Eric Jon Phelps: an expert on the Jesuits

Eric Jon Phelps is the author of the book Vatican Assassins, which documents with irrefutable historicalphelpspic1 facts and citations, the diabolical history of the Jesuit Order, and how they invented and founded the illuminati among numerous other secret societies. Eric has also appeared on numerous conspiracy radio and TV programs which include: the investigative journal (with Greg Szymanski), decrypted matrix (with Max Maverick), Rense, Hagmann and Hagmann, and Liberty and justice for all etc. During these interviews Eric always points to the Jesuits as the leaders of the emerging New World Order, and always provides historical facts and data as opposed to opinion in order to support his assertions. After listening to hours of Eric’s interviews on the radio and TV, and after reading his book Vatican Assassins, it became clear to me that all evidence pointed to the Jesuits, as being the leaders and inventors of the illuminati and emerging NWO.

When Eric was a young person and heard about the assassination of JFK (former US president, John F Kennedy), he stated that he dealt with this heartbreaking national event with much sorrow, and he also believed a conspiracy surrounded the death of JFK. This concern for JFK and this thought of a possible ericphelpspic2conspiracy, led Eric to begin investigating the JFK assassination in great detail. In the book Vatican Assassins, Eric addresses evidence that point to a conspiracy relating to JFK being murdered by the Jesuit Order. Eric asserts in his book that the JFK assassination involved the Jesuit Order and Cardinal Spellman, co-ordinating with the mafia and other secret societies in having JFK assassinated. Eric also states that he believes Lee Harvey Oswald was simply a patsy, that was set up to take the fall for the assassination, while those responsible (The Jesuit Order) got away with it. This does seem true as Lee Harvey Oswald was conveniently assassinated moments after his arrest (probably to eliminate him from informing genuine police officers that he was not responsible).

Eric also appeared on Greg Syzmaski’s radio program with former Mafia boss Tony Gambino, who confirmed that the Mafia and Vatican were involved in JFK’s assassination. Tony Gambino also confirmed Eric’s statements that the Mafia work directly for the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

Eric is in my opinion one of the best authorities on Roman Catholicism that I have ever heard, he understands Roman Catholic doctrine and history more than anyone I have ever heard. Eric is a former Irish Roman Catholic, who became a genuine Protestant born again Christian. One thing that Eric did was to show that the Vatican is simply the controller of the illuminati and all other secret satanic societies. Those wishing to know what the illuminati is, should understand that the illuminati is simply a tool of the Vatican. Eric shows that The Roman Catholic doctrines make the Pope a god and supplanter of Jesus Christ (the Popes title is the Vicar (substitute) of Christ. Eric also shows how the Pope is the uniter of all world religions, and the ultimate endgame for the Jesuits is to unite the world under a future Pope.

Eric is also a major authority on the Jesuit Order and understands this organisation very well. Whenever a radio program wants to hear an expert opinion on the Jesuit Order, Eric is often brought on the program to explain the Jesuit Order to audiences. Eric often explains the Jesuit Order is a military organisation, and that its members are a team of: spies, assassins and mercenaries hiding under religious costumes.

I myself am a former Roman Catholic, I went to a Roman Catholic primary school and then to a Roman Catholic high school, I also participated in both the communion ritual and confirmation ritual (both rituals are compulsory rituals for Roman Catholics). I was raised to be a Roman Catholic, and I can honestly say I was never advised by the Roman Catholic institution on the reality of salvation through Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic church does not teach salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, they teach salvation through: works, rituals and through submission to the Roman Catholic hierarchy. In the Roman Catholic church, the priests are exalted as gods, and church members are told that the priests can forgive your sins (this is not at all biblical or true as only Jesus Christ can forgive sins). Eric Jon Phelps did an outstanding job by presenting the false Roman Catholic doctrines to me, and his work assisted me in renouncing all previous Roman Catholic rituals which I participated in. The Roman Catholic system is not Christian, and it does not mirror the teachings of Jesus Christ at all.

Eric also exposed much of the witchcraft involved with Roman Catholicism, which includes the documented Roman Catholic curses, which the church pronounces over those who believe in salvation through Jesus Christ alone (These curses were pronounced over Bible believers at the Vatican’s council of Trent and is still in operation today). The witchcraft associated with the illuminati and Ninth circle Satanic cult originated with the Vatican and Jesuits.

Eric also documents the forgotten Roman Catholic inquisition which: murdered , burned and tortured to death millions of Bible believers over the years. This inquisition continues today in secret, through the world wars and diabolical weapons of war, engineered and controlled by the Jesuit Order (depleted uranium shells etc). Eric documents how the Jesuits raised up and controlled Adolf Hitler and also controlled Great Britain, and used Great Britain and the allies to bomb the protestant areas in Germany, and the Jesuits also used Hitler to kill the Jews and Protestants in the war. Eric showed how the Jesuits controlled both the Nazi’s and allies for their own purposes. The Jesuit inquisition continues today through these complex and highly intelligent staged wars that few understand.

Eric also documented how the Jesuits now use the US military to achieve its purposes. He describes the war between Serbia and Albania and discusses how the US military bombed Serbian troops and supported the Albanians against Serbia, because the Jesuits hate the Serbian orthodox protestant church which follows the Bible. US and NATO intervened in Serbia to fulfil the wishes of the Jesuit Order (inquisition of the protestants). It is this type of insight that explains why these wars occur and what is behind the smoke and mirrors. When a war takes place its usually between two leaders who may be from different nations, but they are both members of the same secret society controlled by the Jesuits. In most cases, both leaders are working together for the Jesuits, to kill off certain segments of their own populations to achieve the goals of the Jesuit Order. This is a highly organised Jesuit inquisition.

Eric is also one of the few researchers who exposes how the Jesuit Order, wrote all the degrees for high level Scottish rite freemasonry. Before these revelations, most researchers pointed the finger at prominent Jews as being the controllers of Freemasonry. However if one researchers history, its clear the high level Masonic degrees came out of the Jesuit College of Clermont in France. In Madam Blavatsky’s secret writings, she also tells her followers that the Jesuits are the authors of the Masonic degrees. Eric has also explained that high level Freemasonry was originally created by the Jesuits, to gain back control of the British Crown and other royal crowns (The European crowns which were lost to the Vatican during the Protestant reformation). According to Phelps, the British Crown has been under the control of the Jesuits for hundreds of years. This does make sense, because most researchers would tell you that whatever country Freemasonry is in, it seeks to take control of the: government, churches and other prominent and influential aspects of society. However one must realise that its mainly the Scottish Rite (authored by the Jesuits) that is the evil influence, the York Rite of Freemasonry was originally benevolent in nature, and I’m sure there’s many well meaning Freemasons out there. However according to Phelps, the Jesuit Satan worshipping Scottish Rite sect, rules world Freemasonry at present.

Eric Jon Phelps is definitely an expert on the Jesuit Order and his ideas and opinions should definitely be taken note of.

I do not necessarily agree with all of Eric’s views, but his knowledge of the Jesuits is outstanding and he is definitely an individual worth listening to.

Those wishing to watch a comprehensive TV interview with Eric Jon Phelps should click the link below:

Eric hosts two different radio programs which can be heard on the links below:


Eric’s official webpage is:


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