So you think you know the genuine bloodlines of the Illuminati?

There have been a number of so-called experts who have published writings regarding the so-called bloodlines of the illuminati. Most in my opinion are wrong, and may possibly be involved in a disinformation campaign.

In my personal opinion, I think the researchers who are the most correct are Eric Jon Phelps, Craig Oxley and a couple of unidentified researchers whose work I will share below.

The actual power structure (the closest to the truth) and leading bloodlines are described below.

Jesuitsrulediagram1The above diagram was published on the website and is based largely on the research of Craig Oxley (Researcher and manager of the website). I agree with the above diagram, and believe its the closest to the truth of all illuminati power structure diagrams that have ever been published. However I believe that the present white Jesuit Pope, should be included in the same compartment as Adolfo Nicholas and Hans Kolvenbach. I believe the the white Pope and the two black Popes, represent the high council of 3, that is just below Lucifer/Satan and his host of demons. Craig Oxley believes the 10 Noble families rule over the high Jesuits, but I do not necessarily agree with this, I believe the top three Jesuits (Pope Francis, Kolvenbach and Nicolas) are above the 10 families.

Eric Jon Phelps does disagree with Craig Oxley on the positions of the 10 Noble families and the high Jesuits. Below are Phelps comments on this issue:

This excellent video (Craig Oxleys video) concerns the 13 obelisks in Rome and the elite 13 Roman Papal Bloodlines, ten of which are represented on the Black Pope’s advisory, Ten-man Jesuit Council.  It is your editor’s position that the Roman Papal Bloodline families, as well as the Papacy itself, were subordinated to the gargantuan, Satanic power of the Jesuit Superior General no later than the beginning of the 20th Century.  Further, the Arcana Arcanorum is composed of the 87th, 88th, 89th and 90th Degrees of the Masonic Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim, and that these high rites were authored by none other than the highest occult Jesuits.  Thus, according to the Constutions of the Society of Jesus, all power is vested in the Jesuit Superior General, which includes the subordination of the Ten-man Jesuit Council as well as the General’s Ten Assistants.

Below is an outstanding piece published by an anonymous person. I have made some minor edits to the publication which is below:

