In God’s name by David Yallop

In 1984, investigative journalist David Yallop published a book titled, “In Gods Name,” that investigated an alleged series of Vatican murders and also investigated links between: the Vatican, organised crime and high level Freemasonry (in particular the P2 Masonic lodge in Italy).yallop1

I read this book around ten years ago and was amazed by its content. The book describes how the Vatican bank was directly involved in washing Mafia drug money, and it also investigates the possible murder of Albioni Luciani (Pope John Paul I). Yallop points out that after the Pope died that an autopsy was forbidden.

According to Yallop, the motive for murdering the Pope related to the Pope wanting to excommunicate a number of Roman Catholic Priests linked to Freemasonry, who had embezzled 2.4 billion US dollars out of the Vatican bank and into bank accounts in Panama.

The book also looks at well known banker Roberto Calvi, who was nicknamed God’s banker due to his close ties to the Vatican. Calvi was a senior banking figure in the Vatican-controlled Banco Ambrosiano. Banco Ambrosiano was linked to the Vatican embezzlement and had strong ties with the Mafia, and considerable evidence linked the bank to Mafia drug money. During the internal Vatican war, where various Vatican factions were trying to wrestle control of the Vatican, Roberto Calvi was murdered and was found hanging from Blackfriars bridge in London in 1982. Calvi was murdered just a short time before the public would discover, that there was a billion dollars missing in the coffers of Banco Ambrosiano.

Another character discussed in the book is Bishop Markinkus. Markinkus was a high level Vatican official with strong links to the Mafia, and the Mafia drug money that was being washed through Vatican bank accounts. In 1978 the Political Observer magazine through Mino Pecorelli, documented that Bishop Markincus became a Freemason on August 21st 1967 and his Masonic serial number was 43/649 and that his Masonic nickname was “Marpa” . His name was mentioned in a list published by OP containing 121 ecclesiastical Freemasons, including Jean-Marie Villot ( Cardinal Secretary of State ), Casaroli (head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Vatican), Pasquale Macchi (Secretary of Paul VI ) Monsignor Donato De Bonis (senior member of the IOR ), Ugo Poletti ( Vicar General of Rome), Don Virgilio Levi (deputy director of ” L’Osservatore Romano “), Annibale Bugnini (papal master of ceremonies) and Roberto Tucci (director of Vatican Radio ). Its also interesting to note that shortly after Mino Pecorelli published these findings, he was murdered (coincidence or assassination?).

“On 26 April 1973 he (Bishop Markinkus) was questioned by William Lynch, head of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section (OCRs) of the Department of Justice of the United States , and William Aronwald, deputy head of the Strike Force of the South District of New York , about a case of money laundering money and bonds false that departed from New York Mafia and landed in the Vatican , for a total of 950 million dollars . Investigations were followed by some arrests, but Marcinkus was acquitted for lack of evidence.” (Source:

According to David Yallop, Bishop Marcinkus had worked with Roberto Calvi and other Vatican bankers (linked to the Mafia), to bring the Vatican bank to new economic heights, where the Vatican was able to influence a number of governments around the world. According to Yallop much of the Vatican drug money, was used to finance wars overseas and raised up dictators in various countries that would submit to Vatican officials (the Jesuits?).

Its very interesting to note that the Mafia drug money from the United States ends up in the Vatican, is washed, and is then sent overseas to buy weapons and political power for political parties sympathetic to the Vatican. This seems to confirm Eric Jon Phelps (author of Vatican Assassins) assertion, that the international intelligence agencies and Mafia work together while submitted to the Jesuit Order. The Mafia’s proceeds of crime end up at the Vatican, and any investigator with common sense could tell you that the underlings bring the money to their masters. The Jesuits are the masters of the Mafia and also High level freemasonry (the Jesuits wrote the Masonic degrees at the Jesuit College of Clermont in France).

David Yallop also discusses other secret societies in his book including Opus Dei. According to researcher Eric Jon Phelps and Christian author Jack Chick, Opus Dei is submitted to the Jesuit Order. According to researchers, many of Opus Dei’s members are intelligence agents for various governments. Its also interesting to note that actor Mel Gibson is a member of Opus Dei. One wonders if Mel has been instructed by the Jesuits, to go around telling everyone that the Jews control the world. Remember Mel’s public comments about Jews taking over the world, and being the cause of world problems? This is classic Jesuit propaganda to point the finger at the Jews, so nobody suspects the Jesuits or Vatican. But unfortunately for the Jesuits, all the Mafia drug money going to the Vatican implicates them. The Vatican drug money that funds militias and dictators sympathetic to the Vatican, also implicates the Jesuits as the true New World Order overlords.

The revelations in this book also resulted in the P2 Masonic lodge in Italy being raided by the police and Government officials, and a list of members was found in the lodge that included: police, judges, politicians and other prominent people. The raid also discovered documentation from members of the lodge, or from the lodge itself, that documented a plan to re-write the Italian constitution. The discovery of this documentation does not surprise me at all, because wherever the Jesuits seek to extend their influence, it always relates to gaining more power. As I have stated many times, it has been clearly proven that the Jesuits wrote the Scottish Rite Masonic degrees, and they use the Masonic lodge as an engine to increase their grip of power.

Readers should also note that David Yallop is a Roman Catholic, so the book was written in a very unbiased and objective way. I think Yallop just wanted to understand what was happening in the Roman Catholic institution that he belonged to. Yallop is one Roman Catholic who certainly made a positive contribution to society, by writing the book and conducting exhaustive investigations into Vatican secret societies and their links to the Mafia.

Those wishing to read a further summary on the book can do so at David Yallop’s official website. You can also purchase the book from his website. Click the below link to visit David Yallop’s website:


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