MJ-12 (Majestic-12), deep underground military bases (DUMBS) and the Jesuit connection

Sometime ago I watched a video of former FBI chief Ted Gunderson discussing secret Satanic societies at the Grenada forum. As an FBI agent, Ted had investigated and proven, that a global network of secret Satanic cults (also known as the Illuminati) were in control of most if not all world governments. Ted had also proven that these cults were in control of segments of various intelligence agencies. At Ted’s last lecture toward the end of his life at the Grenada forum, Ted did entertain the idea of Vatican and Jesuit supremacy in the Illuminati.

Ted was asked a question about who he thought were the leaders of this international network of Satanic cults, and Ted said that he believed an organization known as MJ-12 was very high up in the Illuminati structure and could possibly be leading this global network of Satanic cults (also known as the illuminati).

Below is some more information on MJ-12:

“In UFO conspiracy theories, Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) is the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, formed in 1947 by an executive order by U.S. President Harry S. Truman to facilitate recovery and investigation of alien spacecraft.” (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majestic_12)

There have been many opinions as to exactly what MJ-12 is, and there has also been documentation discovered, which discussed how the MJ-12 group, was allegedly entrusted with supervising the recovery of crashed anti-gravity flying saucers and spaceships. There have also been claims that the MJ-12 group has been linked to the greys (the common grey alien humanoid beings, that are often reported as participating in human UFO abductions). Some documents arose in the past that claimed MJ-12 was involved with advanced crafts piloted by the greys, these documents were also investigated by the FBI when they surfaced in the UFO community.

Recently I came across a correspondence that Eric Jon Phelps (author of Vatican Assassins) wrote to Craig Oxley (webmaster of theunhivedmind.com) about MJ-12.

Please consider the correspondence between Eric Jon Phelps and Craig Oxley below:

“I am suspecting The ENTITY that you speak of includes Majesty-12 and those Jesuit agents with a “Q” clearance. I spoke with inventor and former DOD employee Bob Boyce at the seminar two weeks ago and he said that those with “Q” clearance were from MJ-12. Well, I know of two Jesuits having had a “Q” clearance, both from the University of St. Louis. Boyce worked at Nellis AFB, which included Groom Lake which, Boyce stated, “the civilians call Area 51. I also suspect that Fletcher Prouty’s Secret Team operating out of Room 40 of the CIA are also connected with the ENTITY. This connection includes the rulers of the pope’s Vatican Ratlines (Nazi escape lines) as well as NASA and the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases). I also believe the ENTITY may well extend into the OCTOPUS made famous by Danny Casolaro, later killed for his reporting.” (Eric Jon Phelps)

I find it intriguing that Phelps links the Jesuits to MJ-12, and its also interesting that MJ-12 allegedly rules the Deep Undeground Military Bases (DUMBS) for the Jesuit ruled Vatican. According to Phelps, at least two Jesuits are represented in MJ-12. This information seems to confirm Brantons assertion, that the Jesuits are very involved in the management of underground military bases. Thomas Castello (who allegedly worked at Dulce underground base as a security officer), also stated that the Jesuits were very involved with the Dulce underground base.

It seems fair to say, that MJ-12 is an organization that primarily deals with underground military bases and advanced anti-gravity crafts. There also seems to be a Nazi link to MJ-12, as according to Phelps MJ-12 was involved in the Nazi ratlines that served project paperclip, that brought certain Nazi’s into safe havens such as America after the war. Its documented as fact, that many Nazi scientists were absorbed into the CIA after the war. Nazi science experimenter and documented illuminati programmer, Joseph Mengele (Nazi doctor), has been reported by numerous people as being an MKULTRA spy assassin programmer for the CIA. It should also be noted that Doug Riggs (a Protestant Christian minister and therapist), has treated many mind control victims who were programmed by Joseph Mengele at CIA controlled facilities.

It has also been documented that the Nazi’s were working on anti-gravity flying crafts, and many photographs have surfaced of these crafts and they are often branded with Nazi symbols. Many have stated that the Nazi anti-gravity technology was imported to the USA in secret. Could it be possible that the Jesuits who raised up Hitler and the Nazi’s (The Nazi SS was based on the Jesuit Order), established MJ-12 to manage all the Nazi anti-gravity crafts in deep underground military bases? Remember that one of the very first alien abduction incidents, was the Betty and Barney Hill abduction, where they reported that they were abducted by a man dressed in a Nazi uniform who was assisted by the grey aliens. MJ-12 may be a Nazi/Jesuit organization which controls the underground anti-gravity spaceship empire. MJ-12, may also control military bases that are on the moon and possibly other planets.

The Jesuits being in control of the anti-gravity flying discs and other anti-gravity crafts makes sense to me, because these Jesuits control the Illuminati and every other satanic secret society. I believe the Jesuits may use this anti-gravity technology, to stage a fake alien invasion to put the United States under marshall law. The Jesuits may also use the internationally connected underground military bases (Underground bases connected by underground shuttle trains) and hardware to: communicate, travel and perform exploits all around the world. It is my belief that the MJ-12 Jesuit group, may be the leaders of the worldwide underground base network which includes: Area 51, Dulce Base, Pine gap and possibly bases on the moon or off planet (The MJ-12 group is also connected to NASA). If the MJ-12 group does have Jesuits in it, this would mean that MJ-12 is submitted to the Jesuit General and Jesuit Pope.

ufoplanesTo the right is a still shot taken from a video, where a citizen filmed a triangle anti-gravity craft being escorted by what seems to be two large military planes. According to my research, these triangle crafts are used to maintain and enforce the Jesuit world empire. These crafts are also stored at underground bases such as: Dulce, Area 51 etc. The triangle crafts may also travel to and from bases on the moon and possibly other planets. It has also been alleged that these crafts are also kept at a secret underground Nazi base in Antarctica. I have written an article on the Nazi base called “Operation Highjump”, which can be read by scrolling through the main page. Branton has also written extensively on the possibility of a underground Nazi base in Antarctica also. A high ranking Admiral in the US Navy (Admiral Byrd) also stated in the past, that he believed highly advanced unknown flying crafts had a base in the Antarctic region.

DUMBpic1To the right is a picture of workmen, working on an underground shuttle train tube, which links the various international DUMBS. Highly advanced shuttle trains travel to the various DUMBS which are located all over the world. These tubes criss/cross the globe and even cross underneath oceans to travel around the world. Those with high security clearance (including high level Jesuits), can travel to various DUMBS around the world by using these shuttle trains.

DUMBpic3To the left is a picture of a nuclear boring machine, which can tunnel through rock and clay at amazing speeds. These boring machines are used to create the tunnels, which are converted into underground railway tunnels.


Dulcepic1To the right is a picture diagram of Dulce Base, based on the testimony of former Dulce Base security officer, Thomas Castello. As you can see to the right, the base has its own underground train station which links it to the various other international DUMBS. Anti-gravity flying discs and other advanced crafts are also able to fly in and out of these bases, as a small entrance for these crafts is depicted in the middle of the illustration.


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