                                                                            (Fallen Cherubim that Covereth)
                                                                                Not a Morning Star like Christ
                                                                actual name is Halal ben Shakar it means arrogant
                                                                        son of the rising morning star (The Sun)
                                                                                          Eye of Lucifer
                                                                                         (All seeing Eye)
                                                                                         Anti Christ (The present Jesuit white Pope? Pope Francis?)
                                                                                         The Black Pope: Adolfo Nicolas
                                                                                         (Jesuit General) of the World.
                                                                                         Second Jesuit General: Peter Hans Kolvenbach
                                                                                         Ten-man Jesuit Council
                                                                                         Senior Jesuit Assistants
The Black Nobility.
Ptolemaic Papal bloodlines:
  • Orsini
  • Breakspear
  • Aldobrandini
  • Farnese
  • Somaglia
These are the 10 Roman families whose top men sit on the Jesuit Council:
1. Farnese *
2. Borja
3. Colonna
4. Gaetoni
5. Medici
6. Pamphili
7. Orsini *
8. Aldobrandini *
9. Chigi
10. Conti
* = Most powerful bloodlines
Saturnalian Brotherhood – The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of the Illuminati
  1. House of Aldobrandini/Borghese *
  2. House of Borja/Borgia
  3. House of Breakspeare *
  4. House of Chigi
  5. House of Colonna/Cologna
  6. House of Conti
  7. House of Farnese/della Rovere *
  8. House of Gaetani/Caetani
  9. House of Merdici/ De Medeci/ Domedici
  10. House of Orsini/Maximus *
  11. House of Pamphili
  12. House of Somaglia *
  13. House of Este Estence
* = Most powerful bloodlines
The Council of Thirteen -13 Blue Blood Families
Queen Elizabeth II -House of Windsor (Saxe Coburg Gotha)
Elite Bankers: Financial advisers to the Queen of England & Master Keyholder to the Vatican Treasures
                                                                           The Council of 33:
                                                                                    Vatican Cardinals
                            Master Scottish Rite Masons – Highest Knights Templar – Rosicrucian’s
                                      Highest Knights of Malta – Highest Shriners – Highest York Rite-
                                      Highest O.T.O (Ordo Templar Orientis)- Highest Priory de Sion
1(a). Lucifer (Light Bearer) hence term/title “ILLUMINATI” ‘enlightened ones’ He is the ‘unseen ruler’ but does make ‘visible’ appearances to illuminati members and the Black Pope.
1(b). Jesuit Order –
The Black Pope and his Provincials – Superior Jesuit General (The President of the World)
 The Black Pope answers directly to Satan/Lucifer & carries out all his orders and bidding’s. The Queen of England
 and The White Papal Bull must answer to All of his Commands. He is titled the Jesuit General of the World and Supreme Chancellor of the World. He will maintain this position of authority until The Anti-Christ/Messiah Lucifer/Satan Incarnate takes up Rule once the New World Order and “Beast” Mark System is established with invisible currency (The RFID MicroChip). and He will Sit on the Throne of David and King Solomon in the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and Declare himself GOD !
This is some good info on the Black Pope:
The ‘Black Pope’, Superior Jesuit General (The President of the World), speaks at Loyola ‘Military Fortress’ University in his un-ratified 14th Amendment ‘Little Rome’ D.C United States Corporation. A corporation under International Maritime Admiralty Law (Uniform Commercial Code) based upon Vatican Canon Law and perfected by the Roman Empire. (Reptilian Dimension comments: Its interesting to note that Adam Weishaupt who founded the Bavarian branch of the Illuminati, was a professor of canon law and worked in an office typically held by Jesuits. It is Reptilian Dimensions opinion, that the NWO is a worldwide empire putting nations under Roman canon law/law of the sea/commercial law etc).
Regarding the Jesuit General: He lies about his power, he’s over the Pope as of 1814. He only serves and works with the shadow Jesuits being the Papal Bloodline Orsini’s, Breakspear’s, Aldobrandini’s, Farnese’s, Somalgia’s. (Reptilian dimension comments: The current white Pope is a Jesuit himself. It may be possible that the white Jesuit Pope is a chosen vessel of Satan, and he may be fully possessed by Satan in the future, making him the Antichrist and ruler of the Jesuit General (Black Pope). There has never been a Jesuit white Pope before, so this is a game changer with regards to the Jesuit Generals position.
Adolfo is not of Papal Bloodline, some Black Pope’s have been. The next in power beneath the Jesuits is the Bourbon, King Juan Carlos of Spain. The Roman Monarch of the World, The King of Jerusalem and SMOM Military Navigator. Adolfo serves as a military General protecting the Zoroastrianism and Mithraism mystery schools. The Jesuits were created by the Papal Bloodline Farnese during the reign of Farnese Pope Paul III. Loyola was commissioned by Alessandro Cardinal Farnese.
The Council of 300–The Committee of 300 (Other sources have stated its a committee of 500). Too many to name but it includes: royalty, prominent politicians etc.
High Secret Societies – Interconnected Bloodlines -Disney, Krupp, McDonald
        All Bavarian Illuminati – Skull and Bones -Royal Order of the Gartar-
        Club of Rome -Grand Alpina Lodge – Jesuit Provincials.-Bohemian Society
                                                                      Round-table Groups
 Bilderberg – RIAA- Council on Foreign Relations- Trilateral Commission
                      British and Dutch East India Company (Drug-Opium trade)
                      UN Security Council – NATO – EU Parliament
Regarding the intelligence agencies below, it should also be noted that CIA veteran and CIA station chief, E. Howard Hunt, is on record stating that the Jesuit Order is more powerful that the CIA. I wrote an article on this issue which can be viewed here: E. Howard Hunt admits Jesuit Order more powerful than CIA
                                                     Think Tanks and Intelligence Societies
                    Tavistock (1921)- Aspen Inst. – Jason Society- Brookings Inst.-IPS- MIT
                   National Training Labs – Wharton School of Economics (PA), Harvard Pysch
                    Princeton INst. for Advanced Studies – Stanford Research Inst.
                   The Kissinger Star Group – Lucis Trust (Lucifer Publishing-Rosicrucians)
                       Jesuit Provincials -Knights of Malta -Knights of Columbus – CIA-
                            – P2-Opus Dei Monks- MI-5  MI-6 – NSA-KGB-FBI
                              Interpol – Homeland Security-Military Intelligence- High MOB groups
                              BANKS AND CORPORATIONS
Below is a short video on the true illuminati bloodlines created by Craig Oxley ( I think this is an excellent video, although I do not agree on a minor point. I believe the top Jesuits rule above the council of ten bloodlines. Make no mistake folks, this article is the pinnacle of NWO/illuminati research (Although I don’t take credit for most of the information on here. Most of the information comes from an unknown author, Eric Jon Phelps and Craig Oxley).
Click the below link to watch Craig Oxley’s illuminati bloodline video:

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