Devil worship at Vatican. Was Pope Francis declared son of Lucifer, at a televised Roman Catholic Luciferian worship service?

The Jesuits and the current Jesuit white Pope have shown their true colors. In a recent live televised Roman Catholic worship service, Pope Francis (The Jesuit white Pope) stood on an elevated stage, as the church worshiped Lucifer and his false Christ (The Pope Antichrist).
Below are the lyrics that the church was singing before the Jesuit white Pope (who was elevated on a platform).LuciferworshipVatican


“His flame, Lucifer, dawning his own creation:

man, I say, O Lucifer, who knows no setting.

Christ your son (who came back from the dead and shed his peaceful light to the human race, and is alive and reigns forever and ever.” (Note: the video evidence supporting this Satanic worship service, is posted at the bottom of this article for your examination).

The above song lyrics being sung before a Jesuit Pope in a Roman Catholic church, seem to confirm that the Jesuits who rule the Vatican, are hardcore Satanists and Luciferians. This also seems to confirm the allegations of the: Pope, Jesuits and Cardinals, participating in Satanic rituals where children are executed.

It is my personal opinion that the current Pope Francis, may be the actual Antichrist spoken of in the book of Revelation in the Bible. The song being sung at this Roman Catholic event seems to be a satanic prophecy, about Pope Francis being the son of Lucifer (false christ) who will die and then rise from the dead. The Bible does predict the Antichrist beast, will be killed and then rise from the dead, fully possessed by Satan, and the whole world will worship him.

“And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.” (Revelation 13:3)

“And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” (Revelation 13:12)

It has also been stated that the Jesuit seal “IHS” stands for: Isis, Horus and Set. Michael Aquino (former vice president of the church of Satan) who is a Satanist and who founded the Temple of Set, considers Set the Eqyptian name for Satan (Note: In Cathy O’brien’s book, “Transformation of America”, it describes Michael Aquino as being Jesuit trained. I wrote an article on this topic that can be viewed by clicking this link: ). I believe Horus represents the son of Lucifer (the coming Antichrist) and Isis may represent the spirit of the Antichrist. In the lyrics of the worship song, Lucifer is considered Father God and the Jesuit Pope seems to be the false Christ and son of Lucifer. Do the Jesuits believe Lucifer is the Father, the Pope (Antichrist) is the son and the spirit is the spirit of Lucifer (In the name of the Father (Satan), the son (Antichrist/False Jesus/Pope) and the Holy Ghost (Spirit of Lucifer). This counterfeit trinity may be the demonic trinity of the Roman Catholic Church. Do the Jesuits and Vatican have a different view of the Holy Trinity than Bible believing Christians? The worship service at the Roman Catholic church seems to confirm this. It seems apparent that the Roman Catholic church has nothing to do with Bible based Christianity, but it is a continuation of the occult Luciferian Roman Empire with some Christian symbols thrown onto it, to make it seem Christian.

The Roman Catholic church is not Christian. This Jesuit led and Jesuit ruled Luciferian cult is the empire of Satan and his coming Antichrist. All the Bible translators (many who were murdered by the previous Popes for giving the Bible to the common people), stated that the Papacy was the seat and dynasty of the Antichrist. The final Antichrist being the final Pope, who will die and rise from the dead fully possessed by Satan, and who will rule the world for 3.5 years before the the worlds final judgement. This Pope will also force the world population, to have implantable microchips imbedded in their right hand or forehead (mark of the beast) as per Revelation 13:16-18.

This final Pope will demand to be worshiped as a god. The Lucifer worship currently in its infant stages in the Roman Catholic church, may begin spreading through all the other Protestant church denominations, that are controlled through Jesuit ruled Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

According to researcher and author, Eric Jon Phelps, the National Council and World Council of Churches, is being used by the Jesuits to unite the Protestant churches under the Pope, for this coming one world Luciferian Antichrist worshiping religion. A popular Protestant church I used to attend, recently attended an event that involved singing to the Pope. Will this singing turn to the worship of Lucifer? As bizarre as it seems, the evidence does support this. Unless these Protestant churches separate from Rome, Rome will lead them into Luciferian Antichrist worship.

The word of God in most Protestant churches, has also been corrupted with the new Bible versions. Most new Bible versions don’t even have the word Lucifer in there, as the Jesuits have been involved in most modern Bible translations, and have had Lucifer deleted from the Bible. Remember that the Jesuits are master intellectuals and theologians, and they have deleted the name Lucifer from the Bible (which describes Lucifer as being a fallen angel who is also named Satan), and it seems they have named god the Father, “Lucifer”, the evidence of the Lucifer worship proves this.

