Who is Ted Gunderson (Former FBI chief/agent)?

gunderson1Former US FBI agent and FBI Chief Ted Gunderson investigated various Satanic cults in the United States, after accidently discovering the existance of a Satanic cult, when investigating the murder of a medical doctors family. After being exposed to the reality of satanic cults, Gunderson began devoting his time as a private investigator to investigating and exposing satanic cult activity.

Ted Gunderson was involved in the following investigations:

Investigated the Dr. Jeffrey R. MacDonald family murder case and obtained confessions from members of a satanic cult known as “The Process,” that they had in fact murdered the MacDonald family which included Mr MacDonald’s wife and children, and that the Satanic cult was working with the military and framed Dr Jeffrey MacDonald for the murders. Dr Jeffrey MacDonald is still in jail for murders he did not commit, even though Ted Gunderson has confessions from Satanic cult members that they committed the murders.

Investigated the McMartin pre school incident in Manhattan beach California, where children who attended the school and their parents, made allegations that children were being forced to participate in Satanic rituals, where animals and human beings were murdered. Ted Gunderson worked with scientists and witnesses, and discovered secret underground tunnels beneath the pre school, where he found evidence of a secret underground satanic worship center.

Investigated the Johnny Gosche kidnapping where he discovered that Johnny Gosche was kidnapped by Satanic cult leader, Michael Aquino. Gunderson also discovered that Johnny Gosche’s kidnapping was a CIA/NSA/Satanic cult joint operation. For more information on the Johnny Gosche kidnapping, please go to my main page and read my article on this kidnapping.

Investigated The Finders case which involved a CIA group known as the Finders who snatched children off the street, playgrounds and shopping malls, and forced these children to join satanic cults and participate in satanic rituals. The children were also sold at auctions to bidders. Local Police originally arrested members of The Finders, after finding members of the group operating a van that had numerous unidentified children in there. Further police investigations discovered photographs of young children participating in Satanic rituals, and other child pornography type photographs were also found. During the police investigation, the CIA shut down the police investigation and forced the state police to release the arrested men and to also hand back the children. According to numerous reports, the Finders continues to operate and kidnap children with CIA sanctioning.

From an on the field perspective, Ted Gunderson brought a FBI chiefs veteran perspective to the investigation of the Satanic cult movement and proved that these cults do exist, and that they are actively involved in murdering human beings in Satanic rituals all over the world. Other information that Gunderson discovered is that Satanists become addicted to the blood of their victims, as the adrenaline in the victims blood gives the Satanist who drinks it a state of euphoria.

Over the years Ted Gunderson travelled around the United States giving lectures, and informing concerned citizens about the reality of Satanic cults and their agenda to take over the world. Ted Gunderson also appeared on numerous television programs, and was consulted as an expert on Satanism on the Geraldo Rivera TV show. Gunderson also appeared on the Christian based TV show “The Prophecy Club,” where he gave a lecture to Christians and Christian Ministers about his investigations into organised Satanism. During his lectures, Ted Gunderson provided numerous pieces of irrefutable evidence to support the premise, that a network of international Satanic cults were: ritually murdering people, kidnapping children and working with the CIA /intelligence agencies and governments to take over the world.

As a former FBI chief in California, Ted Gunderson brought a credibility to the conspiracy movement that had never been seen before. Along with his credibility, Gunderson brought his prestigious law enforcement experience and training into the conspiracy research society. Gunderson proved without a doubt, that the people who many considered crazies, were in fact correct regarding their perspective, that a network of Satanic cults were taking over the world.

In Gunderson’s last lecture at the Grenada forum, Gunderson discusses the Vatican and Jesuits briefly during a discussion with an attendee. The attendee asks Gunderson if he believes the Jesuits and Vatican are at the top of the Satanic pyramid. The attendee also mentions that he has read Eric Jon Phelps (author of Vatican Assassins) work, and believes the book provides evidence that the Jesuits and Vatican are at the top of the Satanic and illuminati pyramid. Gunderson briefly discusses these issues with the attendee, and concedes that he also believes the Vatican is heavily involved. These revelations and discussion are important, because it displays that a former FBI chief also believed the Vatican and Jesuits were heavily involved in this Satanic cult network. My research and investigations also lead me to believe that the Jesuit Order, is the highest you can go in the Satanic pyramid.

Ted Gunderson passed away some years ago as he was getting old, but during his time he was certainly the leading figure with regard to Satanic cult investigations. I think the leading figure in Satanic cult investigations now would have to be Kevin Annett (former United Church minister), Kevin has proved through official documents and credible eyewitness testimonies that the Jesuits founded the leading Ninth Circle Satanic cult and the illuminati. Annett has also shown that the Jesuits are the leaders of the worldwide Satanic movement. Many in the conspiracy research movement, have pointed the finger at many wealthy Jewish families as being leaders of the Satanic movement, however this has been proved incorrect by people such as Eric Jon Phelps and Kevin Annett. Leading researchers and investigators like Eric Jon Phelps and Kevin Annett clearly prove that the Jesuits are at the top of the Satanic cult pyramid, and are second only to Satan and his demons. As Ted Gunderson continued with his research, it was interesting to observe at the Grenada forum, how he was enlightened and also agreeable, to the Jesuits and Vatican being at the head of the beast.

After an honorable police career and after many years of courageously exposing the truth (even in the face of assassination attempts and sabotage), Ted Gunderson passed away and now rests in peace.


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