Ninth Circle Jesuit devil worship rising in the Vatican

When Rev Kevin Annett (former United Church clergyman) first came out with information that the Jesuits were worshiping the devil, and running a number of Satanic cults, to the average person this seemed inconceivable. However devil worship in the Vatican is rising since the appointment of a Jesuit Pope in the Vatican.

deacondevilworship1To the right is a picture of the Jesuit Popes deacon, who was singing praises to Lucifer (Satan) at a Roman Catholic worship service.

Make no mistake about it folks. The Jesuits are Luciferians and children of the devil, these occult sorcerers and army of black magicians seek to elevate their Jesuit Pope to the place of God. The Jesuits wish to replace Father God with Lucifer and Jesus his son, with a false Christ known as the Jesuit Pope Francis. This is the counterfeit trinity of Satan, powered by the spirit of antichrist.

The Jesuits are working with Satan to create a counterfeit Jesus (Jesuit Pope Francis) who praises Lucifer as his father God. The Jesuits are also very involved in the New Age movement. Many New Age books are making claims that Jesus was actually Buddha, and also claiming, he was known as a Hindu type god. We are seeing a false New Age Jesus being created through all these New Age books, and what we may see, is this New Age movement saying, “Jesus has re-incarnated himself into the Jesuit Pope, the Jesuit Pope of Rome is Jesus! Lets worship him!” You may then see other religious groups secretly working for the Jesuits say, “Hey look! This Jesus character has re-incarnated into the Pope, and Jesus was actually Buddha, Mohammad, Krishna and many other gods who re-incarnated into our gods! Lets have a one world religion and worship this re-incarnated god who is in the Jesuit Pope!” This may be a scenario that occurs. The Pope worship will then turn into the worship of Lucifer (Satan), as this Jesuit Pope praises Lucifer as his father and god (this is already happening).

Remember the words of the true Jesus Christ who said in the last days, “Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” (Matthew 24:4).

Most of the New Age bookstores have a relationship with the Theosophical Society (founded by Helena Blavatsky), and Blavatsky had a close relationship with the Jesuits, as she knew they wrote the high degrees of Freemasonry (particularly the Scottish Rite). Could all these New Age bookstores be secretly working for the Jesuits, to promote a false Jesus who is a god for everyone no matter your religion, and will these New Age bookstores and authors point the masses to the Pope as the new re-incarnated Jesus, and will they promote worship of the Pope as well as Lucifer? (the god of the Jesuits). As I look at what is happening, this does seem to be the case.

In a new video I recently discovered on youtube, you can observe the Jesuit Popes deacon leading the church in Lucifer (devil) worship. This is the second video I have posted related to devil worship in the Vatican, it seems this Jesuit Pope is establishing a trend of devil worship in the Roman Catholic church. The original poster of the video, states that Roman Catholics should flee this false religious system, and I wholeheartedly agree with him. This video has been recently deleted from youtube, however if you search for it you can find it online.


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