The Jesuits and Vatican are an evil Luciferian cult who have nothing to do with Bible based Christianity. Remember the Vatican’s Council of Trent curses Protestant Bible believing Christians over 100 times. Remember these curses have not been withdrawn by any Pope, the Vatican has not changed, they are the Beast. Come out of the Vatican Beast system, and also make an exodus from any Protestant church who is uniting under Rome. Find a church that preaches the Bible (preferably the King James version) and who is separated from Rome and protests Rome as the Antichrist beast. “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Ephesians 5:11)

Please view the Lucifer worshipping Vatican church service below:


14 thoughts on “Devil worship at Vatican. Was Pope Francis declared son of Lucifer, at a televised Roman Catholic Luciferian worship service?

    • God Bless, Just the other day i ran into the Jesuit oath and its so satanic it speaks about waging war against protestants , infidels, boiling people, strangling, cutting the stomachs, horrible things!! then it said about a mark on the arm and forehead hmmm this is what the elite popes and presidents are into

    • Its shocking I agree, but it shows this Jesuit Pope is a potential candidate for being the final Antichrist. Thanks for re-blogging this article on your site, this information needs to get out to the public.

  1. Yes, many of these videos are being removed by youtube. However I found two other videos (one is a duplicate of the one I linked above without the subtitle translation, but you can hear Lucifer being worshiped, and the other is a different worship service where Lucifer was worshiped by the Vatican also. This one has subtitles). Try and download these videos onto your computer folks, because they will probably get deleted. The person who put up the original has had her account terminated from youtube if I understand correctly.

    Here are the links:

  2. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this excellent blog!
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  3. This Pope is more likely to be the False Prophet rather than the Antichrist. He definitely will work with the Antichrist, but in view of the late hour in terms of the signs of the end, as they are called. The Beast has to make that “Holy Covenant” which has to be made with the nation-states that surround modern Israel’s controlled territory, and Israel.

    But it’s too early to say he’s either of the Unholy Wicked Duo.

  4. I don’t understand what the jesuits (who are fanatical Christians) want with Lucifer and Satan? What do they see in Lucifer? What is the purpose? Why do they want ‘darkness’?

    • The Jesuit’s have a very twisted view of both Lucifer and Jesus. In their 4th vow they swear to kill anyone who doesn’t believe in their version of Jesus. Search for a copy of the Jesuit oath on this blog. Many of the 4th vow Jesuit’s are black magicians who seek dark powers from Lucifer. Former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, explained when he became a high level Jesuit he was invited to a black mass where the devil was worshiped among the high level Jesuit’s. The Jesuit’s were banned from the Roman Catholic church in the 1700’s, the Pope issued a Papal bull banning them from the church because of all the assassinations and evil they were involved in. The Jesuit’s were also banned from many countries all over the world for many years, they just caused so much trouble. Throughout the years the Jesuit’s were well known assassins who murdered numerous Popes and political figures. In reality they should be banned from the Catholic church due to the previous Papal.

  5. I don’t know how many of you know that Islam was created by Jesuit priests. If you look at their believes they are exactly the same as the Jesuits. Also, in ancient Babylonian mythology it was necessary for the sun god and the sun moon to have intercourse, a relationship. Birth pains were part of the ritual, were blood of innocent people were sacrifices for the reincarnation of Horus (the Antichrist, also the god of death) It is very interesting to see how the Catholic church represents the Sun-god, by worshiping in Sunday (the day of the sun) which also represents Baal, the dragon and other ancient religions. Islam worships Allah, the moon god of the Assyrians. we can really see how prophecy is being fulfill here, that the dragon, Satan will give power to the beast, a religious-political power to persecute the faithful and kill innocent people. You see, America is worry about Islam, but really the real enemy is the vatican, that deceives all nation with its pretension of holiness working to change the constitution of united estate. This is why the UN, the Vatican and the US president wants to push for conservation of the planet. When you read what it is really behind the treaty of global warming, you will see that with it, all nations will give their constitutional rights to one government, and most important the right of freedom of speech and religion. But I think we are to late to reverse what is coming.

    Their only salvation in Jesus Christ, no one else, commit your live to Him and at the study of his Word, and he will give you the strength to overcome and eternal life….The story doesn’t end in destruction, it end in Victory for those that believe in the Son of God, Jesus or Lord.

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