I don’t know exactly what happened nor did I have access to all the evidence.

However I recently had an opportunity to view the mobile phone recorded video footage, of police officers killing New York resident, Eric Garner for doing absolutely nothing wrong. According to witnesses Eric had broken up a fight between two individuals, as he was known by many as a peacemaker. “He has been described by his friends as a “neighborhood peacemaker” and as a generous, congenial person.” (Wikipedia) Later on, Eric was approached by over zealous police officers who began harassing him, and Eric was trying to explain to them, that he had done nothing wrong and there had been no breach of the peace. As the officers continued to harass Eric, he continually asked them to please leave him alone as he did nothing wrong. The next thing that happened was that a number of officers lunged at Eric, and one officer got him in a choke hold, and other officers helped bring him to the ground. When Eric was in a choke hold and slammed to the ground, he repeatedly stated that he could not breathe, however his pleas for help were not answered, and he eventually choked to death and died like a dog on the concrete. This description of events is based on clear video footage, filmed by a concerned citizen on a mobile phone.

eric-garner-chokeholdPhoto: Police officer puts Eric Garner in a lethal choke hold.

Eric Garner was killed for nothing. He committed no crime and he harmed nobody. He was simply approached by the police, harassed for nothing, violently attacked and then killed. Welcome to the Vatican’s New World Order.

The United States was traditionally a Protestant nation and had a constitution and bill of rights based on Protestant common law (the law of the land). The US constitution and bill of rights was penned by Protestants and Baptists (some who were ministers in the respected Protestant denominations), and it was the anti-thesis of Vatican Canon law (Admiralty law, commercial law or law of the sea is based on Vatican Canon law). Under Vatican Canon law, the Vatican’s minions can snatch anyone off the street or from their home, and interrogate them, torture them and kill them on the command of a Vatican superior (such as a Jesuit General, Cardinal or Bishop).

As the Jesuits through Scottish Rite Freemasonry and other secret societies, begin to attack the Protestant Common law constitutional laws of the USA, by using their infiltrators to change laws in the US government, we are beginning to see the US change from a Protestant common law nation into a Vatican Canon law fascist state. All the new statutes that contradict the Protestant US constitution are based on Vatican Canon law, these new executive orders and statutes, turn the police into inquisitors with unlimited powers. Just like in the Vatican’s dark ages, the Popes inquisitors can attack anyone they wish and even kill them. Also remember that during Romes supremacy, citizens were forbidden to own a cross bow (you cannot persecute or oppress people, who are armed and able to defend themselves). The Jesuits also want to disarm the United States, and continually use their talking heads and politicians to make this a reality.

Under Protestant common law, there needs to be a victim and witnesses, in order for the police to be able to arrest somebody. The police can not just go and seize an individual because they feel like doing it. If one reviews and observes the witness statements and video footage, Eric Garner was not a threat to the police or community, and the only report witnesses gave about him, was that he had done a good deed (broke up an altercation).

Adam Weishaupt who was the founder of the Illuminati, was a professor of Vatican Canon law and Jesuit, and as a Jesuit, he was engaged in a counter reformation (undoing the work of the Protestant reformation, which included undoing the common law liberties, Protestant nations had obtained). The mid 1600’s and 1700’s, saw many nations in Europe and the United States obtain Protestant liberties and freedoms that were not available during Vatican supremacy. During Vatican supremacy, the Popes secret inquisitor police, could seize you, torture you and burn you at the stake whenever they pleased. As the Jesuit Illuminati continue their attack on the US constitution, we are going to see more incidents of police killing innocent people like Eric Garner.

The only solution to protecting people like Eric Garner, is to demand the US government and its officials adhere to the Protestant US constitution. Any US politician or so-called police officer who violates the constitution should be seen as an enemy of the state. Protestant preachers also need to preach against the Jesuits, and their plot of destroying the US constitution with Vatican Canon law statutes (They do this by placing members of their secret societies in government and the courts, and getting them to implement laws that destroy and contradict the Protestant US constitution. An example of this is the new US NDAA executive order, which allows the US government to arrest anyone without a trial, this is based on Vatican dark ages canon law). Police officers who genuinely want to serve the people, should refuse to enforce laws that contradict the US constitution, and law abiding citizens who witness police officers enforcing laws that contradict the constitution, should be able to arrest those officers.

In the final: one world government, one world religion and new world order under the Pope of Rome, they will use the police to: arrest, torture and kill their enemies. We are beginning to see this happening as we witness innocent people like Eric Garner get killed for nothing. May Eric Garner rest in peace, and may his family receive the peace from God needed, to get through the events they are facing.

Tax protester Ed Brown who had snipers and heavily armed officers harass him when he questioned the tax laws in the US, had this to say about the state of police officers in the US: “What the police are doing in this country against the people is disgusting, they are destroying and murdering lives.” As we observe what happened to Eric Holder, we can see how Ed Brown’s words held some truth.

There are some great police officers out there, but unfortunately they do seem to be in the minority. I think Sherrif Joe Arpaio from Arizona seems to be a great police officer, he has supported the second amendment (right to bear arms) in the United States, and he has supported tougher immigration laws and enforcement (NWO wants heavy immigration to create a one word government). There has also been other Sherrif’s and police officers who support the second amendment, but they are in the minority. Because Jesuit controlled politicians dominate the US government, police officers who favor constitutional values over Jesuit statutes are persecuted by the government (there have been various attempts to drive Sherrif Arpaio out of office). In order for police officers to get promotions they must follow the Jesuit NWO leadership. As long as Protestant preachers continue to ignore the Jesuits and Rome, and as long as people forget that it was the Protestant reformation (and exodus from Rome) that gave us our liberties, innocent people like Eric Garner will continue to die. I encourage truth seekers and libertarians to support the minority police officers who are pro constitution, and to reject the career minded and self seeking officers, who enforce unlawful statute laws that contradict the US constitution.

For more information on Protestant common law/law of the land and Admiralty law, please read my article: ADMIRALTY LAW VS COMMON LAW

Below is the unedited video of Eric Garner being killed by the police, for standing on the street doing nothing, and for asking to be left alone.


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  1. Have i ever saw this INWO card?
    I am not the kind of a freak guy but the “function of the card” and the simliarity speaks for itself.

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