CIA agent admits, Jesuit Order more powerful than the CIA

Recently I watched a video on youtube which involved the interview of a CIA veteran, who made some astonishing comments about the Jesuit Order. This CIA agent may have been caught on camera admitting what most people in the CIA know. If one takes this CIA agents comments in context, he was basically saying that the Jesuit Order is a powerful intelligence agency which is more powerful than the CIA.

CIAhuntpic1Far right: A picture of CIA operative and former CIA acting station Chief, E.Howard Hunt:

CIA veteran, E. Howard Hunt (Former CIA acting station chief in Mexico), stated during a television interview, “We always said in an admiring way, that the Jesuits have formed the greatest intelligence service in the world, always have.” The CIA agents comments are clear, the CIA admire and look up to the intelligence agency and military company known as the Jesuit Order. This is not surprising to me, because I know the Jesuits control all Luciferian secret societies worldwide, and that they control most if not all of the international intelligence agencies. The Jesuits are also the masters of the illuminati and control it from the top point, just under Satan and his host of demons.

Do not be deceived, these Jesuit soldiers are not benign missionaries spreading a message of love. These are highly educated, highly trained spies and assassins whose goal is world dominion at all costs, and by any means necessary. The Jesuit is also trained in philosophy and theology, because they plan to control the masses through a one world religion and one world government. Their philosophical training allows them to control organised religion, and their spy/assassin training allows them to control world politics and world economics (they also exercise their spy/assassin training when religious leaders wont obey them). The Jesuit is also trained in black magic, and can exercise his occult powers to achieve his goals. Hiding under their religious garments they appear as sheep, but beneath the disguise is a highly cunning devouring wolf.

What is a Jesuit? “The old true definition of ‘Jesuit’ (is) being a clever person who deceives the people.” (Craig Oxley)

The Jesuit is a highly trained spy/assassin who has more connections and training than a high level CIA agent. Researchers such as Craig Oxley, Eric Jon Phelps, myself and others have stated many times, that the Jesuits rule the international intelligence agencies. E. Howard Hunts comments confirm Jesuit supremacy in the intelligence community.


One thought on “CIA agent admits, Jesuit Order more powerful than the CIA

  1. Hello,

    When I was in the 10th grade (1974), I studied at Saint Paul’s High School in Covington, Louisiana, which was run by the Jesuit Order and presumably still is. There I became familiar with how the Jesuit Brothers spoke, carrried and groomed themselves. In particular, one of their stereotypes is that of a slender white male with collar-length blonde hair and a “Mark Spitz” mustache. I have been personally accosted by FBI agents for seemingly innocent political speech, which criticized the importation illegal immigrants to force wages down and break unions. Oddly, these FBI agents grooming fit this stereotype exactly. This stereotype can even be seen on the FBI’s own website. I was further suprised to discover that this stereotype holds not only in the United States, but also in other parts of the world, such as Georgetown Guyana; where I observed it personally, while attempting to obatin asylum from COINTELPRO in 2011-12. I have also had several other encounters, some involving sabotage and vandalism, that have helped reinforce this conclusion. One of these encounters involved a man who claimed to be a “former” Jesuit explain to me that Latin-American gang members where imported into this country to control the population. I was originally a bit skeptical of his claim, but taken in context it now seems more credible.

    There is obviously some connection between the Jesuit Order and the FBI; obviously to do with intelligence and social control; but I am currently ignorant of the details. I suppose I am blessed to have had this revelation. I hope that someone in the know can help shed some more light on this. In 2012 I was able to find an image online of an agent groomed in the afore-mentioned manner in a blue jacket holding an MP5 submachinegun. If anyone can find this or any similar images, please get back to me.

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