Jesuits using a telescope named Lucifer and an intergalactic radio, to gather intelligence from outer space

The behaviour of the Jesuits is so bizarre people simply do not know what to make of them, there have been all kinds of theories floating around, about what these individuals are involved in. In previous articles I have shown two videos which document the Jesuit Pope engaging in blatant Lucifer (Satan) worship. These videos seem to confirm that the Jesuits are indeed Luciferians/Satanists, this also confirms Rev Kevin Annett’s assertion, that the Jesuits created the Illuminati as well as another Satanic cult known as the Ninth Circle.

But what are the Jesuits doing with a telescope named, “Lucifer”? On top of Mount Graham in Arizona is the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT), on the Vatican observatory site is another advanced telescope called, “Lucifer.” Yes thats right, the Jesuits who are on video worshiping Lucifer, now operate a highly advanced telescope named Lucifer, at the Vatican observatory in Arizona.

JesuitAtObervatory Right: a photograph of Jesuit; Christopher Corball who is involved in the operations of the Lucifer telescope, as well as other devices located at the Vatican Observatory (Remember that these Jesuits now openly rule the Vatican, so if there’s a Jesuit involved in the Vatican observatory, this means that the Jesuit is in charge).

“The 1.8 meter Alice P. Lennon Telescope and its Thomas J. Bannan Astrophysics Facility, known together as the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT), is a Gregorian telescope observing in the optical and infrared which achieved ‘first light’, the first starlight to pass through the telescope onto a detector, in 1993. VATT is part of the Mount Graham International Observatory situated on Mount Graham in southeast Arizona, and is operated by the Vatican Observatory, one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world, in partnership with The University of Arizona.” (Source: Wikipedia)

“Lucifer is part of the Large Binocular Telescope, which happens to be right next to the Vatican Observatory on Mt. Graham in Tucson.” (Popular Mechanics)

The above Wikipedia and Popular Mechanics quotes help give us a picture of the situation. There’s basically a site on Mount Graham in Arizona that is the Vatican Observatory, and on the same site is a telescope called Lucifer. The Jesuits are very involved with the Vatican Observatory and when a film crew went to document the activities of the observatory, it was a Jesuit priest who was interviewed about the management and activities of the observatory. The Jesuits are clearly maintaining and managing the Vatican observatory site, along with its Lucifer telescope.
So what is the Lucifer telescope? The Lucifer telescope is known as a: large binocular telescope near-infrared utility with camera and integral field unit for extragalactic research (it should also be noted the the Lucifer telescope has a twin now, as an additional Lucifer 2 telescope was installed at the Vatican observatory). The Vatican observatory is known for having the largest optical telescope in the world. The Lucifer telescope is said to be able to observe regions far into the milky way galaxy, aswell as observing planets very far away, the telescope also has near observe in the near-infrared wavelength range. These Jesuits certainly seem to be in control of the best technology in the world for outer space observation.
The Vatican observatory also has another interesting device on site, it also has a giant radio on site, that can recieve signals from outer space. Why do the Jesuits want to recieve radio signals from outer space?

VaticanRadio1Right: A picture of The Submillimeter Telescope (SMT), formerly known as the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope. This is a radio telescope that can receive radio signals from outer space. This radio telescope is also installed on the Vatican observatory site along with the Lucifer telescope.

Author Tom Horn spoke to a Jesuit at the Vatican observatory about his activities, and according to Horn, the Jesuit stated they are using the Lucifer telescope to locate alien life forms living on other planets. The Jesuit also explained they were looking for earth like planets in other solar systems, where intelligent life could be sustained.

I do not claim to know what the Jesuits are doing with this Lucifer telescope or the outer-space radio telescope. In the past a man who claimed he was a former high level Illuminati member, claimed that the Illuminati was going to stage a fake alien/UFO/spaceship invasion that would bring the USA under marshal law. He also stated this staged alien invasion would bring the worlds nations together so a world government could be formed. The Jesuits are on record stating to author Tom Horn, that they are looking for aliens who live on other planets.. what exactly does this mean? What exactly are they up to? Remember that these Jesuits are conspirators and they don’t engage in activities without a purpose, these are the creators and masters of the Illuminati and Ninth Circle Satanic cult, they are the overlords of the NWO. What do they intend to do with their off planet radio communicator and Lucifer telescope? Could the Jesuits be using this advanced technology to co-ordinate a staged alien/UFO invasion with secret anti-gravity technology? Is there a secret base on the moon with advanced anti-gravity flying crafts, that will stage a fake alien invasion from space? Are the Jesuits using this radio transmitter and Lucifer telescope, to communicate with pilots of the anti-gravity technology while they’re in transit from one secret base to another? I do not claim to have the answers to these questions, but I think if your a genuine researcher, these are legitimate questions you should be asking yourself. One thing we do know, is that these Jesuits have access to some of the best technology available in the world.

Another thing we do know, is that the Jesuits are operating this telescope named Lucifer and the outer space radio for malevolent purposes. I do think the operation of this telescope and the outer space radio may be linked to the deep military underground bases (DUMBS). The Jesuits having a telescope named Lucifer in the Vatican observatory, may indicate that the Jesuits have dedicated this observatory site to their lord (Satan/Lucifer), and that they are telling Lucifer they will be using this observatory for the devils plans.

Branton, who is a well known author and expert on the DUMBS, has stated on numerous occasions, that the Jesuit’s are very high up in the management of the DUMBS and other highly advanced technology. The fact that the Jesuit run Vatican observatory has the best outer-space observation and communication technology in the world, seems to confirm Branton’s views.

One thing that I would like to make clear, is that I do not believe in aliens who have an origin from another planet (although I think its possible, there may be secret bases on the moon or possibly other planets, created by the shadow government). I believe any intelligent beings operating with the Jesuits and Illuminati who are not human are: test tube created entities (possibly a mix of human and animal DNA), nephilim (part human and part fallen angel, as recorded in Genesis 6) or other mutant type beings created by the Jesuit/Illuminati axis (these test tube or hybrid beings are created to serve the Jesuit/Illuminati axis).

I do believe there are hybrids and mutants, as well as humans, who pilot the advanced anti-gravity crafts, and who also work at the underground bases and possibly off planet bases (moon etc). For more information on the origin of aliens, please read my alien origins article.


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