Admiralty Law (Commercial law) vs Common Law (Law of the land)

Most citizens, whether they live in: the America’s, Asia, the Middle East or Oceania are subordinated subjects to the: Pope of Rome, the Jesuit Order, Papal Black Nobility and ultimately the continuation of the Pagan Roman Empire. The Admiralty law system which presently dominates all nations of the world, is a system secretly set up to contradict libertarian constitutional common law, also known as law of the land (traditional Protestant law).

What is Admiralty/commercial law or law of the sea? “A corporation under International Maritime Admiralty Law (Uniform Commercial Code) based upon Vatican Canon Law and perfected by the Roman Empire.” (Written by an anonymous person). One should also note that Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Bavarian illuminati, was a professor of Canon law and a Jesuit.

The Admiralty law system (commercial law or law of the sea) was secretly set up by Rome through Scottish Rite Freemasonry and Papal AdmiralPopepic1Knighthoods. The Admiralty law system is a system designed to enforce a number of Rome’s Papal bulls (decrees of the Pope of Rome). England broke free from some of the Popes temporal power (political, economic and worldly power) in 1215 when the Magna Carta (an English common law document) constitution became the basis for law in England. This incident could also be considered as a minor protestant reformation as according to author Eric Jon Phelps, the Roman Catholic Priest(s) who supported this fair and libertarian law document, were defrocked and deemed apostate by Rome. This law document gave England the most liberty out of all nations on earth, because at this time, every nation on earth was submitted to the Pope and Rome. The monarchies over each nation were servants of the Pope, who simply enforced the Popes worldwide temporal power. This is known as the dark ages.

In the 1500’s during the beginning of the Protestant reformation (where common people began reading the Bible for themselves, and realised the Pope was an Antichrist seeking to steal the office of God and Jesus Christ), many common citizens in Europe started breaking away from the temporal (political, economic and worldly) and spiritual (occult) power of the Pope. Rome started losing control of Europe and the revenue and tributes that went along with it. It was during this reformation time that resulted in the Bible being printed for the common people (during the dark ages, reading of the Bible was forbidden by Rome, as it would have exposed the Vatican as a false satanic religion trying to steal the office of Jesus and of God). This Protestant reformation peaked in 1648, when the modern era was declared, and many nations in Europe broke away from the Vatican, and actually had true liberty. This liberty consisted of spiritual liberty in having the true Bible in their own language, which made them realise that the Roman Catholic church was a lie. With the spiritual liberty came the: political, economic and worldly liberty as well. Many Protestant nations in Europe and in the United States, implemented constitutional law (based on the Magna Carta), that nullified the the Popes power. During the early years of the United States, and during the true Protestant years in certain nations in Europe, many of these countries had true liberty and freedom. These countries for some years were free from the Roman Admiralty law system.

After the Pope lost much of his power during the Protestant reformation, the Jesuits who are a revived form of the Templar’s and Spanish illuminati, began using Scottish Rite Freemasonry and Papal Knighthoods, to secretly install Admiralty law upon the nations of the world (regaining the Popes temporal power). This is known as the counter-reformation, which also consisted of the Jesuits secretly using the above societies, to infiltrate and subvert the Protestant churches. These two missions of the Jesuits related to regaining the spiritual and temporal power of the Pope.

Unfortunately today, most nations are submitted to the Jesuit Order and Pope through the Admiralty law system, secretly set up by the Jesuits through the above mentioned societies.

During certain times of the Protestant reformation, many nations had the liberty of common law (the law of the land), that recognised them as being a living breathing soul, with flesh that lives and blood that flows. Under common law or the law of the land, a human being was an individual created by God and had a right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The individual also had a right to choose his/her religion and freedom of conscience (something forbidden by the Pope). In many Protestant nations such as the early United States, the government could not tax its citizens, as this was considered theft and abuse.

To reaffirm what common law or law of the land is, it is where you are recognised as a human being created by God who lives on the land, and who is known by a first name and from a certain family. For example: Your name may be John (as is commonly called) of the Johnson family who lives on the land God gave you. As a human being of the land, you have a right to travel within the land, free of all evil taxes (Under Admiralty law, this right has been stolen from you through: licensing, car registrations, toll roads, taxes etc).

Below are some excerpts from the Magna Carta related to freedom of travel:

“41. All merchants may safely and securely go out of England, and come into England, and delay and pass through England, as well by land as by water, for the purpose of buying and selling, free from all evil taxes.” (Magna Carta)

“55. All fines (evil taxes to travel) imposed by us unjustly and contrary to the law of the land, and all amerciaments made unjustly and contrary to the law of the land, shall be altogether remitted.” (Magna Carta)

The law of the land also gives the individual many rights when dealing with the police. Consider the below excerpts from the Magna Carta:

38. No bailiff, on his own simple assertion, shall henceforth any one to his law, without producing faithful witnesses in evidence.

