Who is Kevin Annett?

Kevin-AnnettRight: A photograph of Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett is currently one of the top researchers and investigators of the Jesuit led New World Order.

Kevin Annett is a former clergyman in the United Church, however he was excommunicated from the United Church, after trying to get justice for native aboriginal children who had been abused and murdered. Kevin Annett certainly fits the pattern of a modern Jesus Christ, as Jesus Christ Himself was cast out of the religious institutions, when trying to establish righteousness and justice.

Kevin Annett is the field secretary for the international common law court of justice, which played a key role in a joint paramilitary operation, which stopped a Satanic ritual in Canada that involved the: execution, torture and abuse of young children. The international common law court of justice also arrested a number of suspects involved with the Satanic cult. The international common law court of justice is also involved in other matters relating to establishing common law principles in Canada, as opposed to the more totalitarian statute laws.

Kevin Annett is also a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee (2013)

Kevin Annett in my personal view is at the forefront of New World Order research and seems to be ahead of most researchers. Kevin Annett obtained official documents from the Vatican recently, that documented how the illuminati and Ninth Circle Satanic Cult were founded by the Jesuit Order.

Those researching the New World Order should certainly take note of Kevin Annett’s research. It is my opinion that the evidence and documentation Kevin Annett has discovered, certainly proves that the Jesuit Order, is the head of the worldwide Satanic cult network and the illuminati.

I think Kevin Annett and Eric Jon Phelps (author of Vatican Assassins) are two of the top NWO conspiracy researchers in the world today. Kevin Annett and Eric Phelps do agree, that the Jesuit Order are the leaders of the emerging New World Order, and they both provide documented evidence to prove their cases. I can certainly state that after my research, I too believe that the Jesuit Order is leading and has full control over the emerging New World Order.

Kevin Annett was one of the first people to crack open the Ninth Circle Satanic cult, which was founded and ruled by the Jesuit Order. Kevin Annett has numerous credible witnesses who witnessed the activities of this Satanic Cult, that engaged in the ritual murder of children and other devil worship activities. One witness who Kevin Annett interviewed, included the wife of a organised crime boss, who had inside knowledge about a group who was kidnapping children from orphanages, so they could be used in Satanic murder sacrifices. Kevin Annett also interviewed other witnesses, who explained that the Jesuits and Jesuit General, also attended these Satanic Ninth Circle Cult meetings. According to Kevin Annett nobody can become a Pope of the Vatican without participating in the bloody and satanic activities, of the Jesuit Ninth Circle Satanic cult. These revelations seem to prove the notion, that the Pope of Rome is the dynasty and seat of the coming Antichrist prophesied of in the Holy Bible. All the classical Protestant preachers (who preached the King James Bible), preached that the Pope was an Antichrist seeking to steal the title of Jesus Christ and of god.

Those wishing to read more about the Jesuit Ninth Circle Satanic cult should read my article on the Ninth Circle Cult, which includes excerpts from the international common law court of justice investigations. The article can be read at the below link:


Those wishing to read more about Kevin Annett and his activities can visit the below websites:




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