Ian Paisley vs the Antichrist Pope of Rome

In 1988 at the European Parliament, preacher and politician Ian Paisley made a stand against the Antichrist Pope. In a world full of people claiming to be prophets, who are the real prophets who are actually sent by God? I believe God Himself sent Ian Paisley into European Parliament to confront the Antichrist Pope. Ian Paisley is a politician and preacher from Ireland who made the famous comments, “The Jesuit is inwardly a devil, outwardly a monk and altogether a serpent.”

IanPaisley1The early fathers of the church always said they believed the Roman Caesar was the Antichrist. The men who translated the Bible into English and who were burnt at the stake by Rome for doing so, have always said that the Pope of Rome (the new Roman Caesar) was the Antichrist. The Pope of Rome is the beast and Antichrist of the book of Revelation.

The church of Rome has been putting to death Bible believers for centuries, and they continue to do so in secret through the Jesuit Order. Former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera, stated that the Jesuits are secretly poisoning Bible believers who won’t submit to Rome. The Pope himself is the sorcerer, who continues to hold onto the doctrines of the council of Trent, which curses Protestant Bible believers with over 100 curses. The Pope is also the emperor (alongside the Jesuit General) of the worldwide network of secret satanic societies, that includes the Skull and Bones cult where cult members must kiss the slipper of the Pope.

As documented in previous posts, the Pope of Rome is now openly worshiping Lucifer as his true god. The Pope is the false Christ and son of Lucifer (Satan), who will die and be raised from the dead fully possessed by Satan, and he will be Satan’s beast man who will rule the world as a dictator for the final 3.5 years of earth’s history. Every Pope in the last 500 years has been controlled and raised up by the Jesuit Order (the authors of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry degrees and founders of both the Illuminati and Ninth Circle Satanic cult). The Pope has always been prepared through Satanic rituals and black magic, to be a fit vessel for Satan, so Satan can possess him as the final Antichrist. The Popes of each century have sat upon the seat of the Antichrist dynasty, as the final Pope will be the worlds final Antichrist.

In 1988, God sent Ian Paisley into European Parliament to confront the Antichrist Pope. Ian Paisley called the Pope the Antichrist, and exposed this evil Pope for what he actually is. The Pope is a wolf in sheeps clothing, and finally one man stood up for righteousness. ‘Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?’ (Psalm 94:16)

Below is the video of Ian Paisley making a stand against the evil doers, and standing up against the worker of iniquity known as the Pope of Rome (The Antichrist).


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