39. No freeman shall be taken, or imprisoned, or disseized, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any way harmed–nor will we go upon or send upon him–save by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land.

Notice that the individual living on the land is referred to as a Freeman on the land. The US constitution is based a lot on the Magna Carta, as you can read above that a trial by jury (trial where your judged by your peers, as opposed to Roman officials) was a Magna Carta concept. The ultimate manifestation of the Magna Carta, was brought forth during the establishment of the United States constitution and Bill of Rights. The US constitution and Bill of Rights was largely authored by Baptist and Protestant Christians. Most of these Christians knew the tyranny of Rome, so they penned these lawful documents to protect themselves and their citizens from Rome. It should also be noted that when the US fought for their independence against Great Britain, Britain was under the control of the Jesuits. Those wishing to live in peace from Rome also need the sword of just defence (firearms), because when the Jesuits don’t get their way, they will come after you with violence.

The common law right of trial by jury is also being attacked by the Jesuits through executive Presidential orders. The recent National Defense Authorization Act in the USA (where the Jesuit controlled government can arrest you without a trial), is an example of the Jesuits using Papal controlled politicians, to destroy any common law principles that may be left in traditional Protestant countries.

A trial by jury before being found guilty is a Protestant liberty based on the fact that in the past, the Vatican could arrest anyone they deemed an apostate and torture them to get information from them, and many times kill them. This was usually related to the individual having a religious or spiritual view the Vatican did not agree with. According to author Eric Jon Phelps, the Vatican is responsible for murdering millions of people over the years, and dwarfs Islam in comparison to killings in the name of religion. The Jesuits want to set up an empire based on full Admiralty Roman Canon law (Adam Weishaupt who founded the Bavarian illuminati was a professor of canon law), where they rule as dictators and can crush anyone that doesn’t do as they say. The Admiralty Canon law system also allows them to install multiple monopolies in a nation, so they can increase their revenue streams.

As many researchers know, the law of the land in the United States and other countries is being subverted by the Jesuits and Rome. Some years ago in the US, it was unlawful for the government to tax its citizens, but the Jesuits and their secret societies have placed corrupt judges and politicians into positions of power, so these Jesuit servants can implement Jesuit Admiralty laws that contradict common law into the community.

Admiralty law turns the Freeman on the land into a legal fiction corporation and a vessel of the sea. Under Admiralty law you are no longer the Freeman on the land commonly known as John of the Johnson family. Once your put under Admiralty law, you become Mr (as in Master of a shipping vessel) John JOHNSON (you are given a surname all in CAPS which makes you a legal fiction corporation that does business with the Roman Empire). Under this Admiralty law you are no longer treated as a human being of the land, you are under the LAW OF THE SEA, and the traditional laws associated with cargo ships and other vessels of the sea are placed upon you. You no longer have a right to be governed by the law of the land, as you are considered the Master of a ship at sea.

Once your birth is registered with the birth registry and you claim association with your birth certificate which puts your surname in CAPS, and also assigns you a corporation number, which is traded on the stock market (controlled by the Jesuits), you become a corporate entity and ship at sea. It should also be noted, that your legal corporation actually holds money on the stock market. Many people have actually sought out their corporation birth certificate number and have extracted funds from it. This is a secret stock market financial account in your name, that most people do not know even exists. The account number of your listed corporation that holds value is written on your birth certificate. Through the birth registration, Rome has taken hold of you, removed you from your land, and brought you out into the sea, where the Pope governs you with his temporal and spiritual power. Remember that the Admiralty law system or law of the sea is based on Vatican Canon law and Papal bulls. This Admiralty law system is simply the Pope regaining his spiritual and temporal power.

Once you become this corporation vessel entity, then you are forced to do corporate business with the Vatican controlled corporations of the world. The police become retail business people, who force you to do business with Rome’s corporations. You are forced to register your vehicle with a sole car registration corporation who has no competitors (this is a monopoly), and your car registration payments are enforced by the Police corporation enforcers. The Police also enforce the road toll taxes (unlawful under common law/law of the land), and force you to do business with a private corporation, who extract money from you to travel on the road. Under common law/law of the land, it is unlawful to impose taxes on people to travel. Most police organisations worldwide are corporate entities who train their enforcers in Admiralty law (the Police chief of the State I lived in previously, was also the Grand Master of Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Most fines are also unlawful under common law/law of the land. There have been many cases where informed individuals have gone to court, and “claimed common law jurisdiction and have waived all the benefits”, with regard to minor traffic violation fines, many times the case gets dismissed and the defendant does not need to pay the fine. By claiming common law jurisdiction and waiving all benefits, you are claiming in court your rights as a human being who lives on the land. By waiving all benefits, you are saying in court, I choose to remain on the land and I wave all the benefits associated with being governed on the high seas. The benefits your waving are associated with, having various products and services forcefully sold to you by Rome through the police (eg: car registration, road tolls, fines, licensing etc). By saying these things, I do not support anarchy, but I do support common law. Common law says that in order for a person to be found guilty of a crime, witnesses must be provided, and there must be a victim(s). If someone is driving dangerously, and witnesses call the police and describe the crime and explain they could be potential victims of this reckless driving, then I believe peace officers should be able to deal with this breach of the peace. But the police have become Rome’s revenue raisers and the cost of: licensing, road tolls, registrations and fines continue to pile up, because of the costs, many people below the middle class cannot afford to drive a vehicle, which is a violation of common law/law of the land. You cannot interfere with a persons right to travel.

