BREAKING NEWS!!! The Jesuits have been caught red handed operating an illuminati website. I think this is a clumsy mistake made by the Jesuits, but its shocking to say the least. As intelligent and as cunning as these educated Jesuits are, it seems they have made a big mistake, and began hosting their illuminati website on a Jesuit IP address. This proves two things: the illuminati is a Jesuit created and run organization, and the second thing it proves is that these Jesuits can make mistakes and are vulnerable. As powerful and as intelligent as these servants of the devil are, they have clearly made a major mistake here and have exposed themselves as the leaders of the Illuminati.

UPDATE: The Jesuits have removed their website from the IP address. Prior to this removal, the Jesuits had their radiosiedem website (which sold Jesuit teachings) on the same IP address as the Illuminatiofficial website (This proves that the Jesuits are operating the Illuminatiofficial website in my view). However I have taken screenshots which can be viewed below that show the Jesuit website was on the Illuminatiofficial IP address (it should also be noted that the news website,, also reported that a Jesuit website was operating on the same IP as the Illuminatiofficial website). You can also read my article, Jesuit cyber wars, which explains the Jesuit cyber war, and how the Jesuits are trying to remove websites and information from the internet which expose them.

Bloggers have been discussing the new illuminati webpage, that claims to be the official website of the illuminati (credit to starsword blog for bringing this to my attention). The website address is According to many, this is the official website of the illuminati, and it is an outreach/public relations campaign designed to give the illuminati a good image, in the midst of all the information coming out about this group. Many believe this website was setup to counter all the online information exposing the illuminati. Visitors to the website can read about the illuminati’s goals and how many top politicians and business people are members, the website also has an official propaganda video which conveys some of the illuminati’s alleged goals.

After hearing a rumor on a radio program that this illuminati website was run by the Vatican, I did some research on the website and discovered some shocking information. This website is run by the Jesuits, and operates on the same IP address the Jesuits use. I have undeniable proof and have taken screen shots to prove this. I don’t know if the Jesuits will change their IP domain after this information breaks, but I have the screen shots below to prove it. Please feel free to verify this information on

Get this information out folks. People need to know the Illuminati is simply a tool of the Jesuits.


As you can see above, there is another website that shares the same IP address with The website that shares the same IP with the illuminati website is The radiosiedem website is a Polish Jesuit website that airs Jesuit radio shows and sells Jesuit teachings.

Below are the screen shots of the Jesuit internet website that shares the same IP with the illuminati website. The first screen shot is in polish, and the other screenshots of this webpage are in English, as I viewed the page a second time with a google assisted translation. Note the official Vatican flag on this website and also note the picture of the Jesuit Priest (Father Joseph Augustine). The “SJ” on the end of Father Augustine’s name stands for “The Society Of Jesus” also known as the Jesuits. In other screen shots, you can see this website is selling Jesuit audio teachings.


As you can see in the above screen shot, the website operating on the same IP address as the Illuminati website is selling Jesuit audio teachings on CD! The website states, “Archival recordings in mp3 CD can be purchased at the Jesuit Center for the Millennium (58835 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60634, USA) or order”

The radiosiedem website is clearly a Jesuit website.

So its official. The Jesuit Order has started up an official illuminati webpage. All genuine researchers should take note of this information. Researchers such as: Eric Jon Phelps, Craig Oxley, Branton and Kevin Annett have been stating that the illuminati is simply a tool of the Jesuits for some time. I also contend that the Illuminati is merely one of many groups the Jesuits both founded and control.

This is shocking information, but a breakthrough for truth seekers and researchers. I was shocked when I saw this information to say the least, but I also wasn’t surprised, because all my research indicated that the Jesuit Order control the illuminati. Adam Weishaupt (who founded the Bavarian branch of the Illuminati) was a Jesuit himself.

Copy this information and get this out into the community folks.

Below is a direct link which verifies the above information:



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