Recently I came across the comments of an unidentified individual who is connected to a common law society in Europe. His/her comments are very intriguing and I feel its important to share them. The comments are below:

“Both the Court and the Judge are working under Oleron Law which is controlled by the Rule and Code of The Crown Templar commanded at the very top by the Knights of Malta since the destruction of the Templars in the 14th Century. Everyone must be made aware of the Magna Carta of 1215 and the English Bill of Rights of 1689! It was the Magna Carta coming out in 1215 which handed this Kingdom over from the Monarch (Moon Arch [Bridge]) to the Knights Templar as the Magna Carta was a breach of contract between the Pope (Pontifex Maximus [BRIDGE BUILDER]) ruling the World through his Temporal Power and the Monarch. Since 1215 England has always been under the Crown which isn’t anything to do with the treasonous Queen of today or Monarchs ever 1215 since if the truth is known. The Queen is a member of the Crown but not its leader! This is the true power of the World working still to this day under the Pope. When the mass Knights Templar were destroyed in the 14th Century, the Knights of Malta replaced them by the power of the Pope and have controlled everything and in this case the commercial World ever since. The Commercial Courts work on the Maritime Admiralty system which is known today as Oleron Law, or the Law of the High Sea. This Sea is seen as the Sea of Souls and in the occult World this represents the power of the Moon Goddess Isis who controls the tides and why all ships are feminine named. The Oleron Law is based on VATICAN Canon Law.” (End of quote from unidentified individual)

The above comments are intriguing. Isis does play a key role in Freemasonry, as the Masonic dame Blavatsky wrote a book called “Isis unveiled”, that discussed all kinds of Luciferian and occult teachings. We know from 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike, that Masons worship Lucifer at the top, so I think Isis represents a demon under Lucifer or Isis is a feminine manifestation of Lucifer himself. Most of the High Court Judges are Freemasons, and are known as Worshipful masters at their lodges.

These Masonic priests and servants of the Jesuits, administer the Popes occult control over nations in these court rooms. The Supreme court judges act as the Popes mouthpiece, covertly implementing canon law over once Protestant free nations. If you ever go to a courtroom, you would know that the magistrate is often addressed in the same way, a Masonic Grand Master is addressed. In some courts the magistrate is referred to as “Your worship.” In a Masonic lodge (all lodges are controlled by the Jesuits), the Masonic masters above the lower degrees are addressed as “worshipful masters.” It seems the Masonic lodges have simply moved themselves into the court system, which they use to expand the Jesuit empire.

I have watched a number of educated common law experts enter court rooms and claim common jurisdiction, and one thing common law experts do is ask the magistrate if they are under oath to uphold the common law. When asked this question, very often the magistrate will leave the courtroom as they don’t want to be documented as committing treason. Many of these magistrates know what is going on, and many of them are aware of both common law and Admiralty law. If a person comes into a court and claims common law jurisdiction and asks to see the magistrates oath (the oath a magistrate must give that relates to upholding the common law), it results in all kinds of interesting things happening in the court room. I watched a case where common law expert Raymond St Claire, took authority over magistrates in an English court and won a debate against the judges and court clerk. The court turned into chaos as the magistrates fled the court after being asked to honour their oath. When the police arrived after Raymond’s associate called the police and explained that the judges in the court were committing treason, it was very interesting indeed. When the police arrived to the court, some of the police actually sided with Raymond St Claire, whilst another officer sided with the judges.

RaymondStClairRight: a picture of common law expert; Raymond St Clair

Its also interesting to note that Raymond St Clair’s family are Scottish Rite Freemasons (I am unsure if Raymond is a Mason, but I don’t think he is). Raymond probably had all this common law vs admiralty law explained to him by his Masonic family members, as the Admiral law system is a Masonic conspiracy controlled by the Jesuits.

Below is a video of common law expert Raymond St Clair challenging the jurisdiction of English Magistrates, who are enforcing the Popes Admiralty jurisdiction.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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